Broken Internet, Resting Niceface (yes, it’s a thing), and other Friday things

1. The internet was down for a day and a half at my work this week, and it was CHAOS. Absolute chaos. I have been at previous jobs when the internet has gone down, and on a slow day it’s kind of nice, ’cause welp, you can’t do any work, might as well go home. Not this time. I had about a million things to do that I was already worried about doing, and the worst thing was that it wasn’t just the internet that was down. It was the internet/server/email/everything, so even when I went home to get things done I did not have access to my work email. I had just sent out a pretty important communication to quite a lot of pretty important people and I KNEW they would have questions, and they were getting bouncebacks when they emailed me. Sometimes the server would sporadically come back and a few emails would get through, but of course they were the useless ones that were spam or just said “Thanks!” That’s the way it goes.

On the bright side, my job isn’t saving lives so I guess everything in perspective. People can deal without communication from me for a day or so. But seriously, what did people do before the internet? I felt like we were back in the 90s.

2. Niceface problems.IMG_4871

Listen, the struggle is real. Strangers love to talk to me and tell me their life stories, which sometimes isn’t a bad thing at all because I enjoy listening to stories, and this usually gives me a story of my own. But I remember when I used to work in downtown Oshawa (which does not have the best reputation…) and literally every time I went out to grab lunch I had some sort of encounter with some sort of character. Again, not bad, though there was one guy who liked to follow me and just repeat “hi” so that was a bit unnerving. Anyway, I told my boss, whose face would definitely fall under the category of resting bitchface, and she told me that she had never been talked to by anyone when she was walking downtown. The next time we were walking together I watched her to see what she was doing differently than me, and her head was down, she was not looking anyone in the eye, completely no nonsense, on a mission. The polar opposite of me walking around with wide-eyed innocence looking like I wanted everyone to talk to/harass me.


I wish it were that simple.

3. I went to the dentist on Monday for the first time in about oh…three years. I know, it’s horrible. I quit my dentist after he asked me “So, what are we going to do about those wisdom teeth? Do you want them out?” as he was looking in my mouth.


My wisdom teeth were removed 15 years ago. By him. And he had been my dentist since pretty much birth. Maybe it was a busy day for him, but he was looking IN my mouth! What was he seeing in there?! Was he drunk? He also seemed to be getting increasingly more tanned and wearing bigger gold chains each time I saw him…

Anyway, Evan found a really great dentist near us and was raving on and on about how awesome the dentist was after his first appointment there last week. He had a follow-up appointment on Monday, so he made me an appointment just before his, and I have to say that I had a very pleasant dental cleaning. I loved my hygienest, she made an “ooh!” sound when she looked in my mouth the first time, like she was excited! And she was super chatty while she was cleaning my teeth, but she didn’t ask questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer because my mouth was occupied. And the dentist himself was quite a character. He came in to see me after my cleaning and he was all “So you are Evan’s better half! What should I tell him about your teeth?” So I told him to tell Evan that my teeth are better than his, and apparently they actually are. No cavities here, suckers! I may not have been to the dentist in a while but I still practice good dental hygiene. Dentists need to bring back the no cavity photo wall. That was the best.


I really have no idea why I told you all of that dentist story. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

4. Winnie got a birthday card in the mail from Evan’s Nana.


So nice. Winnie was excited. And $20! That is a months supply of Fancy Feast right there!

5. Speaking of Winnie, she is obsessed with Evan’s lap.


She just will not leave him alone. She just wants his legs.

6. Winter’s back.


The backyard at my work. We are in a large house that was converted into an office in south Mississauga. aka the boonies.

We had our first winter “storm” on Wednesday, which was only 3-5cm, but the roads were an absolute mess because no one remembers how to drive when it’s snowing.


I left work early because the internet still wasn’t working and to try to get ahead of the snow, but that was a fail. It was not early enough. My entire drive looked like this…


I am sorry for the cell phone in car picture, but please know I was stopped dead for five minutes when I took this.

It usually takes me 45 minutes to get home, 35 minutes on a good day. An hour on the WORST day. This day it took me 2.5 hours. I really don’t mean to complain, because at least I don’t live in Buffalo.


That whole situation is just awful. I feel terrible for those people. I would be in the corner crying if snow busted through my window.

