32 (MORE) Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Happy Birthday to the amazing Evan, who is turning 32 today!


Last year on his 31st birthday I wrote 31 reasons why Evan is the best ever, and after I published it I was all “man, am I going to have to top that every year?” but as the year has gone on, I realized that I wanted to. Last year I wrote that just before we moved in together, and since that happened I honestly think of something every day that I could add to the list. I’m sure my friends are pretty sick of hearing about how amazing Evan is all the time, and the beautiful thing about the internet is if you don’t like reading it you can just click X and get out (or you can start a thread on me on GOMI, but I am a secret hamcat so I may join you in the snark).

Anyway, if you do enjoy reading about cheesy love things every once in a while then gather your cats, settle in, and read on.

32 (MORE) Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever


32. He is Mr. Community. He is friends with nearly everyone in our condo building and he seeks out situations where he can help out and be a good neighbour. A man in his 80s left a note on the bulletin board in the parking garage asking for help with his computer, Evan saw this and called him immediately offering his assistance. Evan is now not only his resident IT support, but also his friend.

31. Along those same lines, we rent our second parking spot from an old lady in our building (who actually just passed away, so that is very sad). Evan would go down every month to pay her for the parking spot, and she would invite him in and make him a drink. Three fingers of rum, straight. He would sit with her and chat for about an hour while he drank his straight rum, and it is especially heartwarming because she did not have any other friends in the building that we know of and I don’t think anyone else took the time to talk with her.

30. I am routinely in the elevator with older ladies in our building, and this excited outburst is a common occurrence: “Are you Evan’s girlfriend?! OHHHHH!!!! He’s such a nice boy!!!!” Yes, yes, I know.

29. He picked up two of those reaching grabber things so that we can pick up garbage when we’re out on walks in our neighbourhood (we have a lot of litterbugs in our neighbourhood). We definitely plan on using them, but in the meantime Evan has been using them on Winnie. And she loves it.

28. He uses surprising words/phrases to describe things and it always catches me off guard and makes me laugh unexpectedly hard. I mentioned last time that he calls people who are acting crazy a coconut. If we are in a crowded public place he will say that it is a banana plantation or a coconut factory. We were at the cottage and we were watching a group of people in this pontoon boat that they CLEARLY just rented because they obviously did not know what they were doing (they lifted the motor up while it was still running), and after watching them for a bit Evan said “Man, it’s like watching a box of doughnuts.” I didn’t even know what it meant but it made me laugh for a long time. One time I asked him to describe someone he had met and he said they were a “vegetable lasagne” (which is actually from Seinfeld), so I asked him to elaborate and he said “like a limp noodle. Plain Yogurt. Just…dull.”


27. He will always offer me the last bite of whatever we’re eating if it’s really good. Or the last chocolate. Or the last slice of cake. Or the biggest piece. Or the best piece. Always.

26. I mentioned this before, but he’s clean. And it’s worth mentioning again because I noticed this before we lived together and I thought it might be an illusion, but it isn’t. I notice it even more now. Our condo is always neat. He makes the bed, he puts his clothes in the hamper, he does laundry, he cleans the kitchen and bathrooms, he does the dishes/loads the dishwasher, he’s a freak and he LOVES to vacuum. When we have cleaning days, we do it together (but in truth he is more neat and more thorough than I am).

25. He does not procrastinate. He is on things immediately. I briefly just sort of mention something that maybe we should do sometime, Evan picks up on it, and it’s done. He just gets it done. I have never had to nag him about anything…actually, I don’t even know if I’ve ever had to ask him to do something. He notices the toilet paper roll is empty, he fills it. The bathroom garbage needs to be emptied, he does it. His family mentions they want to redo the wood on the side of the driveway at the cottage sometime, Evan is on it and he is picking up that wood immediately.


And he is looking hot doing it.

24. One evening he asked me how I would feel about having a ceiling fan in our dining area to replace the overhead light. I said I was down. The next day I get home from work and the fan is installed and running.

23. Last year when I went away for work for three days, I came home and he and Brotherman had redone our master bathroom.

photo (7)

It was a quick fix and they did it on the super cheap, but it was so horrible before. It hadn’t been updated since the 70s. I appreciated it so much. I was SO excited. It was like While You Were Out! (the tile hadn’t been grouted yet in the above photo, so ignore those dark grout lines)

22. When my Bestie Lisa was visiting recently we were planning on having a best friend night here in the condo. Evan was totally welcome to stay around, but he knows we are loud when we get together (we basically just sit there and scream at each other) and that we had a lot of catching up to do, so instead of crashing our party he and Brotherman went to the cottage for the night just to get out of our hair.

