Just a Little Painting Project…

Disclaimer: CIL compensated me for this post, but all opinions are my own. We were painting the kitchen anyway, so the timing really worked out!

We are seriously hurrying to get this kitchen renovation complete. We hit a couple of snags last week (everything always takes longer than you think it will, you know?), but we are pretty much done everything now except the back splash and the staining of the pine beams (the staining will likely happen after the holidays). The real deadline in my mind has always been this Saturday the 20th because we are hosting a holiday shindig in the condo and want to show off our snazzy new kitchen. We just want to be done for Christmas! I think we’ll make it.

One of the last things on the must-do list was painting. After all the cabinets, trim, beams, etc. were in we had three small spaces that needed to be painted. This wall:


And above the counter to the bottom of the cabinet will be back splash.

This spot:


Again, back splash will go to from the counter to the bottom of the cabinet.

And this teeny tiny crack between the wood beam and the cabinet:


Not a lot of surface area to cover. So when CIL reached out to me asking if I would be interested in trying out their colour testers for a small painting project before the holidays, it literally could not have come at a more perfect time. That was EXACTLY what I was looking for.


This little can may be small, but it covers a good amount.

All CIL colour testers are on sale at Home Depot for $3.97 until December 20th. One and a half of those testers was enough paint for two coats on all our areas, which is pretty impressive. This brings the total cost of paint for the kitchen to $8. Ridiculously inexpensive. I was surprised at how well the paint covered. CIL paint is Evan-approved also, which is important to note because he knows his stuff and is very picky with his paint. I don’t want to call anyone out, but there are several brands he straight up refuses to use.

On Saturday we were finally ready to paint. Evan is the painting savvy one in this relationship, so he patched and sanded the wall and got it all ready for me.


Once the area was prepped, I taped up the wood and the counter tops/cabinets so we wouldn’t get paint on them.


I don’t always paint, but when I do I wear lederhosen.


I used the coloured masking tape I got for hula hooping on Steven and Chris. It came in handy!

Because we only have a few areas to paint, we wanted to pick a bright accent colour. I love turquoise, we already have a bunch of turquoise accents throughout the condo, and we were both in agreement that was the colour we wanted for the kitchen. We chose the colour Visa Marine.


Looks like quite a marine vista. I love it.


But if we end up not liking it, or want to change it down the road, it’s such a small area we can easily repaint.


And it didn’t take me very long. Two coats on all three areas took a couple hours and I was actually sad it ended so quickly. I love painting and I wanted to keep going. Afterwards I was all “What else can we paint?!” I need to find other projects to use that paint on.

I am very, very happy with how it turned out.



Remember the back splash will cover the area between the counter and the cabinet.



I love the pop of colour. I can’t stop admiring the kitchen.

Full kitchen update to come at some point this week, ’cause Evan and Brotherman have done quite a lot. Just need some back splash in there and it will be ready for our Christmas party. But it is ready for Christmas selfies!


If you have any small painting projects you hope to complete before the holidays make sure you swing by your local Home Depot before the 20th and pick up some CIL colour samples on the super cheap. Or if you are at the tail end of a complete kitchen re-do, either/or. Whatever you’re looking to paint CIL has you covered. And I can personally vouch that a little goes a long way.


9 responses to “Just a Little Painting Project…

  1. As I was reading this and looking at the pictures, I thought, “I love the pop of color!” then proceeded to scroll and see that you had written the exact thing I was thinking! We are twinners.

  2. I LOVE turquoise and had it as my pops of color in our old townhouse. I actually did green and turquoise as my color scheme. Your kitchen has come a long way!

    • Has it ever. I almost can’t remember what it used to look like.
      I love that, green and turquoise. I think ours will end up being orange and turquoise, with some browns/beiges. I am not decorating savvy really so it could look bad, who knows 😉

  3. Wow! It’s looking so great!

  4. Looks great!! I have the same accent colour in my kitchen! 🙂

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