Emily’s Last Sail Before the Veil Part 2

Part 1 here.

SALUT! On Day 2 of Emilio’s Nauti Nautical Bachelorette in Montreal, we had a big ol’ sleep-in (seriously probably the latest I’ve slept in all summer, it was great) before heading out for a late breakfast. Really more of a lunch at that point. That crafty cat Sara, Emily’s sister, made us all sashes for our day activities, and Emily also brought shirts for us to wear. We were perfectly matchy-matchy in our bachelorette gear. One of our friends was unable to come so we even had extra clothing for Chester.


He should be covered up while in public during the day, so that worked out.

We went to a really cute cafe around the corner from our hotel called Universe Déjeuner + Grillades (j’adore le Francais!)




Not sistas!

I loved the whole nautical theme Emily had going on. I thought we all looked fabbity-fab.

I figured that since I was in Montreal I needed to get something different for breakfast, and I really was craving something of the savoury variety… Enter my cheddar, apple and bacon crepe.


Ohh yes. It was delicious. That picture doesn’t do it justice, but it really was. I was kind of sick all last week (so was Evan, and my Bestie Lisa, and Corina – I have no idea what we all had but it was annoying), so my appetite was not up to par alllll weekend and it was very disappointing. Especially since I was in Montreal. I wanted to eat all the french things but I just wasn’t up for it. I could barely eat half of that crepe, and I tried so hard!

The best part of breakfast was when our servers brought us shots to the table.


I will not be saying the name of this shot, but I know you know what kind of shots these are.

I will tell you right now that this would not happen in Ontario. We do not just give out free alcohol, even if it is a bachelorette party. So that was pretty sweet. They brought one for all of us, but Emily got an extra glass with whipped cream all down the side. She had to get the whipped cream AND take the shot without using her hands. She was up for the task.


It was pretty impressive.

After breakfast we picked up Joanna and Sherrie, who had arrived at the hotel while we were eating, and headed into Old Montreal, or specifically, Old Port.


We were going on a boat ride!


That “sauna boat” (our name for it) just ahead of the girls to the right was our boat for the next two hours. Hence Emily’s last sail before the veil and the nautical theme.

I don’t know if this is typical for this boat tour, and maybe it was because it was rainy, but our boat was completely empty. Aside from one other man we had the entire place to ourselves!



Not to worry though, we weren’t lonely. We made friends with the crew.


That guy was hilarious.

Even the captain came out to chat with us.


We were sad that he did not have a captain’s hat that we could borrow…

Emily’s husband-to-be, Corey, might want to watch out because our little Emilio got proposed to by another crew member on our boat tour.

IMG_3566 IMG_3568

The “ring” is the tab from like a Tropicana carton or something…


But Em was really excited.


It was cute.

Our new boat friends took us all around the St. Lawrence River.


Molson brewery!


Weirdest condo building I think I’ve ever seen…

It was a good time with the ladies!


Love those cheeky minxes. After we got back to shore, we went over to Old Port and rented a bicycle built for SIX so we could tour around the area. Well, six plus Chester.


Chester and his short little legs are useless, so he got to sit up front.


We took our hot bike all around the shoreline.



The sun was coming out again, so that was perfect timing. We passed a wedding that was happening, and the bride and groom were getting pictures with the wedding party. They actually stopped us so they could get a picture of themselves on the bike with Chester, and then they had us get in the picture with them. I wonder if that one will make it into the wedding album…

After we dropped off the bike we walked along the boardwalk where a street festival was happening. More shenanigans went down…


That Bobbie was motorized and the man who was running it was making it follow us around. Well actually, I should say Dawn originally went over to the man who was running it and made it follow us around. She also hijacked the microphone to make it say “HELLO EMILY”. No one expected that and it was creepy.

And then we got free airbrush tattoos from the Parks Canada booth that was set up.



We all got matching ones in the same spot. Even Chester got one.

After that we walked through Old Montreal. It is really beautiful and reminded us all of Europe (not that I’ve ever been there but I feel like I know what it looks like from movies and such). Just a few pics from around there.





Very narrow streets and lots of cobblestone. It was gorgeous.

We had dinner reservations at an Italian tapas restaurant, also in Old Montreal, Dolcetto & Co.



(Notice Emily is still wearing the tab from that carton, haha)

Dolcetto is nautical themed so it could not have been more perfect.



I love kitschy places like this. It was the cutest little restaurant. AND it was really good. I ordered the pizza with proscuitto, burrata and pineapple.


Normally that would not have come close to filling me up and I would have supplemented that with additional tapas, or shared with someone, but as I said, my appetite seemed to be taking a vacation. It was sad. It was good though. Everyone enjoyed their meals.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel to get ready and hang out before our second night on the town.



Sara made those cookies, aren’t they amazing? They tasted amazing also.

We took mug shots…


I am 5’9″, not 6’2″, haha…but I sure am Emily’s oldest friend!


Aww, my Emilio is all grown up.

We were still in our nautical gear for the evening (Em asked us to wear stripes), and we all kept our sashes on as well. We again rounded up our props and headed out.


We stayed at the hotel a bit longer than we anticipated, so we sadly did not make it to the male strip club early enough to get in, which was our original plan. That was disappointing. Not to worry though, we had just as good of a night as we did Friday flying by the seat of our pantalons. I tell you, no plans are the best plans.

Just a note if you go to Montreal and are female, club promoters are everywhere trying to get you into their bar before midnight, for free, and with free drinks. Both nights we ended up stopping by these kinds of bars for free drinks, because HELLO?! FREE DRINKS! But they are not a good time so you do not stay long. Get in there, get the goods, and get out.

After some more (extremely funny) street shenanigans we found a really awesome rooftop patio and spent our night there. It was exactly Emily’s speed and I personally thought it was a dream.

Things that happened:

Chester’s arm got ripped off and he deflated, so that was sad.


We made friends.


A lot of our new friends were other bachelorette parties…


Emily kept receiving flares from the bartenders (and Sherrie was a big contributor to this) and she was really excited about it…




They were pretty exciting, I have to agree with her.

Our dentist friends found us! They said they saw our giant inflatable friend from the street (we were on the roof, remember) and bet each other that it was us. That is one of the dentists trying to blow up Chester again (to no avail). As soon as we saw them we all yelled “DENTISTS!!!!!” which made me laugh really hard.

We found people who had twin tattoos…


Only theirs were actually real. We totally blew their mind with all our tattoos though.

I wish I could remember the name of that place, ’cause we had a really good time there.

After the bar Emily, Sara, Sherrie and I walked to Five Guys for a late night snack…


We traded a Superman pen for a picture with our inflatable friend (it got to the point when people would ask us for a picture we would ask them what they had to trade for one), so that is why they are being Superman in that picture.

At Five Guys I ordered poutine and it was the lamest poutine I have ever experienced, so I was really disappointed about that. You had to make it yourself!


Quebec is supposed to be the land of poutine! WTF Five Guys?! I pay you to make my poutine!

Anyway, again, a really good time!

In the morning we got up and retook our mug shots.


Annnd I have toothpaste on my face.

And then we drove back home in our SUV with the inappropriate drawings all over it.

J’adore Montreal, J’ADORE!!!


4 responses to “Emily’s Last Sail Before the Veil Part 2

  1. Sounds like such a blast!! I love when you post about your fun girl nights! You certainly made her Bachelorette memorable. I almost cried when I read that Chester lost an arm, though. 😦

  2. I feel like you have the most awesome friends ever because all the bday parties/bachelorette parties/showers you go to are such awesome themes and seem like such a blast! haha

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