Weekend Swimming and Simming

I kind of skipped Halloween this year. I love Halloween, and I love dressing up…but the last few weeks have been a little crazy, this week is a little crazy, and I really felt like I needed a non-crazy weekend of recuperation at home. I just wanted to stay in and watch scary movies and play video games. I actually reinstalled the Sims 3 on my computer (I never really played it because I loved the Sims 2 so much and couldn’t get into it) so my blogging might be extra sporadic… Don’t judge, Sims is awesome.


I kind of forgot how much I love it.


So far so good with my Sims. But a fire or a meteor or a deleted pool ladder could come and take it all away at any moment.

Anyway, back to real life, I was okay with not dressing up and just creeping on everyone else’s Halloween costumes. The day after Halloween on Facebook is my favourite. I LOVE looking at other people’s Halloween costumes.


We didn’t fully miss out on the Halloween festivities though. On Friday I picked up a pumpkin last minute and Evan and I carved that puppy up.



Please ignore our extremely unmodern kitchen and focus on our carving faces. The kitchen is kind of in the middle of a renovation… Evan and Brotherman knocked down the wall so it is now open to the living room/dining area, which is awesome, but the floor/counters/wallpaper are 70s original. It’s a work in progress. Actually, all the new cabinets that are going to be installed have been delivered and are sitting in our living room, so that reno will happen! The kitchen is functional, and I see it every day so I am kind of immune to its ugliness. One day though, it will look like this:


Just kidding, that is a Sims kitchen.

Anyway, our pumpkin turned out pretty well.


Alright, not the most creative…it was a quick carve. We really just wanted to roast the seeds.


Tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper. Good stuff.

On Saturday we headed to Brotherman and Kelly’s for a pool party with Kelly’s sister, her husband, and the kids, a reunion with our Cuba crew. In the snow. It was definitely snowing (well, flurrying) when we left.


Alright, not quite the same conditions as the chilly Sim man above. Our pool party was indoors.


It is the public pool in their building, which no one ever seems to use so we had the place to ourselves. Evan made himself quite the noodle raft, as you can see in the above photo. It was really fun swimming with the kids. After our swim fest we ordered pizza and had it delivered to the party room in their building.


Yeahhhhh pizza.


5(ish, I lost count) slices later we waddled over to the grocery store for some necessities before heading home. That actually worked out really well, because as you may know the best time to go grocery shopping is when you’re full. I was so stuffed from the pizza that I didn’t even want to think about food, and I’m pretty sure Evan was in the same boat. So we stuck to list. For once.

On Sunday I had to go into work for a couple hours to prepare for an event I had yesterday (last one for a while, so hopefully things will simmer down just a little). It wasn’t an ideal start to my Sunday, but I came home to Mr. Noodles and all was well.


That was just a bowl of nostalgia right there. It’s been so long!

The rest of the day we did absolutely nothing and it was great. Just reading and more Sims playing for me.


For dinner we had this fabulous chicken pot pie that we picked up from Costco, green beans with garlic tossed in oil and vinegar (like my favourite salad! So good!), and carrot “fries”.


The carrots were 100% Evan’s idea. He asked if I would be interested and I said yes, yes please. Just sliced carrots tossed in coconut oil, with garlic powder and seasoning salt and then baked until crispy-ish. So simple and so good.

Welp, gotta go!


Su su! (I am so sorry if you don’t know the Sims) Have a great Tuesday!


8 responses to “Weekend Swimming and Simming

  1. I freaking love the sims. I have all the sims 3 expansion packs if you want to borrow them!! I used to play ALL DAY in uni, but now ive simmered down to once or twice a month. PS- I dont think you can drown people anymore 😦

    • Oh I played Sims 2 all day when I was in school as well, so I hear ya! I haven’t played in years, so I’m excited about it. I switched from Sims 2 to 3 when it came out, missed soo many things about 2 that I barely played it, and then stopped altogether. I may take you up on that offer. Right now I have Late Night, Seasons, Generations and Pets.

  2. Fellow sim lover here! I also have all the sims 3 expansion packs and have over 4000 items of downloaded content. I play once a month. For a week straight. And probably more once I buy a tv and won’t be needed my computer to watch all my shows. SIMS!!! And no you can’t drown people anymore. Psychos 😉

    • Oh man, custom content. I used to have so much for the original Sims. I forgot about all those opportunities.

      Apparently you can build a wall around the pool while the sim is in there and if the wall is close enough they can’t get out. I haven’t tested it yet but I will 🙂

  3. I used to play The Sims for hours and hours when i was in high school. I remember i created my family (mum, step-dad, me and my little brother – he was a baby then), and i made my parents have a baby (my brother). Anyway they refused to look after him and kept throwing tantrums so eventually Child Services came and took him away. The day this happened my baby brother happened to be wearing a green jumpsuit and a yellow beanie. THAT IS WHAT THE BABIES IN THE ORIGINAL SIMS WEAR!!! I was so upset. I cried and cried. My parents had no idea what was going on, i was just crying, “They’re going to take him away! They’re going to take him away!”. That scarred me a little bit and even though i played it again, i wasn’t as dedicated. Haha.

    • Hahaha. My favourite way to play the Sims is to play with my own family as well 🙂 I am super controlling with my Sims, they really do not get to do anything unless I am the one telling them to do it. That must have been a glitch in your game, but I feel your pain!
      Kind of reminds me of this: http://imgur.com/QqL3KVb (excuse the F bomb, it is hilarious)

      • Haha! That’s gold! Ah, The Sims. I really want to play them now however i know I’ll start and then all of a sudden it will be dinner time and I’ll be like, huh? Where did my day go?

  4. ooooooh boy I pretty much ruined my freshman year of college by playing The Sims non-stop. I had SO many expansion packs and I finally gave them all away a few weeks ago while unpacking. I could have sent you so many! I also have Sims Freeplay on my iPad and go through periods where I play connnnnstantly and my husband wants to go to dinner and I’m like “one second, my Sims need to go to work. Let me finish gardening and send them off then we can go” and he wants to kill me. I still have Sims 3 and haven’t yet installed it on my new computer, but may have to do so now. SIMS!

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