Technical Difficulties and BAHAMAS!!!!

On Friday evening my friend Sherrie came over for a sleepover. I was pretty excited as it’s been a while since we have hung out one on one.


We ordered pizza and had a lovely date night.

Evan was out with Brotherman and two of their other friends at the Just for Laughs Toronto Comedy Festival, which was all fine and great, except every time Evan is away and I try to watch a movie or something I end up running into some technical difficulties.

First it was the Playstation. I wanted to introduce Sherrie to Toejam and Earl but one of the controllers wasn’t working. So I did what I do when something doesn’t work and I texted Evan for troubleshooting purposes.



Eventually we got it and all was well.

Then later we wanted to watch a movie on the projector (we have one attached to our ceiling which projects onto our blank white wall across from the couch, it is awesome for movie watching and probably the reason we never go to the movies), so then this happened…


It wasn’t plugged in because the Playstation was plugged into the projector’s outlet. THEN when we figured that out, the box that the projector plugs into to play the movie (we call it Spock because the memory stick that plugs into the box is a Spock stick) also was not working.


So basically nothing was working because nothing was actually plugged in.

This really does always happen when Evan is not here. As soon as he leaves all the technological systems seem to fail on me. I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy (I am a Millennial after all) and at my current job (and also a previous job of mine), I am the tech person in the office. Really only because our office is so small and there was no one else to do it. So you’d think I would understand when something isn’t turning on it’s probably because it’s not plugged in. It made me feel very smart and confident in my technical abilities…

Sherrie said watching me trying to figure everything out was more entertaining than any movie we were going to watch.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, just a bunch of errand-running and packing because… WE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS TODAY!!!!

Please don’t confuse me with some kind of fancy person who jets off to the Bahamas on a whim. This is actually a WORK TRIP! It was a Christmas present from my CEO, for my entire (small) company. If we made our revenue goals last fiscal year then our staff got to go to the Bahamas for four days. We did, so we do! AND we get to bring our spouses, which means Evan is coming along to the big coworker party. I haven’t exactly been in a “party” setting with my coworkers, so we will see how this unlimited booze thing goes. My rule of thumb is you can go ahead and get intoxicated, as long as there is someone who is the drunkest. This way someone else can make a fool of themselves (hopefully it’s not Evan) and can take the attention away from you. So there will be no rum punch pong on the beach. I will not be having a repeat of that day in Jamaica, when I was the drunkest.

It’s a quick four day trip, so we are back on Thursday evening. I am SO EXCITED! I’ve never been to the Bahamas, but I have always wanted to go. We are staying at the Sandals Royal Bahamian.


Come to meeee!!!

I don’t know when, if ever, I will get to stay at a Sandals again (they fancy!), so I plan to enjoy every second I have there. I will be eating all the things and doing all the swimming and the snorkeling and the beach leisuring.



I am 100% not wearing pants until Friday.

See you in a few and have a great week! (Oh and if you have stayed at this resort feel free to leave a comment about how amazing it is. I will have wifi so I can still do some blog stalking 🙂 )


5 responses to “Technical Difficulties and BAHAMAS!!!!

  1. Have fun, linds!!! Crock and I went to a sandals for our honeymoon – nicest resort ever :). You will enjoy!

  2. Doggie never did this for us, but then again we never met our financial quotas. New camera ,new computer, new desk, electricity, no wonder

  3. have tons of fun!!! But next year try and swing me an invite too, ok?

  4. Died laughing. It really was funnier than any movie we could of watched. Jumping on and off the couch, crouchng behind tables and stools, and then of course sweating haha Have a wonferful time and NO BEACH RUM PUNCH!! I’m not there to pay off the bus driver.

  5. Those text messages are hilarious!! I’m pretty techy and I’ve never had a problem setting up all my own gadgets or helping neighbours & friends but the system that my brother in law set up at their house MAKES NO SENSE. I can barely put on a DVD over there without it taking me 7 minutes to get all the components on the right damn settings. I always say that it’s not a system that works if it only works for the person who set it up, BAahaha!

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