Fun Times on the Steven and Chris Show

Last week I got an email from the CBC PR team inviting me to a taping of Steven and Chris happening on Monday afternoon. I know I have a lot of readers who are not from Canada, so if you are not Steven and Chris savvy, it is a Canadian talk show that airs on CBC hosted by, fittingly, Steven and Chris.


Aren’t they beautiful? I love their love. Yes, they are partners in life as well as in their career, and they are the cutest couple I can think of right now. Their show tackles home decor, beauty, health, food, style, etc. And they are hilarious, so that is always a bonus.

I was pretty excited about the invite, and yes and please was my immediate reaction. However, it was a work day and my work is pretty busy right now, so to be honest I nearly declined. I mentioned it to my coworkers and they were all “ARE YOU INSANE?! Go! You have to go! If you don’t go I will go in your place!” And with that peer pressure backing me up, I accepted. I am so, so glad I did.

I roped my good friend Emily into joining me (she didn’t need a lot of convincing, I knew when I was reading the invitation it would be a dream day for her), and the two of us met downtown near the CBC building. As soon as we got out of our cars it started downpouring, and the wind was so bad we felt like we were in a hurricane. I had a movie moment where my umbrella actually turned inside out and I was nearly lifted off my feet like Mary Poppins. But we are troopers. We donned our babushkas and we made it there safely.

photo (15)

Emily still in her babushka.

The rain was really great for our hair. We appreciated it.

After waiting in the wrong lineup for about 10 minutes, we found the group of other bloggers and joined up with them. There were about 12 of us and I felt like we were famous. The CBC staff were so incredibly nice to us, and they seemed to be genuinely interested in us. As we were being led into the studio the digital team came out of their offices to introduce themselves to us, and I just felt very welcome. One of the better events I have been to for this very reason.

The two producers/audience experience coordinators (who, it needs to be said, are VERY enthusiastic, and their enthusiasm was definitely infectious) took us to the Steven and Chris set, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.


We were filming the holiday kickoff show, so this set hasn’t been seen yet. SURPRISE! It was GORGEOUS. I don’t think that I have a lot of decorative talent, so this blows me away.

We were lucky to receive a guided tour of the set by the designer (I am really kicking myself for not remembering her name…), and she explained how she chose her pieces and put it all together. It was impressive, and I would like for her to come and decorate my house.


I was also impressed by her outfit. Boyfriend jeans do not look that chic on me. When I see other people wearing them flawlessly like this it is apparent that I am doing them wrong.

Some more set pictures because, well done. Slow clap.



I don’t know what to do with my arms in pictures by myself, sorry.

We were so happy to be there!

photo (14)


They also let us know that for another holiday show they added fake ice to the set and Kurt Browning came in and skated on it.

Kurt Browning 4


Kurt Browning and Boys

He was not on the show we were on though. So jealous they got to meet him. Oh well, I’ve met Elvis Stojko, so I guess I have that.

After our Q+A period, the enthusiastic audience coordinators Michael and Alexis brought us to our seats. We scored second row, which was perfect. Not in the front, but still very close to the action.


The rest of the audience piled in and the audience coordiantors went through explaining to us how we were a big part of the show, since our hype = excitement for Steven and Chris, and therefore more fun for them to film. I can totally see that, again – excitement is infectious! We did some demo clapping and cheering and I was actually getting really into it.

And then out came our friends.


Steven and Chris in the flesh. I don’t want to spoil too much of the episode for you, since this show does not air until Monday, December 15th (you mark those calendars! CBC, 2:00pm!), but it was a great show, I laughed many times, and we had so much fun! Emily said it was one of the best days of her life and I don’t think she was exaggerating! I am so grateful we were a part of this. A few highlights…

They wheeled out this set of a full kitchen and then proceeded to make ALL THE FOOD with Chef Lynn Crawford. I was dying over how good it smelled, I really had to hold myself back from running up there and eating it all.

Also, the kitchen.


We are currently redoing our kitchen, as you know, and now that I see this I may be dreaming of a white kitchen. I love the look of that.

In between segments the audience coordinators did fun things with us to keep us occupied. Like a good old fashioned game of keep the balloons in the air.


They gave away many, many prizes. There were two prizes that I genuinely really wanted, an electric blanket and a really awesome chef’s knife (because that would have made Evan’s life), so when they asked for audience volunteers for a game I was all over it. Turns out I volunteered for hula hooping.


I am not a good hula hooper, that picture just caught me at a good time. Give me a Skip-It and I will show you what’s what! With the hula-ing though, I resorted to this:


And no this is not on camera, this was a between segments thing. But, very exciting, I won a BOX OF TAPE!



I was legitimately excited about that box of tape.You can never have too much tape!

Another fun game was guess the picture that’s on your hat.


Brad Pitt. That guy got it, he did pretty well.

I have to tell you that we got an insane amount of free stuff. Like $750 worth of swag. We could barely carry it out of the studio. It was insane! A lot of the prizes they introduce on the show, so I will stay quiet about them for now. But let me tell you they were fabulous. Unexpected and fabulous.

After the show, the audience cleared out and we bloggers got to have a reception with Steven and Chris, Chris’ Angels, and their producer and staff. It was awesome. You want to know what was the most awesome? Yeah you do. They wheeled that delicious-smelling food right on back in and we got to eat it!


This would be a brie “Christmas tree”, so warm brie with nuts and things between the brie layers (I wasn’t paying attention to what else was between the layers, my mind just saw brie and shut off), and meatballs wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini.




They cooked this right on set so I will wait until the show airs and you can see it/get the recipe for yourself. I can vouch that it was delicious. It was all delicious.

And these cookies. Ridic.


And this cranberry cocktail!


It actually had booze in it. I didn’t realize until I was half done my glass. Sneaky. I like it.

We had a great time chatting with the other bloggers (Hi Amber and Yashy!), and also with Steven and Chris and their crew. We were able to ask Steven and Chris questions, so I asked Steven and Chris how they met. They told us all that when they were 21 they met at a club, and have been together since. That was 27 years ago. I think that is amazing. Such lovers. Again, I love their love.


This might be my favourite photo ever taken. I think it might have to be this year’s Christmas card! For THEM! haha. Ah, I love it.

And so, all this to say…if you are thinking of getting tickets to be in the audience for something, Steven and Chris is the show to do it! Highly recommend. We had so much fun!!! Again, Monday, December 15th, 2pm, CBC, watch for my and Em’s TV debut! Hopefully we get some airtime. But even if we don’t, the show will be great.

Thank you for having us Steven and Chris and team! I don’t know how I got on your media list, but please don’t ever take me off!

Afterwards we went out for dinner. I had salmon.


…followed by all the sushi.



Good times.


9 responses to “Fun Times on the Steven and Chris Show

  1. Somehow I knew you would get the food one way or another

  2. Looks like so much fun. I’m so jealous of the box of tape.

  3. Looks like a scream !! SO FUN!!! Love your blog as always !!!!

  4. What a great day for you! Thanks for describing it so well and posting all the pictures.

  5. Wow… I so wan to go do this! SO FUN and FREE STUFF YES! lol — I tagged you in a post this morning if you’re interested! It’s just a few Christmas questions – Happy December!

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