Four Thing Friday

Just a few things I have been meaning to talk about but haven’t gotten a chance (meaning, haven’t sat down and actually made time to blog). So, numbered post.

1. Bolt has now been gone for two weeks and two days and we are all getting back to normal life before Bolt times. Everyone except for Winnie.


Winnie still does not seem to realize that she is an only kitty, and she continues to slink around all low to the ground in her area of the condo as if something is going to attack her at any moment (even though Bolt never attacked her, she just really does not like dogs, despite their promising almost snuggle). When we brought her out to the living area in the days after Bolt was gone, she would immediately run off back to her “apartment” (what we call it, the spare bedroom = Winnie’s apartment) when we put her down. Despite us yelling “Winnie! It’s okay! You’re an only pet! The dog is gone!” She does not understand.


Winnie does not want to be here.

Earlier this week she tentatively tiptoed into the hallway and got almost all the way to the dining area…but then turned around and slinked on back to her apartment.

Winnie lives for Fancy Feast, she will do absolutely anything for it, so the last couple of days I have been luring her into the kitchen with it and making her eat the Fancy Feast there. She still continuously looks around like something is going to pounce on her while she’s eating, but she’s eating and she’s staying in the kitchen for the duration of the eating, so I guess that’s progress. Baby steps. One day she will be back to leisuring around on the ottoman and having a meowfest at us to make us brush her when we get home from work.

2. I ran an event for my work on Monday, and at the end of the event when our cocktail networking reception was finishing up, everyone was all standing around and my Nana called. My Nana doesn’t call me very often anymore because she can’t really hear what I’m saying. If I don’t pick up and I call her back later, then she can’t hear me enough to know it’s me and she thinks I’m a stranger and hangs up on me.


She might not know the difference

So if she calls me, I answer.

I excused myself and tried to hide in the corner while I talked to her so as to not disturb our attendees and coworkers while yelling into the phone, but when we were hanging up she said she loved me and I yelled back “I LOVE YOU TOO, NANA!” loudly, so she would know I said it. When I turned around I noticed my coworkers and the last of our event stragglers standing there staring at me. A collective “awwww” followed. So I went over to them and we had a little pow-wow of looking at pictures of my amazing Nana. I felt like a proud parent.


It was a really long day, and pretty stressful at times, so that was a nice way to end it.

3. When we were in the Bahamas and Evan and I were on our way back from Atlantis in the taxi by ourselves, Evan and the taxi driver got into a serious discussion about cooking fish. Evan was asking about their local fish and how they cooked the fish, and the driver told him all about it and asked Evan how he cooked his fish and from my post in the backseat it was all very riveting. Then the conversation turned to cooking in general and Evan was going on about some island-type dishes that he makes and eventually the cab driver turned to me and asked if I cooked. And I said yes, sometimes, but Evan really enjoys it so he does most of the cooking.

So then he said, “Then…what do you do?” in an accusatory way, and in his tone I definitely heard a note of “you should be cooking for your man.”



Friend, I am good for many things other than cooking. So I said to him, in what I thought was a joking voice, “Well, we’re on this trip because of me,” (which is true, because my work paid for it). And the cab driver said “No no, I don’t like you throwing that in his face!” … well then buddy, don’t ask. If my man likes to cook for me, he will cook for me.

4. Also in the Bahamas, we were in another taxi on our way back from the restaurant on our last night. Evan and I somehow found ourselves in a very beat up van cab that sounded like it was going to fall apart at any second with two very important business executives and their wives. The rest of our group were in legit tour bus type vans that were air conditioned, so I am not sure why we all chose to get into this one.


Somehow I ended up in the front. It was a bit awkward at first because the van literally did sound like it a wheel was going to fall off and we had to stop for gas at a super sketchy station and I could sense a bit of uncomfortableness from the ladies. As an ice breaker, I lured the cab driver into talking about the weather. Always a good topic. In the Bahamas, like I assume in most tropical places, it rains very heavily once a day for a short time. When we were there it only rained at night. So the cab driver was saying how he couldn’t understand why anyone would get anxious about the weather. Just relax and enjoy whatever Mother Nature is doing, basically. I will tell you what I told him.

Listen, it’s all fine and great if you are somewhere tropical. You can walk outside in your bathing suit and the worst thing that’s going to happen to you is you’re going to have a good time (okay, and you might get rained on). Try coming to Canada in the dead of winter and then say you don’t understand why people get worked up about the weather. It’s freezing. If you walk outside and you are not in the proper gear you could lose your appendages. You could literally freeze to death. You need to be layered and prepared for all weather at all times, from October to May.


There is a freedom in tropical places that does not exist here. We can’t just run outside with minimal clothing and see where we end up. We need to plan our boots, hats, mitts, scarves, jackets, sweaters, longjohns, socks, etc. etc. etc.. That is a lot of things to think about!

Anyway, our whole cab agreed with me and it became quite a hilarious conversation with everyone chiming in with stories about how cold it can be in Canada. The sketchy cab ride flew by and I am pretty sure the driver felt sorry for us all.

And I think that’s it, The End. Have a great weekend!


2 responses to “Four Thing Friday

  1. Winnie can probably still smell Bolt and that’s why she is upset. Give her time! When my dad first took in my 2 cats, one stayed under the bed for literally 2 weeks. Then one day she made it to the hallway. The next week she made it to the kitchen. I think it took a month before she dared venture into the basement (the other cat was totally fine from day 1, so I dont know if he was telling her scary stories or something).

    Winnie will eventually go back to normal! Just give her time to adjust and let her go at her own pace!!

  2. So hopefully you know that I am THE worst commenter ever, but I wanted to let you know that I was very entertained by these tales, as I am by all of your tales. XOXOXO

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