Girls’ Nights and Bridal Showers

Hi! Sorry. I have been a bad blogger this week. Work things are quite busy, and then when I eventually get home I feel brain dead. But I’ll save you the OMG I’M BUSY! post, ’cause I know we’re all busy beavers and compared to many people I live a life of supreme leisure. No complaints.

I want to talk about the weekend! On Friday I met up with all the ladies at our friend Dawn’s for a girls’ night.


And that is the only photo I took at Dawn’s house, the food spread. I hadn’t eaten dinner and had planned on getting pizza once we got to the bar, but that did the trick. Missing from this photo is this amazing warm cream cheese dip that Dawn makes. It was even better than usual and I could not stop eating it.

We eventually made our way over to ye old watering hole, the Tartan (you may remember from my birthday). That back room is still not quite as good as it was when we were in our 20s, but Friday was not a bad turn out at all. Most of our ladies were in attendance, as well as Dawn’s friends from work who I enjoy. And my friend Ashley who I haven’t seen in a VERY long time!



I was so happy to see her. I think our last adventure together was our Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny night out. It has been far, far too long.

We tried to get someone to take a group shot of us, but unfortunately they did not know how to use an iPhone, so when I checked out the pictures afterwards I had a burst of 28 photos that looked like this:


Helpful, thanks.

This was the best photo I got:


I guess I will take it. Oh yeah, Dawn’s mom was in attendance. Parental supervision, you know.

Anyway, the usual shenanigans ensued (well not really, we didn’t have the monkey with us) and I think we all had a really great night.



I have no idea who the man on the far right is, but that is a pretty terrific photobomb.

Afterwards, Ashley and I slept over at Dawn’s house and apparently we got back into the food upon our arrival. In the morning Dawn said it looked like an intense battle scene had gone down on her counter. Crumbs everywhere. She also said that a pumpkin tart had been left out with one bite taken out of it. I don’t remember doing that, but it’s possible it was me. That made me laugh pretty hard.

I woke up in the morning and forced a snuggle on little Miyou before heading home.


Bolt’s former sister, you may remember… Such doge.

Saturday I hung out with Evan and we had quite the late night baking session…


Apple cake! I needed a dessert that went well with tea for Sunday because all the ladies were gathering together once again to celebrate Emily’s bridal shower. It had a classy tea party theme.


Oh Emilio, so pretty. I loved her dress. Such a beauty colour on her. And I have serious hair envy.

There was quite the tea setup…


Very tea. Much fancy.


The dessert table was a thing of beauty as well.


Maybe not the best presentation of the apple cake… But it was still delicious!

The Emily shrine.


Emily and I met when we were in Grade 2 so seeing those pictures of my little Emilio brought back many memories. And many memories of birthday parties past. This attractive picture of me was actually taken at one of Emily’s bowling birthdays…


The shower was a good time. We played all the games, Emily opened all the presents, we ate all the food…


Party food is probably my favourite food group. I love those little sandwiches. Also that cucumber on a slice of bread with herb cream cheese…I had no idea it was going to be so good. Such a nice surprise. I went back and stalked the food table after I realized and ate about another 6 of them.

I think that Emily had a really good time.




That’s better.

Baby Scarlett was also in attendance, and I cannot get enough of that little peanut!


She is so cute. She loves her auntie Jug-Jugs.


And her mom. Actually, while I am on this subject, please vote for that little nugget in Gerber’s Lil’ Star Photo Contest! Scarlett can win money for an RESP, and we all know how important it is to get an edumacation (you do have to create an account but it only takes a second). Vote here!

It was a good time celebrating our Emilio. We love her.


IMG_4502 IMG_4504

Don’t ask me what I am doing with the socks. We were supposed to hold a prop for the photo and the real baby and the creepy doll were taken so I somehow ended up with the authentic Icelandic wool socks.

While I was at the shower Evan texted me this pic:


Amazingness, it’s what’s for dinner. I was having a good time, but I can’t lie, I was pretty excited to get home and eat that. Oh Evan knows the way to my heart, that sly minx.


2 responses to “Girls’ Nights and Bridal Showers

  1. Oh those teacups are so pretty! And that dessert spread looks pretty delicious…

  2. Oh nostalgia… I recognized some of those pics of wee Emily!

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