Bridal Wars!

As you may know if you are a blog stalker (and I hope you are), my good friend Emily is getting married this winter and has asked me to be a bridesmaid.



Every year one of the bridal shops in our little hometown of Port Perry, Forever Friends, hosts an event called Bridal Wars for their customers.


Pretty much just as it sounds. It is basically like a big relay race and you can win a bunch of prizes, many wedding themed (like our bridesmaid dresses for free, or money off them, or hangers to hang them on) and many not. To be able to participate you have to be getting married between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015 and you and your bridesmaids had to at least try something on in the store for the wedding. Check and check, that’s where we are getting our bridesmaid dresses, so Emily signed us up.

Once you qualified then your team had to actually make the final cut. I don’t know how they decide that, but out of 60 bridal parties only 30 were able to participate in Bridal Wars. We were eagerly awaiting the news and last week we found out that our team was chosen! So that’s what we did on Sunday. Bridal Wars.


Sara (Emily’s sister), Emily, Me, Joanna

Only four people, including the bride, are able to participate in Bridal Wars and I actually couldn’t go originally, but I ended up subbing in for our friend Leanne.

How do you like our last minute super original costumes? There were prizes for best outfits, and we obviously did not come close to winning those. Some teams were really awesome, we saw corpse bride, bridezillas, bride zombies… Some people just like to go above and beyond and show everyone else up, you know?

Bridal Wars took place at the beautiful Trillium Trails outside of Port Perry. It is actually where we had our formal in Grade 11 (because we went to such a small school the entire school went to formal/prom every year, not just the seniors), so that brought back memories for us!


We arrived just in time for lunch (burgers!) and then it was time to compete in the relay. There were four different stations for this and the goal was to do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Station 1: Lace up a wedding gown.


Station 2: Find two matching garters in a full laundry hamper and then put them on each other.


Station 3: Make a 4-tiered wedding cake using a styrofoam base and styrofoam balls (and toothpicks and stickers and ribbons…it was hell and it was our downfall).


Station 4: Hang your laundry. We were given a worksheet with an order of items of clothing on it and we had to pull the laundry out of the basket and hang it in that order on a line with at least two clothes pegs per item. Piece of cake.


Then we switched teammates and Sara and Joanna had to go through the course and undo everything Emily and I did.


Jo and Sara made up a lot of time for us but…we choked. That styrofoam wedding cake was impossible and Emily and I just could not get it together at that station. We were getting so frustrated with the stupid styrofoam balls and the stupid ribbon and the tiny little fragile toothpicks and the STICKERS that weren’t STICKING (we had to tape them on the cake) that I almost threw in the towel right there. In my head I was screaming to myself “GET IT TOGETHER!!!!” But we soldiered on and eventually we got it. Our time ended up being 6:50, which was about 2 minutes and 30 seconds longer than the quickest team and one minute shorter than the longest team.  The teams with the top 10 best times advanced to the cake eating round.


That would be a giant cake (8 ft apparently) with prizes hidden inside. Prizes that you have to find with your face. I will let you guess how disappointed I was to not be able to stick my face in that cake (answer: very). But it was just the brides anyway so it would have been Emily representing us. I know she would have done a good job and I think she was pretty disappointed too. We wanted to win! Ah, next time.

Inside there was a tradeshow called the ‘scavenger hunt’ which used the same method I would use when I put on a tradeshow for my work: You have to visit every booth to get a sticker for your ballot, and then once your ballot is full of stickers you use it to enter for a giveaway. So a ‘scavenger hunt’. I called it Tradeshow Bingo, but I’ll tell you what it’s really called…Trickery. A sneaky way to get you around to all the vendors. But it works! Everyone wants prizes.

One of the vendors had cupcakes (my favourite vendor) and another had a photo booth.


Joanna’s mom came in to say hi to us and was just in time to make it in our top photo. We love her. And I love photo booths at weddings. Love them. I hope they never go away.

Once the ‘scavenger hunt’ was over there was a bridal fashion show.


Which was actually a lot more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. I really liked looking at all the dresses.

So definitely a fun day, and it’s alright that we didn’t win because afterwards we went out for pizza at Michael Kelly’s in Brooklin. And pizza, as you know, makes everything better.


Umm, go there – is all I have to say about that. That pizza was amazing and I am currently salivating looking at it.

It would have been nice to win some sweet hangers to put our dresses on, but hey-ho, still a good day!


4 responses to “Bridal Wars!

  1. Ahh, that sounds like fun. I’m so sad the cake face-planting didn’t happen. That just would have elevated the day to a whole ‘nuther level. That pizza looks delish, but a little on the thick side. Tell me about the pizza thickness. Also, I would love to dip that crust in some ranch right now.
    P.S. I have decided I’m visiting you next year. (April? May?) Consider this official warning.

    • I had the same concern about the pizza when it first came to our table actually, that crust looked SO thick. But I liked it! It didn’t seem too thick! It could have used some ranch though.

      OH COME!!!! Please come visit us!

  2. Oh wow! We were the team that went after you! (also the corpse bride and zombies) yes yes, we went above and beyond as you mentioned, myself and my bms are hairstylists and professional makeup artists, didn’t win the best costume prize though!*sigh*
    We didn’t advance either, At the clothing line we didn’t start our list at the “far right” and the person running that section dismantled it as we were hanging and told us to start over again, it felt over whelming because we THOUGHT it was right the first time, we came back and watched some other teams and they were not made to hang their laundry so it touched the far right pole, they started theirs in the middle of the line and worked left. I was so sad we didn’t make it!!
    PS I live across the street from micheal kellys on Queen in brooklin.. lol we should have had our teams eat their sorrows away together 😛

    • No way! I remember you guys, we LOVED your costumes. We actually were talking about how it was crap that your group didn’t win best costume. What was that seriously, yours was probably the best we saw. Serious effort there.
      We also watched you go after us and saw your laundry mishap. I’m actually pretty sure we didn’t start right at the far right pole either and didn’t get called on it… But that was after it took us 3 minutes to do the stupid cake so maybe they felt sorry for us. We definitely got called on a lot of cake related things, ie: the toothpicks were touching. Ah well, good times.
      And yes, yes we should have. Pizza fixes everything.

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