Camping: The Food

So we ate pretty good when we were camping… I don’t know if it deserves its own blog post, but I like to have a record of what I ate so it’s getting one. On the way up in the car we were searching for a premium chip truck. We passed so many but we kept vetoing them thinking we would come across one that was even better. I don’t know what exactly we had in mind, but we did this for about two hours until we were all dying of starvation and agreed that we should have just stopped at the first chip truck we saw. Someone needed to make an executive decision there.

Anyway, we eventually stopped at the Native reserve right outside the park which had a fish truck. Stopping there ended up being the best decision because it was insanely delicious.


The fish was apparently fresh white fish from Georgian Bay and I could definitely taste the fish more than I usually can in fish and chips, but I loved it. That tartar sauce too…dynamite. So it ended up working out.

Our first night camping we had tacos!


Both hard and soft shells because that’s how you do tacos right. Tacos seem like they would be annoying to make camping, but they’re actually pretty ridiculously easy. The only thing you have to cook is your meat, and the vegetables are easy to chop. You may remember Evan and I had them the last time we were camping when the tarp full of rain water collapsed on Evan’s head as he was eating his taco…and I laughed about it for a week afterwards. I still laugh when I picture it.

Also featured when Evan and I were camping together last year is Ian’s fantastic camp stove.


The BioLite! (not an ad, I just really like it!) You feed it little pieces of wood, light it, and a fan keeps it running. No propane required. Once it is hot enough you can not only cook on it but you can charge your devices or run things with the USB. It is extremely handy, and it works very well. It also has a sweet grill attachment that we tried out for the first time.


Perfect for cooking alllll the wieners (we roasted a ton over the fire also. Bolt liked.)

And steaks. It was perfect for grilling up our steaks.


On our second night for dinner we had steak, rice that we just cooked in a pot, and then corn that we cooked in tinfoil over the fire. It was amazing.


That corn man. So good.

For breakfast on Sunday we had leftover steak, so we warmed them up on the stove and then cooked the old standby, bacon and eggs.


I don’t know what it is about camping but everything you eat seems to taste better than usual. Maybe because it’s more work to make it so then it’s super rewarding when you get to eat it. I don’t know, but I like it.

Sunday was our big cliff beach adventuring day, so we brought ham and cheese wraps with us for a picnic, and then for dinner…


Pasta with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and shredded cheddar cheese. It was SO GOOD. I remember thinking that it was the most perfect meal of all time as I was eating it. Ahhh, I love camping food!

We also roasted a ton of marshmallows over the fire, and of course s’mores happened…

Errrrmagerrrrrd. And you know what else is really good to roast over the fire as an alternative to mashmallows? Starburst candies. I know, who would have thought. I read about it in that lame Buzzfeed camping hacks article so I brought some to try and they were awesome. The outside gets all crispy and crystalized and the inside is all soft and melty. That was the only useful information in that article. Everything else just seemed like unnecessary work.

And of course we had the chips that the racoons ate. I feel like we really did the camping food right! We were happy and not hungry, so that = success.



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