21. He cleaned up for Lisa’s arrival, he tidied the kitchen, vacuumed, and he made our bed all nice. Then he texted me to let me know he left an extra (new) toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom in case Lisa needed it.

20. He and Brotherman installed the backsplash in the kitchen at my work.


19. When we were staying with my mom in BC earlier this summer he fixed all the things in her house. No one asked him to, he just noticed that the toilet seat was loose, so he found her tools and tightened it up. The faucet in the bathtub was leaking, so he went out and got her a new one and installed it. Etc. etc.

18. He is the easiest traveler in the world. When we were galavanting around BC and Alberta, we were so busy every single day. I had us on a pretty packed itinerary. I have a feeling that Evan would have preferred to leisure around a bit more than we did but he never complained once. He was always up for anything and he was always very happy about it. I know he had one of the best trips of his life and was grateful that we did as much as we did.


17. The shadow boxes he got me for Valentine’s Day.


I am not the one who has been populating those with content. That’s all Evan right there.

16. He made me a really awesome stocking for Christmas, and it included this mug.


15. He’s the most thoughtful gift buyer ever. He really listens when I say I like something or I want to do something (hence the Lion King tickets for my birthday). He and Brotherman do a lot of work around our condo building and they were painting the outside of the parking garage and the retired Super was helping them, just because he wanted to. They wanted to get him something as a thank you to let him know they really appreciated it, but they couldn’t figure out what. They brainstormed and brainstormed. Then his walker broke, so they decided to buy him a new walker. He LOVES it and he uses it all the time.

14. He makes coffee and breakfast every morning.

13. Ahem.

photo (8)

No explanation necessary.

12. He sends me pictures of Winnie and Bolt when I’m away. His love for Winnie especially just melts my heart.


photo (9)

11. I also love how he looks after Bolt and Winnie. He feeds them, cleans Winnie’s litter, takes Bolts for walks. So do I, of course, but he will do this also without my asking. It warms my heart that he takes care of them.

10. When he makes dinner (which is often, which is awesome), he packs it up for my lunch for the next day.

9. Speaking of dinner…





I love it.

8. And every time that I make him dinner he tells me it is the best dinner he’s ever had.

7. He tells me I am beautiful every. single. day. Usually it is when I am not looking beautiful, as in I just woke up. Last night when I got home from work I immediately changed into my comfy home clothes and put my hair up and when he saw me he said “Look at you! You look so beautiful right now!”

6. He puts in effort to get to know the important people in my life. My family, my friends.


He even puts in effort to get to know the important people to them. For example, when we were at my Bestie’s parents on Labour Day weekend, he spent a lot of time chatting with and getting to know her parents, and Corina.

5. This is maybe something that I love about our relationship in general, but we have a very similar schedule and are on the same page. We eat dinner together every night, we go to bed at the same time, we wake up at the same time, we eat breakfast together while watching the Weather Network. It’s simple, and I know it wouldn’t work in every relationship, but I really like it.

4. This is the first time that I have felt like I have a genuine partner in life. Evan is my teammate. Every day he does something, even a small gesture, to make my life easier and he genuinely always has my best interests at heart. Always, always! I cannot tell you how absolutely refreshing this has been!

3. He listens to everything I have to say, no matter how mundane it is.

2. He is respectful and confident and thoughtful and genuinely so nice to everyone. He goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable. My brother has a friend who is a bit shy and socially awkward, and Evan went out of his way to talk to him about things they have in common. I could tell it made the guy feel more comfortable and come out of his shell with us. People, in turn, genuinely really like him.


1. He loves me. He genuinely really loves me.


Every day he makes me feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. I wish that everyone has someone in their life who is as great as he is.

Happy Birthday Evan! You are THE BEST. EVER.


If you would like to hear more reasons why Evan is the best ever, there are 31 right here!


38 responses to “32 (MORE) Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

  1. This is so adorable. Can you please sponsor a giveaway where you win two seats to your wedding. I will fly from Tampa. Seriously, I will tweet something or instagram whatever. Let’s make this happen.

  2. Been reading your blog for quite some time and don’t often comment but this was so incredible! Very happy for the both of you 🙂 Happy Birthday Evan!

  3. This post is super cute! If I was single I would probably hate you for it purely due to envy, but luckily I have a lovely guy in my life so I can totally relate to everything you wrote 🙂

    Can I just say, whenever you post food pics the food looks great and the portions look TINY to me! How do you summon the restraint to have such small portions? Maybe I am just a food monster…

    • Haha. This really made me laugh because my portions are anything but tiny. Seriously, they are huge. That steak is the size of my forearm. You can say a lot about how I eat, but the most unbelievable thing would be that I eat small portions. Those plates are really big though, so maybe is an illusion of the photo.

      I am glad you have a lovely guy in your life to feed your food monster.

