Friday Things feat. mix CD’s and care packages from my Nana

Some new things and some things I’ve been meaning to talk about for a few weeks, in list form.

1. The holidays were not enough time for leisuring. Don’t get me wrong, one day shy of two weeks off is absolutely amazing and I am so, so grateful for that. But I had big plans for that time. I was going to read all the books and marathon all the shows and watch movies that I have been meaning to watch for years and play the Sims and write a book and stock up on blog posts and catch up on internet browsing, etc… But it turns out two days (the actual amount of time over the holidays where I was home and available to do those things) is not in fact ample time to do all those things. My expectations of leisure time were too high. Oh well. Next holiday.

2. Remember in the summer my brother’s best friend Dixon made Evan a mix CD?


So thoughtful.

It is the best CD ever and we frequently listen to it in the car. WELL. Evan decided to repay the favour and made Dixon a mix CD for Christmas.


He made the cover himself. I cannot look at it without laughing. Pretty good list of songs on here…


3. Speaking of Evan and his shenanigans, each year for Christmas he and Brotherman like to make a joke gift for their family. Usually they will put ridiculous photos of themselves on a mug or in a snow globe. Here is the photo this year:


That would be a bookmark they made for their mom. They even laminated it! And Evan actually looks like Elf!!! Oh, it kills me.

4. Over the holidays, some of our lady friends spent a night over at my Bestie Lisa’s parent’s while she was visiting. We didn’t do very much but it was a very, very fun evening.


Now, Lisa’s mom has a thing for Santas.

No really, she has a lot of Santas.


I counted, and throughout the house there were 106 Santas. Funny though, for the amount of Santas I would say they were very artfully arranged and actually subtle. I said this to Lisa and she was like “SUBTLE?! There are 40 just on the fireplace, how is that subtle?!” I honestly didn’t notice until someone pointed out there were a ton of Santas. It’s not like I walked in there and was like “OMG SANTAS EVERYWHERE!” I never felt like the Santas were in my face or anything. It made me wish I had more Santas in the condo. I liked them.

5. Winnie’s face when we arrived home from our winter getaway and she had been alone for a few days (don’t worry, Brotherman checked in on her every day). Note: we also left her alone for Christmas.

photo (19)

Here she is saying “F you guys. If you ever go anywhere for that long again I will poop on all your belongings.”

6. My Nana did not have a very good day yesterday. She just did not have any strength and was not feeling herself. She called me and asked if I could come see her because she had a few things that she urgently needed to give me. Here are the things:


Werther’s, a pen, tape, goat’s milk soap, Halls, and cookies saved from meals! The cookies are maple flavoured too, so I know they are delicious! Unfortunately I cannot eat them right now because Whole30. But I was in tears, this just killed me. What a peach. I think I will save the care package as-is, forever.

7. As I was leaving my Nana, it was TV time so all the residents were in the main room positioned around the TV in their wheelchairs. As I was walking through, one lady grabbed my hand, kissed it, and yelled “OOOOH, I just love you!!! You are hired! You can start at 9 tomorrow!” I was surprised, so I just thanked her and said I’d be there. And then the lady beside her said “She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” So I guess I don’t have a new job then…

8. This can stop any time.

Have a great weekend!

6 responses to “Friday Things feat. mix CD’s and care packages from my Nana

  1. You can freeze cookies! Save them for when youre done with this healthy eating nonsense 🙂

    I visited my grandma over the holidays (she was sick and missed dinner), and we brought her a 25 ft telephone cord so she can carry her phone around. She thought we were high-tech experts hooking that baby up without a man’s help. God bless you Grandmas…
    (also, mine had cookies but didnt share!)

  2. When I’m old and bonkers and living at the old folks home my HR roots will probably still have me hiring and (more likely) firing all the people.

  3. I can’t remember the last time i had a leisuring holiday…it sounds so good!

  4. Oh my goodness your Nana’s care package was so sweet! My grandma used to do the same. I always left her house with a big ziplock of goodies. Usually coupons for things she knew I liked, candy, etc. So incredibly sweet!

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