Santa’s Village

Twas the day before Christmas and I’m going to tell you a story. So gather your cats and settle in.

One year just before Christmas when I was about 7 or 8, my mom announced she was going to take me and my friend Steph to Santa’s Village for the day.

Santa’s Village is a theme park in Bracebridge, Ontario, and it is exactly how it sounds. It is a Christmas amusement park. Santa is there, and I assume all his elves, Mrs. Claus, Christmas-themed rides, etc. In Bracebridge it’s a pretty big deal.


And obviously if you’re a kid it is very exciting. I was already off the charts excited for Christmas, so add in Santa and Christmas rides and I was losing my mind. I had seen the Santa’s Village commercial. It sounded like a good time and I was PUMPED.

We piled into the minivan ready for our adventure.


It was about a two and half hour drive from where we lived so we spent the trip singing Christmas carols and excitedly exclaiming what we were going to do when we arrived at Santa’s village. And what we were going to ask Santa for when we saw him.

car santas-village2 santas-village3 santas-village4 santas-village5 santas-village6 santas-village7 santas-village8 santas-village9 santas-village10 santas-village11 santas-village12

Now, it must be noted that this was before the internet existed, so one could not simply Google Santa’s Village to plan a trip. My mom had just heard about it and wanted to take us. She may have questioned this decision during the long drive there…but the trip was impromptu. My mom was flying by the seat of her pants.

We passed by the many signs leading the way to Santa’s Village, getting more excited the closer we got. Finally, we arrived. And this is what we saw.


Santa’s Village is only open in the summer. The Christmas theme park isn’t actually open at Christmas. It was a total National Lampoon’s Vacation moment. We drove all that way only to find it closed, just like Wally’s World. I will never forget the feeling of disappointment. My mom was absolutely devastated for us. What kind of Santa’s Village isn’t open during Christmas?! WHO CARES ABOUT SANTA IN JULY?! It ruined Santa’s Village for me and to this day I still haven’t been (but I hear it’s crappy and rundown now anyway).

So what were we to do? Rather than break in and go on the rides, my mom took us to the dollar store, gave us $10 each and let us go crazy in there. It obviously wasn’t as good as seeing Santa, but it was still a good time. And I should mention that while not funny at the time, my mom and I think this is hilarious now.

The End.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope you have a great holiday with your families and friends!


6 responses to “Santa’s Village

  1. well DUH it was closed- Santa is freakin busy in the fall and winter! He has no time for rides!!

    but really…that is very sad. your poor mom!

  2. Oh your poor mom. My heart breaks for her! Thank the Lord it’s a funny story now because I bet at the time it was awful. Plus the non stop talking must have driven her to drink.

    Ugh. Sometimes parenting goes awry. Sounds like she was trying to do it right. What a good mom.

  3. OMG! Who would have actually thought it was closed??? That’s INSANE!

  4. OH my gosh I was so excited for you and then so devastated that it was closed! Some Santa village, bah humbug! 😦

    I am glad you and your (awesome) mom can laugh about it now!

  5. I have to add, I love your pictures too! I love how your mom starts out with a big smile that slowly fades the more and more questions you ask. SO FUNNY and I am sure so true. LOL I love when you post your drawings!

  6. That’s so lame!!! Wow. As if you wouldn’t be open for Christmas. How dumb.

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