Kitchen Updates and Birthday Parties

Hello from the land of kitchen renovations. It is messy and chaotic but kind of a little bit fun too. I will do a full update as Evan and Brotherman have accomplished quite a lot in a week and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was hard to picture said light when this was the state of the kitchen at this time last week:

photo (16)

The floor is not slanted, this was taken as a panoramic so it got a little skewed…but you get the idea.

A bit of a shirtshow, that is for sure. It was completely gutted and difficult to see Evan’s vision.


The rough vision. Folded because that is where the corner of the wall is.

I can see it now that most of the major elements are in though. The progress thus far:

photo (17)

Evan and Brotherman are pretty amazing, oui? They are laid back and take their time, but they’re still quick and they do such a good job. It has been so much work to get to this point, and I can understand why the boys held off on doing the kitchen for so long. It will be so worth it though when it’s done. The kitchen is functional now, and all that is left is basically the cosmetic things: the backsplash, painting, the board under the counters, the board above the counters, the microwave range hood, the cupboard handles, etc. More on this later, but I didn’t want to leave you in total suspense. I have been putting more progress photos on my instagram if you genuinely want to follow along.

Now for some weekend recappage. Friday was our pal Corey’s birthday celebration.


I really look forward to Corey’s birthday every year. It is always a fun night with friends and it falls at a perfect time to kick off the holiday season.



We went to the Watzing Weasel in Oshawa, which I have blogged about many times because we have had many adventures there, including Corey’s birthday three years ago.


I can’t believe it’s been three years since this was taken. It feels like yesterday, but at the same time so much has changed for me since then and I am in such a better place in my life 🙂

I have eaten at the Waltzing Weasel many times as well, and I do love their food. Just typical pub fare, but it is always really good. I’ve never had a bad experience. Their nachos in particular are delicious.


So that’s what I ordered. They came with chili and sausage and chicken. And lettuce and tomato, so that means healthy, right?

Evan and I got Corey a pretty sweet birthday card if I do say so myself…


It says Hey Grandson! and it has a T-Rex holding a present on it. Pretty great. We always try to get each other ridiculous cards. Poor Dawn was sick, but I bet if she had been there her card would have said “Happy Bar Mitzvah!” or something similar.

It was quite a fun night catching up with the pals.


We were home by midnight as Evan had a big day of kitchen renos ahead of him on Saturday, which he needed to be alert for. Brotherman came over in the morning, and I mainly stayed out of their way as they spent the day installing the cabinets and the countertop. They didn’t need my help, too many chefs in the kitchen and all that. They know what they’re doing. So I went to the gym for a while and then did some general leisuring.

My contribution was to order us all dinner. We have been eating out all week since the kitchen is out of commission, and bringing home dinner has been my job. I am good at that. I have been trying to grab healthy things for us, but Saturday I swayed from that plan. Enter Chinese food.


It’s been a long time since I have had Chinese food, at least months…so that hit the spot.

On Sunday we celebrated Evan and Brotherman’s Grandma’s 90th (!!) birthday (Grandma is not to be confused with their Nana who makes all the curry dishes and sent Winnie a birthday card), their grandma is the one who makes the apple cake. Like Evan’s Nana though, she also is quite hilarious and her reactions to things make me laugh hard.

We met up with Evan’s family at Frankie Tomatto’s in Markham for brunch.


I have been there before (with my work) and when Evan told me that’s where we were going, I actually screamed with joy. It is an extensive Italian buffet, and I had quite the eating adventure last time I was there. I also really love all the cheesy paraphernalia in there…


Picture from the last time I was there

This time the buffet included fun brunch things like eggs benedict, but I still mainly stuck with the carb-heavy dishes…


I just can’t resist. I know that plate looks like a mess, but it was amazing.


Their pizza is SO GOOD.

And dessert:


The pancake and the strawberry cheesecake were the highlight. I didn’t love everything else and I didn’t quite finish that plate.

And I didn’t realize how much (crap) I ate this weekend until I just put these photos in… Ah well.

When Evan and I got home from brunching, I helped him grout the kitchen floor.


It is a lot less fun than Evan looks like he is having in that photo. I didn’t love it. It requires squatting for long periods of time (which my legs do not enjoy), or setting up on your knees, which hurts and I can’t wear knee pads because those hurt the back of my knees even more. But I was happy to help out and be useful for once. I tried to keep my complaining to a minimum and we got ‘er done!


8 responses to “Kitchen Updates and Birthday Parties

  1. Grouting is awful. But a good leg workout if you’re talking squats. Kitchen is beautiful~ I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Wow, Evan and Brotherman are so skilled! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done!

  3. OMG Kitchen looks great but lets get to the important part – ALL YOU CAN EAT ITALIAN. YUM!!!!! I wanna come to Canada and eat there! I’m going to google right now to see if there are any in America. YUM. ::Claps hands::

    • Haha, that is totally the important part! It is so good, a dream buffet! Frankie Tomatto’s isn’t a chain, but you never know there may be something similar… Probably, America has all the good food places. Usually it is the Canadians who are getting shafted 😉

  4. Oh that buffet sounds amazing. There are so few buffets over here 😦

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