Emily’s Last Sail Before the Veil Part 1

Quick warning: This post is about a bachelorette party, and bachelorette’s, in my opinion, are not complete without items that are of the, uh, phallic nature. We had a giant inflatable one. Just letting you know. But if you like that sort of thing (and everyone who encountered us this weekend certainly did), giddy-up.

This weekend we celebrated the impending end of singledom of our good friend Emily (Emil, Emilio) in Montreal, Quebec. Montreal, by the way, will now forever be known as The Most Fun City In The Entire World. Montreal is about a 6 hour drive from Toronto and I have only been there once, for about an hour, at the tail end of a band trip back in high school (with Emily, coincidentally, my oldest friend!). I barely remember any of that, but after this time I already cannot wait to go back there.

The girls headed up Friday morning in this sweet SUV decorated by Emily’s sister Sara.


We added a few more inappropriate “objects” to the windows and were on our way. We actually got honked at more on the way BACK on Sunday than we did on the way there, so that was an interesting development ’cause the party was over… But it was still a fun drive watching everyone’s reactions as we drove by them.

Before we got to the Ontario/Quebec border, we passed the Big Apple. Aptly named as it is literally a giant apple.


It’s definitely a landmark along the 401 and it’s one of those places that you mean to stop at one day but you never do, and all of a sudden you’re over 30 and you’ve never been to the Big Apple. None of us had been there before so, we stopped. I was actually wary of stopping because all I could think about was Pingle’s “Fun” Farm and how big of an annoying cash grab it is so I thought it would be similar, if not worse. I was so wrong. It was so awesome and I’m glad the girls got me into it.

Our friend Chester was with us, as he usually is on occasions of this nature… He had a good time with the little goats.


And doing all the tourist things…



Definitely worth stopping at the Big Apple. The gift shop/bakery/restaurant is huge and has a lot of cool things. We were all kind of blown away. I will be going back when I have more time.

We stopped one other time to grab a quick lunch and we finally arrived in Montreal in the late afternoon. Just a heads up that driving in Montreal is crazy. I have always heard this but to experience it was something else entirely. People seem to enjoy making their own rules of the road and were just driving anywhere they wanted. I’m glad I wasn’t driving. Sara is a champ.

We stayed at Le Cantlie Suites right downtown, and I can’t say enough good things about it. If you’re looking for a Montreal hotel I would definitely recommend it. The staff were friendly and attentive (they really went above and beyond for us), the location was great, and our room was basically an apartment. We were living the suite life of Zack and Cody.

We had a bedroom with two beds, a living/dining room with a pullout couch, and a full kitchen.



We wanted to check out the rooftop pool while we had a chance, so after we got settled in our room the first thing we did was get into our bathing suits and head up there.


We caught the tail end of a storm, but it passed quickly and then it was warm and almost sunny. The pool was heated and it was probably the warmest pool I’ve ever swam in. Not quite a hot tub, but I’d call it a warm tub for sure. It was really nice. We made friends with three dentists who wandered up there and into our web of harassment (we are kind of like spiders – if you come near us we will be talking to you). They were from the US and in Montreal for a bachelor party, but half of their group bailed on them at the last minute. Poor guys. When we found out they were dentists we all just bombarded them with questions about our teeth. Evan and I just got the new Sonicare electric toothbrushes so I was telling them alllll about those (they concurred they are #1 dentist recommended). It was an interesting conversation. Everyone likes talking about teeth, right?

Anyway, we swam around for a while and then headed back to our room to get ready and eat dinner. We figured since we had a full kitchen in our room we’d save a dinner expense one night and eat in. We made lasagne!


I was actually on Caesar salad duty and I COMPLETELY forgot, but it worked out, we had a lot of food without the salad. That lasagne was delicious. Thanks to Dawnald for bringing that along.

After dinner we gathered our props and headed out into the night!


We had planned on Saturday being our big night out once Joanna and Sherrie arrived, and Friday was supposed to be the low-key, fly by the seat of our pants, let’s check out what Montreal has to offer, kind of night. Montreal had other plans for us though. As soon as we hit the road, hilarity ensued.


People LOVED our giant inflatable friend. I felt like we were celebrities. Everyone was coming up to us and grabbing it, and we basically had a lineup everywhere we went of people requesting pictures with it. It was hilarious. Just walking through the streets was one of the funniest moments of my life.

We eventually stumbled across a street festival that had just ended and there were tons of people milling about. It was chaos, but it was great. My favourite was when other bachelor parties would come up to us with a list of things the bachelor had to do. Emily also had a list of things she had to do that our friend Crystal sent her (who couldn’t make it to the party, sadly), so that worked out well. They could trade off.

Sometimes it worked out so well that they both could cross something off their list in one activity. In one case a bachelor had to receive a piggyback, and on Emily’s list she had to give someone a piggyback. Perfect!


That man also let us draw on his face. He was a good sport.

We also somehow acquired a giant bucket of ice cream.


And then a “snowball” fight happened. That sounds really obnoxious but people LOVED it. Dawn was adamant that it was chocolate ice cream, but I tasted some and I think there was a little butterscotch ripple in there…

That street festival totally made our evening. I was completely overstimulated. There were so many hilarious things happening at one time that I didn’t even know where to look. I preferred to just stand back and watch all the antics.

Eventually we found ourselves at a bar called Thursdays, where Emily was able to cross more items off her list, like wearing the lunettes of a fine young gent.


We all agreed that we didn’t know how Saturday was going to be able to top Friday night because it turned out to be one of the best nights out of our lives. We had such a good time.


It set the bar high, I will tell you that. But Saturday ended up being equally as good, so I will be back with Part 2 of Emily’s Bachey Bash tomorrow. I am so glad Emilio had a good time!!!


5 responses to “Emily’s Last Sail Before the Veil Part 1

  1. I love the “Last Sail Before the Veil” – I actually love anything like that, that rhymes. I’ve seen a few “Last Swing Before the Ring” at Jays games this year.

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