Christmas Things

I am super late over here but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful week/weekend. I’ve been MIA for the last week or so because I’ve only been home for one night since Christmas Eve. Tis the season of busy. Tis the season of eating also. I forgot how gross I feel every. single. year. by December 31st.


You know, when you get home from all the Christmas eating events and take off your pants…


It’s alright, tomorrow is a new year!!! (and Evan and I are doing the Whole 30, but more on that later.)

Anyway, on Christmas Eve eve (as in the 23rd) my bestie Lisa and her sister Heather flew in from Calgary, so I picked those ladies up from the airport and we had a night in at the condo.

Lisa gave Evan a jar of bacon jam (!!!) she had made, and we ate the entire jar that evening with goat cheese on crackers.


We kind of hogged it and poor Evan didn’t get very much of his gift, but it was really, really amazing and it was gone far too quickly.

Heather’s best friend Matt came to the sleepover as well, so it was a party of best friends. We took selfies…


I promise my hair is not black, I don’t know what’s going on here…


drank wine, watched Christmas Vacation on the big screen…


And somehow ended up having catch-up time until 2:30am. Evan went to bed significantly earlier than us, because let’s face it, he cannot compete with two pairs of best friends who haven’t seen each other in months. We were sitting next to each other and literally screaming at each other because we were just so excited that we couldn’t get our words out fast enough. At one point from bed, Evan texted me just the mute speaker emoticon.


ie: shut up.

Which was so funny at the time that it probably made us even louder. I’m surprised our neighbours didn’t complain. But, all good.

Christmas Eve morning after the girls and Matt left, Evan and I headed to Belleville to spend Christmas with Evan’s nana, mom and Brotherman and Kelly. Fun family Christmas time!


Pile o’ presents


Christmas lovers


Festive brothers


Festive table

We had a delicious Christmas dinner with turkey, stuffing, perogies, veggie things and CURRY!!! So much curry!


Lentils, shrimp curry, meatball curry, and coconut rice. My family has always done the turkey dinner for Christmas and I absolutely love it, but I am not minding the addition of curry to the holidays. Not at all. Evan’s nana’s is perfecto.

On Boxing Day the four of us headed to Evan’s dad and Loulou’s for Christmas dinner round 2.


Also very delicious. No I am still not sick of turkey. I love it. But I am glad that my parents moved Christmas a week and half early or we would be eating turkey dinners for three days in a row and I feel like my pants would go on strike.

After dinner Evan and I headed outside to see the animals, specifically the donkey and horses.


I have mentioned this before but I just love that donkey, Zeke. I feel like we have a special relationship. If he sees me coming he immediately trots over to me to say hi.



And he will usually nuzzle his face against me, which is cute. Sometimes we will gaze into each other’s eyes.

photo (18)

Seriously, I want this donkey. Our condo is pretty big, I bet he could live here… Winnie likes.


Donkey selfie

Side note: Can you believe it is Boxing Day and I am outside in Ontario in a shirt and a scarf?! I can’t believe how mild it was. And I really missed snow for Christmas.

Kashtin the horse seemed to be jealous of my alone time with the donkey… He also seemed to take quite a liking to me…

IMG_5759 IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5763

What a cheeky horse he is. Apparently he likes to lick people. I liked it. My favourite is that he was looking at Evan/the camera in all those pictures.

After the donkey snuggling and the horse licking we went back inside for dessert. I need to show you Loulou’s yule log.


Now that is talent. What a delicious yule log.

It was a very good Christmas and such a fun time hanging out with Evan’s family. I am thankful to all of them for including me in their shenanigans. The only thing that could have made Christmas better is snow!


5 responses to “Christmas Things

  1. Oh wow, looks like an amazing Christmas! I absolutely love that horse! Cracks me up how he is looking right at the camera while giving you a big sloppy kiss. SO HILARIOUS!

  2. Sending you just the mute emoji is so so so so funny. I laughed out loud for real. And Whole30!! I’ve been wanting to do it but I’m too scared. I do have the book so I think I’ll read it over this weekend. Maybe start Jan 5, but I’ll have to do the Whole23, because I’m headed to Vancouver to see my whole family and there is no way that is Whole30 friendly. Looks like a great Christmas, Happy New Year!!

    • Oh we were killing ourselves about the mute speaker!

      I am actually really excited to do the Whole30. I just feel like crap with all the eating I’ve been doing lately so it’ll good to get back on track. I say that now but who knows how I’ll feel a few weeks in and I am on cheese withdrawal… And I hear ya, this is probably the only month I could do it because not a lot is going on. Though my friends are getting married on the 24th so the wedding will be tricky. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to cheat a bit at least with wine, and then get back on the Whole30 wagon after. They say if you cheat you have to start over but if I do that I’ll never finish!

      Happy New Year!!

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