Brotherman and Kelly’s Wedding

Guess who got married this past weekend?!


Michael (aka Evan’s brother, aka Brotherman) and Kelly! Look at those happy, beautiful lovers. And look at Kelly’s dress! She was beyond gorgeous and all the words for beautiful, radiant, etc. I could not stop staring at her.


So beauty. And I have to say Brotherman was looking pretty dashing himself (as was Evan the best man).


Kelly and Brotherman’s wedding took place at Wychwood Barns in Toronto, which, if you are searching for a wedding venue, let it be known that Wychwood Barns is unique and very cool. It is a long, narrow building where they used to service the St. Clair street cars. The inside has since been converted into an event space and art studio/gallery, but still has the exposed brick walls. And the outside is now an urban green space with gardens,  a dog park, beach volleyball, splash pad, etc. They have kept the original barn wood on much of the outside of the building, which gives it a rustic barn feel.


My handsome date

We clean up allllllright, hey? There is just something about a man in a suit, I tell ya. My dress was a last minute buy at Suzy Shier of all places. I wasn’t even sure if I liked it when I first tried it on, but I’m so glad I got it because I ended up loving it and thought it was the perfect choice.

Anyway, some highlights of this, the day of Brotherman’s wedding…

Brotherman and Kelly’s niece was the cutest flower girl, probably of all time.


She was very excited to be able to throw those petals down the aisle.


And their nephew  was the ring bearer. He was holding the rings in a wrapped box on wheels (aka a truck) that he pushed down the aisle.


He took his job as ring bearer very seriously.


Kind of a big deal.

Usually at weddings I like to watch the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle, but I could not keep my eyes off of Kelly.


She is just so naturally beautiful. I LOVE her dress. It was perfect. I thought that as soon as I saw her in it and I can’t imagine if she wore a different one. That dress screamed Kelly.

Kelly acknowledged that the ring bearer did a stand up job hanging onto the rings…


The ceremony was short, sweet, and the perfect amount of heartwarming and funny. And then it was time for group photos of the family. We took a ton, but this one might be my favourite.


Such a happy new family. Oh, I love weddings so much.

It was very convenient that the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner/reception all took place at the same venue. I like it when everything is in one area and I don’t have to worry about going anywhere. When the cocktail hour started we all just moved over to the food/bar area. I definitely hung out at my usual event stomping grounds, the appetizer table. Brotherman and Kelly brought in outside appetizers in addition to the catering company’s food, so that guests could enjoy traditional Korean dishes. Like kimbob!


A delicious Korean sushi. Kelly brought this over for us when I moved into the condo and I have loved it since.

And hodo kwaja, those little walnut cakes (filled with red bean or potato) that I wrote about before when we were in Koreatown…


As well as potato and vegetable dumplings. Something that I love about Kelly and Brotherman is they are both very food oriented. I appreciate this. I never worry about what I am going to be eating when they are around. There was no shortage of food at this wedding. Dinner was also plentiful and amazing.


Salad, chicken, quinoa salad, roasted vegetables, butternut squash ravioli, rice, various breads… I ate every last bite of that plate. I think the highlight for me was the ravioli, though everything was truly delicious.

The speeches were much like the ceremony, short, sweet, and funny. No one likes a long speech. I thought Evan’s was perfect.


He told the story of the moment he knew that Kelly would always have Michael’s best interests at heart. He said that for Michael’s bachelor party they wanted to do something different as they are not your typical bachelor party type of guys (they really aren’t). So they decided on a road trip to the US (they ended up going to Cleveland for the weekend) with two of their other friends, Jeff and Ian. This was going to be a surprise for Michael, as they told him that they were just driving to Buffalo for the day on a Friday to look at suits and would be coming back that same day. The plan was to tell him once they were crossing the border that SURPRISE! they weren’t stopping in Buffalo and they would be gone for two days on an American adventure.

Evan was given the task of telling Kelly of their plan, and he worried a bit about what her reaction might be. It was in the height of wedding planning, so would Kelly be okay with Michael gone for the whole weekend? Would Kelly worry about what sort of shenanigans they got up to? How was Kelly going to react to this news that the boys were headed out into unchartered (for them) American territory?

Evan said that when he told her there was silence on her end of the phone for a moment, and then Kelly said “But…what about his underwear? Won’t he need extra underwear?”

Evan thought it was so typically, selfless Kelly to voice concern about Michael’s well-being as her very first thought. Not where they were going or how long they were going for or what they were going to do, but how was Michael going to make do for three days with one pair of underwear? And how was he going to get extra underwear without realizing he was going to be gone for several days? It was a great speech and had everyone laughing.


Evan and his thoughtful new sistah

Kelly and Michael’s thank you speech was pretty great as well. Carson and Victoria needed to be a part of that…


Actually I would say that they enjoy being included in everything, including the cake cutting.


So cute.


I danced a LOT. Mostly with Victoria and Carson. Carson requested that the DJ (which was me, haha, and I think I might actually do a post on wedding playlists because I have done this twice now for friends) play Roar by Katy Perry at least three times before he had to go home. We played it four times and I think he enjoyed himself more each time. I don’t know if all the guests enjoyed it quite as much… 😉


Victoria and I were dancing so much that she had to find Uncle Porpy (Evan) to help her put on her dancing shoes.


I don’t know how either of them have so much energy. I was absolutely exhausted after dancing with them for two songs. Exhausted and sweaty.

I was very excited to slow dance with Evan at the wedding, as we have never slow danced together at an event (what, I like slow dancing). But the kids had other plans for us… As soon as we started dancing they were all over us and made us spin them for the entire song. I forgive them though, they are fun and it was funny. And their cuteness melts my heart.


My date and I did squeeze in a slow dance once it was after the kids’ bed time and we were able to get time to ourselves (I sound like a parent…)


It was a great wedding and I had such a fun time with Evan and Michael’s family and friends. Congratulations Michael and Kelly, we love you and are so happy for you!!!


Cheers to the fun group that shut the place down.


And cheers to Michael and Kelly and many, many happy years together!


10 responses to “Brotherman and Kelly’s Wedding

  1. Beautiful wedding! Your make-up looked incredible! Did you do it yourself?

  2. She is, indeed, a lovely bride and your dress is smashing! Perfect on you.

  3. Nancy McCartney

    Kelly looked stunning in her lovely elegant dress and loved yours as well Lindsey. The boys looked handsome as well. Beautiful wedding!

  4. What a beautiful wedding..the bride and groom look so happy! I love that 2nd picture of you and Evan..looks like it should be in a magazine!

  5. Wait…what about Brotherman’s underwear? What did they do about Brotherman’s underwear??!

  6. Kelly is so tiny and adorable. I want to put her in my pocket. Also, you and Evan look just lovely!

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