Emilio and Cork’s Rehearsal Dinner

Okay, so! Corey and Emily’s wedding. I have about four pictures of the actual wedding, since I was in it and did not have a camera with me for most of the day (and then once it got dark my camera decided to not cooperate), but it was so beautiful and Emily had so many thoughtful touches, so I do really want to blog about it once I get some photos from the amazing photographer. I need a record of the wedding of my oldest friend! In the meantime though, I will tell you about the rehearsal dinner, ’cause that sure was a good time.

Emilio and Cork’s wedding was at the beautiful Briars Resort in Jackson Point on Lake Simcoe. The entire resort is pretty classy, but also has a very rustic feel to it, which is my favourite. Everything felt like an elaborate cabin. The original house was built in like the 1840s or something, and then there were additions added over the years, so it is not only a beautiful setting, it is also extremely fun to explore. Tons of weird nooks and crannies everywhere, and doors leading to what I have to imagine are secret passages.



The staff were pretty tight-lipped about any ghosts there, but it’s gotta be haunted. I like to think it is haunted by the man in this photo:


The entire bridal party stayed in our own private lodge, and this was really awesome because we all had our own guest rooms (facing the frozen lake!)…


But then there was a big common area with a living room and mini kitchen, so we could all hang out together.


So that is where the rehearsal dinner took place, and where we got our hair and makeup done on wedding day).

There were little Emily touches all throughout the wedding, like the bottle of wine and sugar cookies that were waiting for us in our room.


I saw those cookies and I was like “see ya Whole30.” Emily is the most thoughtful person I know (besides Evan).

After we checked in and got settled it was rehearsal time. According to Evan, this was my face when I found out that I was going to be walking down the aisle first, and alone.



We successfully rehearsed…


And then headed back to the bridal party lodge for dinner.


I already talked about the dinner, but I did not talk about the cake!


It was banana Nutella cake and it was ridiculously delicious. Like banana bread topped with Nutella icing. We had already thrown Whole30 out the window by this point, so obviously I had to have a slice of it. Prior Whole30 though, I would have had about four.

Emily continued her thoughtfulness with her gift bags for the bridal party.


Aww, oldest friend!

She included the sweetest card for all of us…


It has been safely put in my box of things that I will keep forever.

Matching kimonos and bridesmaid hangers!


And the most comfortable slippers!


Along with earring and a little travel pack of things we might need the day of the wedding (a mirrored compact, wet wipes, etc.) Again with the thoughtfulness!

The groomsmen all received a pocket knife and three of them cut themselves with it almost immediately.

My favourite thing about Emily’s wedding was that some of my very best friends from high school were in attendance, including our friend Crystal, who lives in Calgary. Later in the evening, all the boys took Corey out to the bar for one last night as a single man, and the girls stayed behind and had a good old fashioned sleepover, complete with doing each other’s hair…



Dance parties…


Pajama dance parties…


And other activities…


It was such a fun night with some of my very bestests, and I am so thankful I was able to to be a part of it. I love my little Emilio and I am so happy for her.

Wedding shenanigans to come eventually because it was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. Just need some photos. It’ll happen.

By the way I am heading to VEGAS for the weekend with a bunch of my friends, so girl your loins for those adventures!

4 responses to “Emilio and Cork’s Rehearsal Dinner

  1. The only thing I got out of this post was that Emily calls you “Jug Jugs.” Also, I’m still not sure why you call her Emilio unless deep down in her heart, she is a Hispanic man. Which then, makes total sense.

  2. JUG JUGS!!! Awe, this post made me extremely jealous of the dance party.

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