6 Thing Thursday

1. I went to see my lovely Nana last Friday.


She is looking so good and doing so well. She has an alarm attached to her bed now, which goes off if she gets up. It is because she’s had a few falls (but nothing major and she just keeps on truckin’), so the nurses want to know when she is out and about. She has a hard time hearing so the alarm doesn’t bother her, but it sure surprised me! She got our of bed and this crazy siren was sounding, and it is quite loud and alarming, so I was all “Nana! What is that?! What is happening?” and she said “Oh just hit the button, hit the button,” and continued puttering around like it was no big deal. I’m not sure if the alarm is to deter her from getting up, but if it is it’s not working.

She requested that I bring a couple things with me that she has been wanting. One of them was chips. Two large bags of plain salted chips. She said she can’t stop thinking about them. I understand.


She was pretty happy to get those. I hope she is going to town on them right now. I’ve said it before, but I hope I am just like her when I am 100. Actually, if I ever make it to 100 and I’m in a nursing home my plan is to be in my room playing video games all day long. By that time video games should be on the same level as the Matrix, so that sounds like a pretty good time to me. I’ll use the call button to get the nurses to bring me sandwiches and change my diapers while I’m running around The Barrens (that would be a WoW reference…I used to play, and I still would if it wasn’t such a time/life suck).

2. I have been on a serious cider kick lately. It started in the spring when those Somersby ciders became all the rage. It was my drink of choice all summer and I still can’t get enough. Normally I stick to beer and wine, so cider feels like a natural progression. I can’t drink just cider all night, but I like to mix cider between beer to tingle my tastebuds. Since the spring I have been on a hunt for my favourite cider and I have tried them all, or so I thought… I was sent these samples this week from Molson:


The Molson Canadian cider I have tried several times (and I like), but what is this MadJack?! Also can I just say how extremely excited I was to receive booze in the mail? I thought I might be getting a coupon to get beer, but when the box arrived and I opened it to find those I nearly lost my mind.

Anyway, MadJack.


It is delicious, and apparently it’s available at The Beer Store. It’s different from Somersby and the other ciders I have been trying, it tastes more like a lager and it’s not as sweet. I loved it immediately. And check out these recipes for apple cake and apple cider vinaigrette using the ciders. The kitchen has been a mess so I haven’t tried them yet, but I certainly plan to. I know Evan wants to make me that vinaigrette.

3. One of my coworkers also happens to be co-owner of Oyster Boy on Queen West. I haven’t been to that restaurant (but I have heard really good things!) but I need to go immediately. She brought in oysters for us this week and OMG.


Fresh from the East Coast!

I have never seen oysters look like that before and they were the BEST oysters I have ever had. Not that I have had a lot of oysters, but one of my other coworkers is a self-proclaimed oyster connoisseur and she agreed. They were so good.


I could not stop eating them. I had at least 10 and I’m not exaggerating. I think oysters might be my new kick. Oysters and cider.

4. My mom shipped me all her Christmas baking from BC! Cookies and rum balls!


I really need to learn how to make a good rum ball. They’re one of my faves.

And the dessert of my childhood:


Peanut butter marshmallow squares!

I ate two of those immediately. It has been so long. I remember bringing them into my kindergarten class! That would never fly now, since peanut butter is the devil. Oh they’re so good. Thank you mom!!!

5. We had some room between the cabinet and the wall in the new kitchen, so Evan decided to make a wine rack. A custom wine rack, with a spot for my box of wine:


Because, as I have said, it is very important to have a place for your box of wine. That Evan, I tell you. That is just such a thoughtful gesture. I will never go thirsty.

6. Speaking of the kitchen…guess what?! IT’S DONE!!!!!



Well, as done as it’s going to be before Christmas. We will be staining all the pine beams/wood, but that won’t happen until after the holidays. Doesn’t it look amazing?! I can’t get over it!!! Evan and Brotherman did such a good job! It looks so great I almost forget what it looked like before… Full update to come. And if you need any reno’s done in your house you should probably hire Evan and Brotherman, just sayin’…


10 responses to “6 Thing Thursday

  1. My Grandma eats so much candy. it is kind of ridiculous. I was like “grandma, this isnt good for you” and she was just like “Casey, I spent years eating healthy. Im old. Going to die. I am going to eat all the gummy worms I want”. Mad respect, grandma.

    I love your kitchen!!

    • Fair, she’s paid her dues. My Nana loves her treats!!
      I feel the same about Winnie. I didn’t want to give her Fancy Feast every day because it’s crap, but she’s frickin 21 years old, she can have it if she wants – what’s the worst that can happen?!

  2. Love the wine rack and place for the box of wine….Little concerned about the amount of white (cabinets and backsplash) surrounding the spigot for the box of red wine. A roll of paper towel should be located close by

  3. Looooove the kitchen and the especially the wine nook. And paint colour. I’m with you on the video games and snacks when I’m old! My Grandma is 94 and playing Majong on her iPad and eating candy all day.

  4. 1. Nana looks wonderful!
    2. Love Somersby! I can’t drink it all night either. I have to interchange between less sweet drinks. I try not to have too many though because whoah on the calories.
    3. What made you decide to stain the pine instead of painting it blue? Seems like that would look pretty cool too.
    4. Backsplash is lookin’ great, Evan! You do good work.
    5. I am working from home today so I can comment here! yay!

    • Exactly, thats exactly what I do with the beer and cider. Because it’s beautiful wood!! Once you paint it you can’t go back to the natural wood. We purposely looked for nice pine for this. I do agree that would look good though… I’m thinking the wood might not be translating the best in pictures because everyone asks about it, but when you see the whole kitchen in person it really works.

  5. Oh that cider sounds nice! I can’t stand too sweet ciders.

  6. If you like cider and beer, I’d recommend mixing them together for a snake bite and add just a dash of grenadine. It’s delicious! The kitchen is looking fabulous!

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