  4. Oh my god, this is the most adorable thing ever. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE SO HAPPY. I kind of want to clone him!

  5. This is the freakin’ cutest. I am so lucky that I feel a lot of these same things about my guy, particularly the points about him telling me I’m beautiful all the time (still trying to adjust to this one) and thinking every meal I make is the BEST THING HE EVER ATE. Like, dude.. C’mon. No one cooked a meal for you before? But I know on both accounts, on all accounts, he’s being 1000% genuine and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

    Also, do you ever just stare at Evan like… “Wow…”? Sometimes I catch myself just looking at him with a big dopey grin on my face (my boyfriend, not Evan, don’t worry, not a creeper). thinking about how I won the boyfriend lottery. These dudes put the rest of the schmucks out there to shame!! So happy for you!!!

    • Oh I’m so happy for you. I am still adjusting to the beautiful comments too, I hear ya! And seriously I made Kraft dinner and mixed it with ground beef and salsa one night for dinner and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. But easy to please is good 🙂

      And yes. Yes I do that. Cheers to the boyfriend lottery. We are winners.

  6. Lindsey!!! This just made my heart smile! 🙂 (and I’m not gonna lie, feel a teensy bit jealous! lol …) sounds like you have an incredible home situation! and that really brings joy to my heart! Congratulations and all the best! 🙂

  7. So cute. Happy birthday Evan.

    I have to admit, that first picture does not seem like the man I met a few weeks ago but made me laugh.

  8. Happy Birthday Best Evan Ever!
    I am so happy for you, reading you gives my hope and you are usually my uplifting moment of a tough day.
    Also I love that you are a hamcat. That’s how I found you and that’s also why I keep up with your blog. You are one of my only non hate read (because sarcasm duh!) yet I know you’d handle with grace if someone critiqued you.
    And I still love Winnie and Bolt!

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t know you found me through there! See, it’s not all evil. I waste way too much time in that members only forum. That is actually the first place I go when I want to read intelligent commentary on a subject.
      I hope I would handle with grace, but I did feel strangely defensive when someone above said my portions sizes looked small…

  9. Damn, I think I’m in love with this dude now!

  10. LOVE IT!!!! Ermagherd, that made my heart burst with love bubbles! We all love Evers. He is my “Personal Preference” (do you see what i did there?) As long as he’s around, I will always have a fresh toothbrush! Happy Birthday Porpy!!!

  11. I love the way you love each other ❤ You both deserve it, and it makes me cry 🙂 You two are the luckiest humans ever to have found each other, and I love how much mutual respect you have.

  12. “man, it’s like watching a box of doughnuts.” I DIED! Happy birthday, Evan!

  13. OH MY GOODNESS, sweetest post ever! I am so glad you found each other. I bet his list on you would be just as long. I love that you had no issues coming up with the 32 things and I bet next year you will have 33+ more. Oooh, a guest post by Evan with a list on YOU would be fun. 😉
    Hope he has a great birthday and you enjoy celebrating it together!

    • Hmmm, yes that would be fun. This may have to happen.
      I really didn’t have any issues, I actually had a to cut a few things! That actually should have been a number, there were so many reasons that I had to cut some out. Ah well, save ’em for next year.

  14. I’m hatin’ a bit on happy couples right now. I moved 2200 km from my beau less than a month ago so I feel insanely jealous – like how dare these happy couples hold hands in my presence! Don’t they know I’m sad and missing my guy?! God people are so insensitive. Kidding. Sort of. However this post warmed my shrivelled black heart. I have all the same feels about my guy. It really is the best. Hope you two have a great celebration!

    • Aww, that really sucks. I would feel the same, I would hate alllll the happy couples. You guys need to shack up and start eating breakfast together, it’s a good time. However this does give you an excuse to do cute Skype dates. Like where you go out and each buy the same ingredients and then you make dinner together (but separately) while Skyping, and then you watch a movie together (but separately), also while Skyping. That seems like it would be fun.
      Shrivelled black heart made me laugh. I am glad it is warmed.

  15. OKAY. OKAY this is out of hand cute. What a beautiful relationship and such a sweet list! I’m feeling so sentimental.

  16. You definitely got yourself a good one there! Happy Birthday Evan, have a fantastic day!

  17. You two are so awesome! Happy Birthday Evan!

  18. I love your love!
    Also, FF and I go to bed at the same time every night too and I find that’s not the case with a LOT of people. I had no idea! (We wake up about 20 min apart because he does not need as much beautification time as me).

  19. Your relationship is so beautiful. I love your Evan posts! Also, now I’m dying to find out your GOMI username. 😉

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  22. I know that i am so late to the party but…Happy Birthday Evan!!!
    And i loved this post! It made my heart melt. I’m super happy for you 🙂

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