20 Loves

Before the holidays my CEO asked my coworkers and I to put together a personal business plan that outlined our personal (if we wanted to share) and professional goals for the next three years. I struggle with doing things like that, but I know this kind of planning and goal-setting is a useful life skill and after procrastinating for a while on it I ultimately enjoyed the exercise and found it helpful. We also all had to do a DISC profile (an in-depth personality test that basically details how you work), and it nailed me to a T! It was so eerily accurate, and I am actually excited for my CEO to read it so that he can kind of “get to know” me better. Not that he doesn’t know me…but it really does show the way I think and what I need to work productively.

One of the assignments we were asked to do as part of our plan was a 20 Loves exercise, where we simply wrote down 20 things that we love. Your loves can be anything. When I first heard this I wondered how I was going to be able to come up with 20 things that I loved…but once I got into it I realized that I could probably write an endless list of things I love. I guess I love a lot of things. Of my personal business plan, this was the part I liked doing the most!

So I have decided to share my 20 loves with you. Here they are!

20 Loves

  1. My family and partner in life.
  2. My wonderful friends.
  3. Reading. I’ll read anything, I am always reading something, but I especially love reading a good book.
  4. Writing and blogging.
  5. Being outside, always. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, if I have a choice I want to be outside.
  6. Being active outside – hiking, skiing, skating, swimming, just going for a walk.
  7. How I feel after a good workout. I wish I could bottle up that feeling so when I really, really don’t want to work out I can remember how good I’ll feel afterwards.
  8. Deep water lake swimming (or ocean, I’m not picky).
  9. Eating. Just eating good food in general, but home cooked meals by Evan are my favourite.
  10. Making Sunday brunch and weekend dinners with Evan.
  11. Leisuring around at the cottage.
  12. Making people laugh.
  13. Graphic design/drawing/cartooning/video editing.
  14. When I arrive home after a long work day and dinner is ready.
  15. Listening to music very loudly and singing along very badly while driving.
  16. Red wine on Friday evenings. And Saturday evenings. Probably Sunday too. Beer on sunny summer days.
  17. Traveling and exploring Ontario (yours to discover!). Going on adventures.
  18. Camping!!!
  19. Networking/socializing.
  20. Telling stories. To anyone who will listen.

(PS – after 1 and 2, these are just in random order for me. Numbering by what I love more would be tough)

Now tell me about your loves, lovers!


5 responses to “20 Loves

  1. My old job had us do the DISC profile way back in 2008 and I still think in terms of DISC personalities!!! I’m almost entirely an “I” with a little bit of “D”, what are you?? Love the idea of listing your loves, what an awesome way to remind ourselves of all that’s good in life instead of focusing on the negative. ❤

  2. You’ve really gotten me thinking! I think my first two are the most important, same as you, but after that I just kept going! My blanket may or may not have hit that list. 😉
    My number one is my
    husband and number two is my dog. Two of the loves of my life with diet Pepsi and chocolate right after!

  3. Diet Pepsi and chocolate and our blankets…Jennifer, we should be friends! Haha. My husband and my cats are tied for No. 1 though!

  4. I love deep water swimming as well, you just feel so free.

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