A Few Highlights…

I’d like to tell you about all the exciting things that have been happening, but the last couple of weeks/weekends have been extremely low key and unnoteworthy (though you would be surprised what you can make noteworthy when you have a blog). Aside from work things, not a lot has been going on, and thank God, to be honest. The entire summer was so incredibly packed with social events, which, while awesome, left me in desperate need for some alone timone. These past two weekends were the first time in recent memory where both Evan and I did not really have to be anywhere, so it was so nice to just hang out at home. It is my favourite. I love being out and social and seeing everyone and doing all the things, but I can only do it for so long until I need to be in my pajamas on my couch reading a book.

You’d think I would have taken the time to be productive and stockpile creative blog posts or something, but nope. Instead I spent a lot of time catching up on my reading. Quite a lot of reading. We did do a bunch of productive things around the house though (fall cleaning, yay), so that was good.

I’ll try to string some things together, but to be honest I’ve taken about 10 photos in two weeks which is basically unheard of for me. And it is the pictures I use to spark my memory of the things that happened…

The most exciting thing I think is Brotherman got Evan a PS3 for his birthday, pretty much just so they could play some game together with their other friend, but the reason this was exciting for me is Evan downloaded Toejam and Earl: Panic On Funkatron for the PS3.



If you don’t know this game I am sorry for your childhood. It is THE BEST. It is my favourite video game of all time. And I am pretty video game savvy, so I know what I’m talking about. It was originally for Sega Genesis and I used to lure all my friends over to my house and make them play it with me. Just ask my Bestie Lisa. She knows this game intimately. Evan and I spent a lot of time playing it over the past two weekends. And unlike some games from my childhood that I try to play now (Sonic, Super Mario, whatever), I am still so into it. I just die for that game.

This past Saturday we went to Emily and Corey’s for dinner and a catch up session just the four of us. We had a really nice time with them. It was romantic.


Corey made venison (deer) burgers and while I just had a Juicy Jumbo, I did try Evan’s venison and it was actually pretty good.


Surprisingly good, actually. Way better than I was expecting. My only experience with eating venison is when I was a kid, my dad hit a deer with his K-Car (just to demonstrate how long ago this was) and he threw the deer in his trunk and brought it home. I’m sure that was a sight as the K-Car was totaled afterwards. Anyway, he had a butcher properly package up the deer meat and then my dad made it for dinner. I had a piece of venison steak and was decidedly not a fan. Actually none of my family was really into the venison. Our freezer was full of it for years. Digressing all over the place but I think it’s a funny story.

Evan’s grandma’s apple cake was for dessert (which Evan has actually made the past two weekends).


I hope to be able to share the recipe with you someday, but I don’t actually know it. And it is apparently a “secret family recipe” so I don’t know if I will ever be able to tell you. It is amazing though and it reminds me of the cakes my own Nana used to make.

Other things that have been happening on the food front…

My favourite kind of lunch:


Smorgasbord style. Also, something I meant to put in my Why Evan is the Best Ever post is when my mom was here Evan sneakily learned how to make her chicken soup that I love so much, without my knowledge, and then one day when we were both sick a few weeks ago he made it for me as a surprise! That is the soup in the above picture. It is ALMOST just like hers. Really close. Really good.

We also made beef stew.


Not photogenic at all, but delicious for sure. I used this recipe and the only thing I changed was adding extra celery.

And since we’re on the food subject and I have this picture, baked pasta.


Really just penne with sauce + chopped chicken, garlic, onion and green pepper (cook the sauce in a pan and then add to the cooked penne). Bake it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, top with cheese, put back in the oven for 5 minutes, and there you go. Easy and so good. I love pasta.

We also had time to take Mr. Bolter for long, long walks. We actually have a lot of nice trails in our area, so it’s fun to explore them when we have time.



Bolt is unimpressed with this stream.


Happy pappies.

I love that picture because both Evan and Bolt look so happy.

And of course, no weekend feels complete without naps with Winnie.


Winnie has the bedrooms to herself in the condo, while Bolt stays in the living/dining/kitchen area. We say that it is the perfect arrangement for both of them, because Bolt gets to hang with us when we are up and doing things, and Winnie gets to  hang with us when we are leisuring. Much more her speed. That is all she wants to do (do you know she is turning TWENTY ONE next month?! Insane!)

And I guess that’s all for now. Riveting, I know! Hope your week so far is tres bien.


5 responses to “A Few Highlights…

  1. I just made that exact same slow cooker beef stew recipe last weekend! It was perfect for some stormy days here in Central TX. I actually completely cut out the celery since the supermarket near me only sells it in huge bags and I didn’t want to deal with tons of leftover celery. We paired our stew with this delicious beer bread (and some beers): http://www.food.com/recipe/beer-bread-73440

  2. Toejam and Earl. Wow, hi childhood.

    Happy birthday, Winnie! Rock on.

  3. Winne and Bolt make my heart melt! Love the updates.

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