Music for Cats (and other things that are less exciting)

It was another pretty low key weekend around here, which is all well and good. I am enjoying the leisurely weekends while I can as it is almost The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year and the next couple of months will be busy with all the holiday things. I’m excited for that.

The most noteworthy thing that happened this weekend was Evan found this wonderful CD downstairs in the recycling room, where people leave things they don’t want:


Such an amazing find. It was still in the package! Happy freakin’ birthday to Winnie, that lucky kitty!

We also got a new stove this weekend. Well, new to us, not new new. I mentioned last week that we are preparing to redo the kitchen in the condo, and this beast has been needing to be replaced for a long, long time:


Super top of the line right there. I think it is original from when the condo was built in the ’70s. One of the knobs is missing, the timer doesn’t work, there’s no oven light, and it takes about a million years to preheat. But it still works fine enough so replacing it wasn’t a big priority, we were going to wait until we did the kitchen. We originally planned on buying a brand new stove, so Evan and I started a “stove fund” a couple months ago, consisting of $5 bills that we would add to every time either of us had an extra $5 in our wallets. We have regular savings and stuff, but we thought this would be a good idea for the stove specifically.

Just for “fun”, on Saturday night we were perusing Kijiji and we found this stove in our area for $200.


Quite a big step up from our current stove… Though we originally wanted a new stove, this one was attractive to us because it’s stainless but it still has the coils (I am not a fan of the ceramic stove surfaces because I find they stain easily and are in general difficult to keep clean). And we only plan on being in the condo for another couple of years or so, it’s not our forever home, so we were probably going to get the most inexpensive new stainless stove we could find, and I’m sure that would still be at least $600. One day we will get a very nice stove, since we cook so often (by we I mean Evan), but there’s no point in investing in that now – for the same reason we will not be doing granite countertops or anything fancy in the new kitchen…we just will not get that kind of return on our investment when we sell this place.

Anyway. Short story made very long, we were interested in that stove. So we made arrangements to go and look at it yesterday morning. All was well, it looked as advertised, and the sellers didn’t murder us, so we paid with our $5 bills (which was funny), loaded that baby up in Evan’s truck and brought it home.



Looks pretty nice! Again, that wallpaper is from the 70s. Back when chevron was cool…

After we cleaned it and set it up, Evan got right to work testing it out and made lasagne, his grandma’s recipe.



Pretty delicious. The new stove is winning.

On our way back from the stove adventure we went out for lunch at our favourite pho restaurant, Pho Com Vietnam.


I strayed from my usual noodle dish and went with the traditional beef pho. I don’t know if I will ever order anything else again.


It was so, so good. I want to eat it every day.

And those are all the…exciting…things. Sorry for the lame stove post. Hope you had a great weekend!


3 responses to “Music for Cats (and other things that are less exciting)

  1. Ah, we had a stove like that too. We now have a stainless steel gas unit. That lasagne looks pretty tasty!

  2. I love kijiji. My dishwasher broke on Boxing Day a few years ago and right away I hit up kijiji. A bunch of people were selling old white dishwashers because they took advantage of boxing day sale appliance sets. I emailed the one I wanted and she said it was sold. Then I just went without for a few weeks and then finally caved and ordered one from Sears. Right after I did that, she emailed me again and said the guy was a no-show and asked if I still wanted it and she dropped the price from $100 to $50. My brother in law picked it up and installed it. Three years later, my $50 dishwasher is still kicking!!

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