Meanwhile, in the Executive Office of the President…

Last week I was checking out my blog stats after I posted about Evan being the best ever, and I happened to notice this:


So naturally, this is what I assume is happening over at the White House.













PS – I don’t mean to call anyone out! We all read blogs at work, so don’t be afraid and stop reading. It just made me laugh.

PPS – I drew the cartoon of Obama and his advisor, but the office background is from here.


17 responses to “Meanwhile, in the Executive Office of the President…

  1. this is hilarious! i can even hear obama’s voice saying these things 🙂

  2. That’s amazing! I know Michelle is on instagram, so it wouldn’t surprise me if POTUS is an avid blog reader.

  3. lol! Love Obama’s eyebrows shooting up.

  4. That is awesome! How cool that someone at the White House is reading. Love your drawings, made me laugh hard! Happy Friday!

  5. THE. BEST. And mostly i’m happy this happened just because it made this post happen and you’ve now drawn Obama for us.:)

  6. This made my day… And possibly my week! I love your cartoons. This one takes the (evan’s 32nd birthday) cake 🙂

  7. This is awesome. Totally wouldn’t surprise me if Michelle has this on her RSS feed.

  8. Very cool! Of course they read your blog. You’re hilarious!

  9. I dont even know what to say about this! Basically I am just dying laughing hahaha

  10. You are still the funniest person I know! And the best cartoonist.

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