The Whole 22.5

I’M BACK! Ah, it’s been a while. I have really missed blogging! I said a few weeks ago that my goal for January was three blog posts a week, but that was before the true work craziness hit me. I have been planning two summits and a gala for ~700 Canadian executives and their teams, which happens TODAY (Snowmageddon is also happening today though, and I have already gotten cancellations…)

You can’t even imagine how glad I am that this day is finally here. I planned this last year as well, but I forgot how much of an insane grind it is. I have been working 12-15 hour days the last two and a half weeks or so, and this past Wednesday I worked for, I am not even exaggerating, 20 hours. I know the sense of accomplishment I will feel after today is over though, so it will all be worth it.

Anyway, no one likes to hear about how busy other people are, so I will stop. However, I will say that it is a very good thing my eating was in check this month, because sitting at my computer for that many hours a day is not a dream for my waistline (or my brain, or anything really, I don’t recommend it). I made it to the gym exactly one time throughout the entire month of January, but despite living the most sedentary lifestyle imaginable, I managed to lose 9 pounds. How did I do this? The Whole30! Well, the Whole22.5, that’s as long as Evan and I made it. On Day 21 I feel like I was finally in the Tiger Blood stage (Evan did too, two days earlier than me) and like I could eat like this forever. I felt like I had unlimited energy, which again I think would be difficult to accomplish while staring at a computer screen all day, so there can’t be another reason for it other than the way I was eating.

We ultimately fell off the bandwagon at my good friend Emily’s wedding (which I am definitely going to blog about when I get a hot minute, and also some pictures). I suspected it might happen. I knew for sure we would be drinking, but my plan going into it was no pop and no beer. I would allow myself wine and if I wanted a mixed drink then vodka soda. But I was going to try to stay Whole30 compliant with the eating, but alas, it was the eating that broke us. I was in the wedding and the entire wedding party was there for the weekend, starting with the rehearsal and dinner on Friday. The rehearsal dinner was amazing: pulled pork sliders, slider burgers, lobster mac and cheese, and cheese covered potatoes.


And then there was dessert.


So it was amazing, but not Whole30 compliant. Those were the options though, and I was some of my best friends in the world and we were having such a good time and I was NOT going to not eat and be miserable, so I went with it. Like I could pass up those ridiculously cute bride and groom sugar cookies, homemade by Emily’s sister Sara. Come on now.

I hadn’t eaten a grain, or a grain of sugar, or any dairy for 22 days, and I wasn’t sure how they were going to affect me. I didn’t want to feel awful on Emily’s big day, so I did take it easy with the bread and cheese. Afterwards, I felt normal. Not my new amazing normal, but my old normal. Nothing notable to report there. I didn’t get sick or anything, but my Tiger Blood was gone on Saturday.

But you know, I don’t even care that we only made it 22.5 days because I do feel like 3 weeks was enough time to completely change the way that I eat. It was long enough for me to notice how amazing I can feel, and how I don’t really miss bread and I actually don’t miss cheese that much and I am fine without sugar. That night when everyone was snacking on popcorn and chips and gummies and all the things, I noticed that I didn’t feel like I needed to snack. And normally I would have been all up in that, especially if I was drinking. At the actual wedding there was late night pizza and a candy bar, and I didn’t touch it. Well to be fair, I was ABOUT to take a slice of pizza but then FunkyTown came on and that is my jam so I abandoned the mission.

Since we got back from wedding weekend Evan and I have actually still been eating mainly Whole30 compliant… I have just added in wine in the evenings while I am working at home, because I’m not sure I would make it through this crazy work time without it. We ordered pizza on Friday and normally I would eat about 4 slices but I had 2 and some salad and I was good. Though I have to say, I felt gross afterwards. And I felt gross on Saturday. And yesterday I felt like I wanted to eat all the things again. I was insatiable.

So even though it was only 22 days and not 30, it was enough for me. I am sold. I know what moderation is again, and I would like to continue eating Paleo 80% of the time.

That being said, here’s what we were eating in our last week of Whole30.


1. Whole roasted chicken with potato, parsnip, carrots, sweet potato, onions, celeriac, and garlic.

2. Ground  beef tacos with homemade seasoning topped with tomatoes, salsa and avocado on lettuce. Green bean salad (just cooked green beans tossed in olive oil, white vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper), and a sweet potato fritter that Evan made.

3. Spaghetti squash topped with Evan’s peperonata (stewed sweet peppers, very similar to this recipe without the wine).

4. Evan’s (he cooks a lot, alright?)  beef curry on top of cauliflower “rice” (cooked, grated cauliflower). The curry sauce is really coconut milk and red curry sauce with spices, so fully compliant.

5. Egg scramble with leftover taco meat, spinach, green pepper and onion.

6. Egg scramble with spinach, green onion, sweet potato (LOVE adding sweet potato into eggs, so good!).

7. Frittata with leftover ground beef and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Evan made this for my friend Crystal and I for breakfast the day before Emily’s wedding and it was amazing. We are both still raving on about it.

8. Baked chicken with green bean salad, baked sweet potato with coconut mana.

9. Monkey salad (cashews, coconut flakes, sliced banana and raisins). This was my standard weekday breakfast, along with two hardboiled eggs.

So yep, eating like that did not make me feel like I was missing out on anything at all and I am excited to continue.

Stay safe today, Ontarians! It is nuts out there!

4 responses to “The Whole 22.5

  1. Gosh all that Canadian food looks so exotic! I don’t know if I could eat such strange food but it looks very nice!
    Did you carry anyone around in heels this time?

  2. Yay on Whole22.5! I’m on Day 8 of my Whole30, with a known dinner off coming on Saturday (anniversary). The lack of caffeine almost did me in for four days, but since then it’s been pretty easy. Meal planning is the hardest – some good ideas up there. Latest blog post has my last week in pictures if you need more ideas.
    Can’t wait for the wedding recap!

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  4. Oh yum. That rehearsal dinner food looks delicious!

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