The Complete Kitchen

I promised a full update on the kitchen renovation so heeeere it is!

When I last left off, the kitchen looked like this:



(only the sink was in and working)

Definitely an improvement already, but still a ways to go.

Next up was cabinet knobs. Exciting. Ikea has a handy template with holes so you can make sure you are adding the knob to the same place on every cabinet.


No one likes wonky cabinet knobs. Evan had to customize it a bit (ie – add extra holes) because we were using Home Depot handles and not Ikea’s. They use different metrics so the template didn’t work quite right. But with Evan’s customization it was very helpful.


Just put a dot in pencil where the handle will be, and then you can start drilling.


We ended up taking the cabinets off one at a time and then drilling though, because sawdust was getting everywhere. But there you have it, knobs!


Again, exciting.

Next Evan installed the over-the-range microwave…


I really do not know anything about that because it happened while I was at work, but I do know that it was a pain and Evan did not enjoy it at all.

We really debated how high the microwave was going to be, because if it was flush with the bottom of the lower cabinets it was too low to the stove and felt awkward… And also, what were we going to do with that weird space above it? It was too small to add a cupboard there.

After venting it, Evan made a custom half shelf with a false back, which he can pull in and out if he needs to.



Evan and Brotherman also installed the kickboard, the board that runs underneath the cabinets, so with that and the microwave, the kitchen is now looking like this.


Next they installed the pine beams to the top, just under the ceiling (the wall was weird there so we had to do something), we painted as you know, and we added the trim between the cabinets and the wood.


I again was not here for the installation of the pine beams, but I do know that they weren’t as bad as the main beam which is GIGANTIC and wouldn’t fit in the elevator, so Evan and Brotherman, with the help of our Super, carried it up the stairs and somehow maneuvred it into our place. The other beams were a piece of cake in comparison.

As for the trim. Evan was having a difficult time finding one he liked, so he made his own with two separate pieces of wood. It looks pretty awesome.


And to show you how the false back on that shelf works…



He made it so we have a built in stereo/iPod dock there.


With the paint and the wood and the trim, the kitchen is now looking like this:


Last week I came home from work one day to find the backsplash had been installed.


We chose a white beveled back splash, because we liked the look of that, and also because Evan and Brotherman happened to have a box leftover from a previous job they did…


It was such a difference and I thought it looked so good that I literally screamed when I saw it. Finally that grungy wall and red electrical tape is gone!

The next day I came home and they had grouted the backsplash and the trim under the cabinets had been added.



And they added some shelving!



Notice how the second shelf is just the first shelf upside down? Two of the same shelves wouldn’t work there, but we wanted two, so that was the solution. Clever boys.

And of course, the custom wine rack.


Which is still missing a top shelf, but basically done (and we have done some painting touch ups where you can see white above the metal edging on the left).

And there you have it.



(note: we will be staining the pine beams at some point, because right now they’re too light – but we will be keeping the natural wood look. We will also be adding wood to the ceiling, probably something along these lines)

It is so bright and wonderful. Every time I walk in the room I’m like “OH HELLO KITCHEN!!!!” It’s a pleasant surprise.

Let’s look at before and after, as those are my favourite.













If you want any more detail about anything in particular feel free to ask me and I will ask Evan for you 🙂 I might have to get him to do a guest post about some of the trickier stuff…

And that’s the kitchen. I LOVE IT!!!


10 responses to “The Complete Kitchen

  1. Looks great! What a handy man! Can’t wait to see after the wood is stained! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Hey- my microwave has a false-back cupboard above it too (but mine has doors so it looks like a real cupboard. also, I think my false back is screwed on)! Kind of annoying. I cant even remember what I put up there. I should open it.

    I love your kitchen!

  3. looks fantastic. We ended up going the refacing route. They are going to come do it in the new year. I can’t wait! I love the back splash…that style of tile is on our short list. you are so lucky your guy is handy!

  4. Nice!!! At first glance, I was like “WHERE IS YOUR DISHWASHER???” but then I noticed the reappearance. Phew!

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  6. It looks fantastic! Well done!

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