New (Old) Floor & Dawnald’s Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we spent the day re-installing the laminate floor. Well, Evan spent the morning doing the floor, and I spent the morning Christmas shopping, grocery grabbing, and picking up the new over-the-range microwave for the kitchen (Black Friday Sears online special!). By the time I got home things were looking pretty promising floor-wise.



I say REinstalling the laminate because this is the same laminate that was already installed in this same space. Evan and Brotherman had removed it to extend the kitchen tile and add the new area around the front door, and also because some of the pieces were damaged. Evan had extra of the laminate saved, so he replaced the damaged pieces with the new ones.

Winnie and I were installation helpers.


Winnie is pretty useless, and tends to get in the way more than anything else, but she does really enjoy being part of the action.

IMG_5220 IMG_5223


In addition to following Winnie around and taking pictures, I actually did help. And I am pretty sure Evan really enjoyed my help. He mainly did the cuts and the tricky areas, and I laid the underlay and helped click that laminate into place. We were a good team and we were able to finish the floor at 5:55pm, which was perfect because you can’t make noise on a Saturday in a condo building after 6pm. And the saw be noisy (even though we have it set up on the balcony).

The floor is back!


Finished except for that tricky area on the left near the sunken living room part, as the natural floor seems to slant downwards there and Evan needs to build it up with concrete…

I didn’t realize how nice it was to have a floor until we didn’t have one. I can walk around in my bare feet again!

Not too bad at all for repurposed laminate.


Evan had to be very accurate with those cuts that nudge up against the edging of the tile… I was impressed with his handiwork in this corner (and all over, really). Everything is perfectly aligned.

After the laminate party, we showered and got ready and headed to my friend Dawn’s to celebrate her birthday.


Birthday Girl!

Evan and I had a late lunch of grocery store frozen pizza and sushi and did not eat dinner, so I stalked the substantial food area…


I brought these cheese ball, but it was store bought so I take no credit.


Plus unpictured fruit and veggies and dip. Dawn’s fabulous dip creamy cheese dip in the phallic pan wins the night once again.

Dawn got some great gift bags…


Batman is my fave.


Emily classed it up with her mini bottles of sparkling wine…


And we all had a good ol’ time.


If you are wondering what we are holding, that is a ring toss game.

There was cake!


Which Dawn somehow ended up fisting…


I just remembered that I meant to faceplant into the cake when we got home from the bar, but I completely forgot. This makes me sad now. Oh well. There will be more cake another time.

And we took festive photos by the Christmas tree with all our ladies.



As we do every year! And as is tradition, we let Joel in the girls’ pic.

This might be a new tradition though:


Romantic gift giving under the tree.

We ended up at the Tartan, because where else, and it was busy like the Tartan of yesteryear. We actually had to wait in line to get into the back room for the first time in…well, at least three years for me. It was a good time, but it made me feel a bit old. And the entire night reminded me that I cannot drink that much anymore. My body does not like it. So Sunday mostly looked like this:


We had big plans to be productive but…oh well.

Also, Winnie has it good here and don’t let her tell you otherwise.


3 responses to “New (Old) Floor & Dawnald’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Oh “RING TOSS”, so that’s what you kids are calling it these days… The floor looks AMAZING!!

  2. Darn no pictures again! Just IMG 4528 (number varies) where every picture should be! I am using mozilla and it happens in chrome too. I guess its just me though so oh well!!

    • So this sometimes happens to me too, but only on my phone if I’m on my work’s wifi. If I turn off wifi and use my own data I can see the pictures again. I don’t know why this happens, it must be a firewall or something. When it happens to me I can’t see ANY of the pictures, even my blog header, is that what it’s like for you? I don’t know how to fix it other than to try another Internet source, I am sorry 😦

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