The Sweater Party

Evan and I hosted our very first party in the condo on Saturday night. I have lived here for over a year and some of my friends have never seen my place before (most of my friends do not live in the city and are about an hour away). So that needed to be rectified. And finally our kitchen is ready to be shown off.


No Christmas holiday is complete without a tacky sweater party, and I haven’t actually been invited to another one this year, so that was our party theme. Or Santa suit, as you can see Evan is wearing in the above photo…

Evan picked me up a sweater cookie-cutter a few weeks ago, so I switched up my usual shortbread cookies (my Nana’s recipe) this year and made little sweaters for the occasion.



Totally got the decoration idea from Pinterest, I can’t take all the credit there. But yes I did make the buttercream icing (the icing is THE BEST) and then all the colours, and yes it sure was time consuming and that was my Friday night and a few hours on Saturday.

Brotherman had mentioned to Evan that these cookies were all he wanted for Christmas, so while I was doing the sweater thing I decided to make some special for Brotherman. He really loves his Toronto Maple Leafs so…


Little Leafs’ jerseys! He was pretty excited when I gave him those.

A bunch of friends were bringing food to the party, but we started with a pretty decent spread.


I love hanging my Christmas cards on a string – such an easy way to display them. My mom used to do this every year when I was a kid.

I don’t know how well you can see in the above picture, but we made ravioli pasta skewers like we first had on Canada Day at my brother’s girlfriend’s mom’s place. And Evan also made bacon-wrapped cheddar smokies.


Meaty and delicious.

Not a bad dessert table either…


Onto the sweaters…

I made mine with a hot glue gun (and Evan’s help), and I was pretty proud of it.


And a bow with jingly bells on the back…


My friends enjoyed it, as I knew they would.

Evan’s Santa suit cost a total of $3 from the Dollar Store.


That was a good find right there.

Our guests looked pretty great as well.


Nothing says Christmas like a captain’s hat and Daniel Boone’s cap.

Corey and Emily were gorgeous in their matching Christmas vests…


Dawn and Mark had matching festive balls.


You can’t tell in this picture, but Dawn’s apron said “How To Keep Your Husband” and included much helpful advice from the 1950s such as Don’t Nag, Have Dinner Ready, Don’t Gossip On The Phone, etc. Thanks for that.

My friend Hannah and her friend Francine in their ugly sweaters spruced up with bows.


And Sarah, Joanna and Sherrie in their beautiful sweaters.


And a photobomb from Dawn and Emily…

Sarah’s sweater was from Northern Reflections, which I had pegged immediately. I had a very similar one in Grade 7.

There were intense games of air hockey…


And we did a Secret Santa gift exchange…



But not your typical Secret Santa… I asked everyone to wrap something they already owned and didn’t want, then we drew numbers from 1-12 (for everyone there), number 12 (me) got to open a gift first, then number 11…but number 11 had the option to trade for my gift or keep the one they opened, and so on. So by the time number 1 opened their gift, they could steal whatever they wanted.

This is what I opened.


Thank you Dawn and Mark. In case you are having a hard time making out my wonderful gifts, I received Depends, a cheesy poem about love, Pez, a 2nd place ribbon and an honourable mention ribbon, Mr Bean’s holiday, a teeth wind-up toy (which is broken), a generic Dion poster that isn’t even Maple Leafs branded, and informative pamphlets on elder abuse, drug facts for young people, and a teenage survival handbook. Very useful. No one stole this, so lucky me got to keep it all!

Here we have a Cosmo magazine from 2010 and expired (brown) Ketchup…


So some pretty high quality gifts for sure.

Sherrie opened cranberry juice and a bottle of Grey Goose and we were all like “What?! Grey Goose! Fancy! That’s a good gift!”


But then we noticed that the Grey Goose was less than half full.

The game was hilarious and the stealing really took it up a notch. We were all dying laughing. I think it might have to become a Christmas tradition. Party at our house! A bunch of people couldn’t make it, which was sad, but it was still such a good night.



I can’t believe Christmas is in two days! I am officially on holidays until January 5th and I feel so thankful for such a break!!! I am lucky though and have always worked somewhere that gave employees two weeks off at Christmas. It is much appreciated. I could not be more excited for the holidays.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


2 responses to “The Sweater Party

  1. I’m so sad I missed it :(. Baby hadn’t been cooperating and I’ve been off work boo.

  2. OH my goodness what an epic party. I love your sweater and the perfect placement of the tiny Santa hats!

    Oh, and the string idea for the Christmas cards is brilliant…definitely doing that next year!

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