Weekend Stuff

So, this weekend. Evan had a guys’ night on Friday to celebrate one of his friend’s birthday’s, so I had a girls’ night in with Winnie. We ate pizza toast and Fancy Feast, respectively, and I drank wine while catching up on Serial and Orange Is The New Black (still haven’t finished the second season but I will!).

I actually listened to the first podcast episode of Serial on my way to work on Friday (as per my pal Cely’s recommendation, thank you!) and I was so into it that I couldn’t wait to leave work to listen to the rest. I ended up finishing all seven episodes on Friday night, so I am all caught up and excited for Thursday. I don’t even know what to think. I want to think that Adnan is innocent, because he seems genuine and charismatic (and many other reasons). I was hoping that Jay would be a lot sketchier than it appears he is… But I guess we shall see. Anyway, it was a pretty awesome night. As most nights with wine and pizza toast are. I had a super busy and mentally draining week, so it was nice to get home and into my pajammers and face plant on my couch and decompress.

Evan made breakfast on Saturday morning, and it was a typical Saturday morning breakfast made by him, but I don’t usually post about it. Except I will today.


We had this giant pork roast last week that we put in the crockpot with a bunch of vegetables and had for dinner one night. Then another night Evan had the bright idea of pulling the rest of the pork and cooking it with taco seasoning to make pork tacos. THEN he used the rest of the Mexican-spiced pork to make the above taco eggs, with yellow pepper and onion (and turkey sausage from Costco and an English muffin on the side). The pork eggs were really delicious. Have I mentioned how much I love Evan’s creativity in the kitchen? It always surprises me. I look in the fridge and am all “WE HAVE NOTHING FOR DINNER!!!!” and then Evan will just whip something up that I never would have thought of. He is a gem. I should chain him to the stove so he can’t get away. And that pork was the gift that keeps on giving I tell you.

Saturday day/evening Evan had Emily’s fiance Corey’s bachelor party to attend (they went to the Gentlemen’s Expo at the convention centre, which got rave reviews by their group, followed by other gentlemen-type activities). I ran some errands and then headed to my Dad’s longtime lover, aka my stepmom, Mona’s birthday party. There’s always something going on over there. Usually it is Ritson (the dog, he was just a new puppy at that link) and his antics.


He does not seem to understand that he is not lap-dog sized so he weasels his way onto your lap anyway. In the above photo he had squeezed himself between my stepbro Rusty and his girlfriend Leslie for snuggle time. He gets VERY excited. He just likes to be a part of things.


I can relate.


He is so good with the kids though. They can do absolutely anything to him and he just tolerates it. I was watching the girls pull on his face and thinking to myself that Bolt would not be down for that. He would not be down for that at all.

We had a nice Italian night with Mona’s fam.


My dad made his (self-declared) specialty, spaghetti.

IMG_4820I say self-declared specialty but my dad really does make the best spaghetti. His other specialties include fish (usually pickeral, he used to bread it with cornflakes and it was fabulous), pancakes (he makes them nice and crispy), and typical dad barbecue things. His spaghetti will always hold a special place in my heart though.

We also had cake to celebrate Mona’s birthday.


Mona really likes houses, specifically old Victorian houses, so hence the house cake. That house cake was pretty good.


My piece was exceptionally icing heavy. Just how I like it.


Afterwards I headed over to Dawn’s with my friends Emily, Joanna and Julie. Since the boys were occupied we decided to have a girls’ night. I had a good time catching up with those fools. And I was super impressed that Dawn already has her Christmas tree up and has generally decorated the house.


Super impressed/jealous, as this is what the corner designated for the Christmas tree looks like at my house.

Filled with boxes of cabinets and the sink for our new kitchen. So no Christmas tree until the kitchen is done. Fingers crossed it happens before December 25. I want a real tree again though, so it’s probably too early anyway. Actually, what am I talking about, it’s totally too early. I have never in my life had my Christmas tree up before December. Something about this year though, it feels like it’s time. Maybe because of the snow that’s been happening…

Anyway, it was a good night with the ladies, but I guess we are getting old now because we were all fading by 10pm. I had a little snuggle with this lady…


And was on my way home by 10:30. Evan arrived hours later to tell me about all the bachelor party antics. It wasn’t quite like Emily’s bachelorette in Montreal, but it sounded like a good time.

Sunday was pretty lazy. We slept in, I made Evan’s hungover self pancakes for breakfast (from a box, let’s not get too excited), cleaned up around this place, and eventually made our way to the grocery store. Followed by pho.


Once again pho. That was seriously the fourth time I’ve had that same pho soup in one week. I found a good pho spot near my work so I’ve been hitting it up for lunch. I might have a bit of an obsession. And I still can’t get enough!

We came out of the restaurant to snow!

And a big scrape on my back bumper. Effing parking lots. That is the fourth time in about a year that some jerk has hit my car in the parking lot and left. Didn’t even leave a note. I feel like I have a big sign on my car that says “I like a good hit and run”


I don’t. But I do like that gif.

Anyway, that’s it, weekend in a nutshell. I feel like I always end so abruptly but I don’t know how else to…so bye!


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  1. love serial. LOOOOOVE. is it thursday yet?

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