Em & Cork Tie the Knot

I got some photos from Emily and Corey’s wedding, so here we go! All photos in this post aside from my (very obvious) iPhone photos are by the incredibly talented Claire Dam, and can also be found (and more) on her blog.


Beautiful Lovers

I’m sure I have mentioned this several times before, but Emily has been one of my best friends since early elementary school. We have attended many, many occasions for each other over the years. Birthdays from 9 right on up to 31.


At my 31st birthday last year

She used to have these two goats (don’t ask), Chrissy and Missy, who lived in the barn in her backyard, and in the winter they would pull us on a toboggan around her property. I spent my very first all-nighter in her parents basement. In Grade 6 we went to art camp together. In Grade 8 (and also Grade 9) we went to Band Camp together. I played the flute (of course) and Emily played the trumpet.

Also in Grade 8, Emily and I performed a duet to Jingle Bell Rock in our school’s Christmas Concert.


Except not like Mean Girls. By duet I mean that I played my flute and Emily played her trumpet, because that is how cool we were. And we were not in sexy Santa suits. I’m pretty sure I was wearing a sweatshirt from Northern Getaway.

One time we found a little black bat with an injured wing outside of her bedroom window, so we vowed to take care of him. We put him in a shoebox and named him Batman. We tried to give him a bath in Emily’s bathroom sink (I am sorry Darlene), and while doing this we discovered that he was not actually black…he was brown. He just had so many tiny wriggling bugs on him that he looked black (edit: I was talking to my mom about this and she said “Fleas Lindsey, those were fleas.” So that was the end of Batman. We immediately let him go. Bats we can do…bugs, no.

I could go on for days about our memories together. There have been so many good times.


Grade 8 Grad


Em’s 28th Birthday

So I can’t even describe how excited I was to watch my longtime pal marry her longtime lover.

As I mentioned in my last post, Em and Cork’s wedding took place at the lovely Briars Resort in Jackson Point, Ontario, where we were all staying for the weekend.


Seriously, how cool does that place look? I think this picture really gets across how fun it was to explore.

I love that Emily and Corey chose to have a winter wedding. They are both very much winter people, so it is very fitting of them. Both of them enjoy being outside in the snow, hiking and doing other outdoorsy things.

The bridal party got up bright and early on Saturday morning and slipped into our matching robes to get our hair and makeup done.


Our hair was done by the girls at Shagg’s, who are from our hometown of Port Perry. They have actually done my hair for basically every major event (and my Grade 8 grad in that photo above!), and they’ve always done a great job. Em’s wedding day was no exception. I thought we all looked beautiful.



A few of us got our makeup done as well, and I cannot lie, I was pretty impressed with both my hair and makeup.


That is definitely the best photo I’ve ever seen of myself and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my Facebook profile picture forever. Maybe Instagram too. And whatever else I can use it for… That Claire is a talented cat!

I had such a fun morning hanging with the girls. So much love for them!


After we were all prettified, we got into our dresses.


I really liked that from the waist down all of our dresses were the same, but the tops of our dresses were just different enough.

But I am digressing all over the place here because this day is not about us. This is about our Emily, and Emily took the cake. She was gorgeous.


Just the most beautiful. Only her sister and her mom had seen her dress before the big day, she kept it a secret from the rest of us. When she came out wearing it I had tears in my eyes. We all did. She was perfect. Her dress was such an Emily dress.


The picture below is my favourite.


Em and Cork did a first look, so we took most of the bridal party photos before the ceremony.


I feel like this should be in a magazine.

The best thing about a winter wedding is the amazing winter photos.

CDP_1044 (1)

We were definitely not warm, but it was worth it. We were also wearing our winter boots because there was a light freezing rain happening and we didn’t want to slip on the ice in our heels. I feel like that was a very smart decision.


I LOVE the pops of red all over the place!

The ceremony was gorgeous, and funny in the right places, and incredibly heartwarming. I may have had something in my eye…


Isn’t Corey handsome? We tell him all the time that he is so classically handsome, like a movie star.

Big toast to the happy couple!


We took a few more photos after the ceremony while the cocktail reception was happening. I feel like this one really captures Emily’s essence:


And this one captures their love:


After those photos we met up with the rest of our friends, and my hot dinner date!


Except not really because I was at the head table. My good friend Sherrie took him over until after dinner, and they both said they had a really good time!

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony.


There were little Emily touches on everyone’s seat, and Em and their family made the centerpieces themselves. I wish I had a close up of them because they were amazing!

Dinner was delicious. I chose the beef, and there was soup and salad and bread pudding, and I don’t know that I have ever had bread pudding before, but I loved it.

The speeches were probably the best wedding speeches I have ever heard. Very personal, but also not too inside jokey. And so many people were involved. Dawn and Joel were the emcees. I edited a video for them featuring the entire bridal party and both their families. To get them to kiss, instead of clinking glasses our friends Joanna and Crystal set up a game with a trivia question at each table. If a representative from your table answered the question correctly, Emily and Corey had to kiss. Incorrectly and you had to kiss someone of your choice (Emily’s dad got kissed a bunch of times, so that was pretty entertaining). The best thing about the game was that everyone who came up to the podium to answer a trivia question threw in a little story about Emily and Corey. This made it feel really personal and unique and truly like the room was full of good friends.

They danced.


We all danced. And then we partied with our friends.



The photo booth was definitely the big hit of the evening.


And then it snowed, and this magical picture happened:

Just so beautiful. It makes me a little teary.

We closed out the night with everyone group dancing to (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, and it felt like Dirty Dancing and I will never forget it.

Congratulations to my beautiful friends Emily and Corey! I wish you the best, and I love you both!


8 responses to “Em & Cork Tie the Knot

  1. A stunning bride AND bridal party!! 🙂

  2. Where are the bridesmaid dresses from? They were gorgeous!

  3. Wow, the wedding looks amazing and Emily’s dress is UNREAL…just gorgeous! How great to have a winter wedding. You looked STUNNING….you look absolutely glowing! I love the robes too! The pics of the bridesmaids in the robes was classic. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Wow! Usually I’m a bit meh about other people’s weddings because so many of them are so fluffy and fake however this one was STUNNING. Everything about it! I love it. And i love the outside photos in the snow. They are gorgeous. And the wrap that Emily is wearing. Wow and wow.

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