7. I went out for dinner with my friend Hannah on Tuesday evening, and being the nice girlfriend I am I brought my leftover pizza home for Evan.


No appreciation. (Find them made me laugh out loud)

8. One of my coworkers thought I was 23 years old. I have been working with her for about a year and a half, and for this entire time she has been thinking that I am 23. I am 31. My other coworker actually got into an argument with her about how old I was (because she was saying I was 31 and my other coworker did not believe her). I am not sure if I should be flattered that I apparently look that young, or offended because I seem that immature.

9. Make your own pizza night…

is the best night!

10. I will be donating to Serial. I need a second season. I know I jumped quickly on that bandwagon, but I can’t get enough of it. I love it!

Have a great weekend!


17 responses to “Broken Internet, Resting Niceface (yes, it’s a thing), and other Friday things

  1. We had no internet for A WEEK at work last year and still had to go in to the office and get as much done as possible. We had to call vendors and clients to tell them about the problem because all of the emails were bouncing. It was a mess.

  2. I still go to my childhood dentist in Pickering, even though it is wildly inconvenient (though, my mom lives a 5 minute walk from their office so I show up for dinner, which is nice). Ive heard a lot of people say “new” dentists find a lot of “cavities”, which I think might be their way of making sure you come back to them? I dunno…ive never had a cavity and I dont want to risk some new dentist telling me I have one.

    Plus the receptionist knows me and everyone is so nice 🙂

    • My childhood dentist was in Oshawa! So I hear you about that, I still went when I lived nowhere near there. I have heard that too, I think it’s really difficult to find a good dentist.
      High five for no cavities, I haven’t had one either!

  3. I have the same thought, do I look that young or am I that immature? Also, the niceface/ just nice person problem lives! I feel if someone, store clerk, etc, says hi, I just would find it rude to not respond, or when they ask how i am, how does one not respond?!

  4. Evan’s “find them” response actually made me laugh out loud. Also, I think you should be less disturbed that your coworker thought you were 23 and more disturbed by the fact that she thought you’d been the same age for a year and a half. I don’t think she knows how age works ;-).

    • That’s true, I think she has a problem with the concept of aging. The funniest is, she is the one who originally recruited me for the position, which required at least 5 years experience, plus schooling, etc. The timeline definitely does not add up there if I am only 23.

  5. 1) just found your blog and i feel like we’ll be the best of friends. (how weird would it be to say that to someone in real life!?)
    2) wth kind of money is that?
    3) pizza is my love language so just yes on the pizza pictures.

  6. I love how whenever you say something like “I don’t know why I told that story”, it’s always the story I found the funniest. The dentist!!!! hahahaha! So funny about all of it, the wisdom teeth, the tan, the gold chains. And I laughed really hard at the pizza text. And i just laughed out loud at the comment above mine “with kind of money is that?” Canadian money must seem so weird to other countries even though I love the coloured money so much. I always have to stare really hard at US money before handing it over to make sure I’m not giving too much.

    • Hahaha, awesome, I’m glad you liked the dentist story!
      Oh US money confuses me, I do the same thing. I have to really concentrate when I’m paying for something in the US or I will get ripped off. I love that with our money I can tell what we have at a glance. I hope our coloured bills never change.

  7. Your pictures stopped showing up for me recently! nothing in my reader or in my browser. Did you change the way you post them? Sometimes if they are facebook/instagram/photo bucket they dont show up on some blogs because im at work and they restrict that content. But i never had a problem with yours before!!:( sadz.

    • Hmm…well that is a problem. The pictures are very important! How long ago did this happen? I don’t think I have changed anything recently, but several months ago I did start just uploading all the pictures after the text and then copying and pasting the picture to where I want it to appear, maybe that has something to do with it. I will not do this in my post tomorrow, let me know if it works for you.

      Also maybe try refreshing your browser, clearing your cookies, etc? Whenever anyone is having an issue with something at my work that’s what I tell them to do. And stay away from internet explorer and get Chrome or even Firefox (not saying you are using IE, but I am saying that IE tends to suck)

      • So i can see the pics now in my browser on mozilla….but still nothing on my reader! Which is also on mozilla. I just see “IMG_4780”

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  9. I love that dental story! It’s hilarious! However also quite frightful as well…

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