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Blogger Brunch for Two

I had a sassy brunch date on Saturday morning with the beautiful Liz from One Twenty Five!


Yes I know we are dressed the same, our jeans were even the same shade of denim, and no we did not plan it. She messaged me just before I arrived and said “Hey, I’m on the patio in bright pink!” (as if I don’t blog stalk her and wouldn’t recognize her), and I thought it was funny because I was also pretty in pink. But then when I saw her and I noticed that we both got the black cardigan + dark denim memo I just stared at her and pointed from her to me several times. We were twinning hardcore.

Anyway, the brunch was awesome. I have been reading Liz’s blog for a while now and we have been trying to meet in person for several months but it just hadn’t happened. We finally planned the meetup for Saturday and I honestly was really looking forward to it. For our first time meeting it was pretty crazy how much we already knew about each other (because blogs), and how much we have in common. She lives right near where I just moved from, we’re in a similar field, the online dating experiences (you may know my experience with online dating was hilarious, and then horrible, but eventually absolutely amazing). And of course we talked about blog stuff. It’s fun talking to another blogger who knows about blog things. I’m not really active in the blogging community so I don’t do that often. I could have stayed there talking all afternoon, and I think I interrupted her a few times because I felt like I had so much to tell her! It was like catching up with an old friend. Really, really nice.

Anyway, Liz took me to Origin at King and Church, which, if you follow Liz, you know is a frequent brunch spot for her. I have been wanting to go there since she started posting about it because her food always looks so amazing. Liz was pretty adamant that we needed to start with the scones, and I think the best way to start anything is with a carb so that was A-okay with me.


They came with yogurt and jam and were seriously so good. I didn’t even think I was a scone person, but if all scones are like those ones yes I am!

In keeping with our twin theme, for our main brunch entree we both ordered the same, the tostada ranchero.


Liz said it was in her opinion the best item on the menu, so I trusted her. Hiding in the above photo is salsa, guacamole, and black beans. It was RIDICULOUS. Seriously so good. When it first arrived at our table I was really worried about how I was going to eat it. I am the least elegant eater, am continually dropping food items on my (and down my) shirt, and I thought as soon as I tried to cut into those tostadas they would just break apart and everything would become a big mess. But I need not worry, all was well. I didn’t have any trouble and I didn’t even spill anything on myself. Still not sure how that happened.

Normally I am a speed eater and basically just shovel everything down, but I was talking so much that I was a little on the slow side for once.

We also scored free blood orange mimosas because Liz is famous.


(picture jacked from Liz’s blog)

The best brunches are the ones that include mimosas.

I really had such a fun time. Our first hangout of very many, for sure! And if you’re in Toronto you gotta go to Origin for brunch. It was fancier than the type of brunch places I frequent (there are few things in life I enjoy more than a greasy spoon), but the prices weren’t too bad and I thought the portion was a decent size. I probably could have gone for potatoes (there are also few things in life I enjoy more than potatoes), but I was fine without them. Though I certainly would not have been complaining had my meal included potatoes…

Anyway, good times!

Blogs I Wish I Thought Of

I still have a tiny bit of Florida stuff to talk about, but I’m putting it on hold for a day or two in case you guys are all Florida’d out. Who likes reading about someone else’s glorious vacation in the sunshine? No one. You all probably hate me. If it makes you feel any better, I’m back in Ontario and the weather is not being cool. Well it is actually, it is being way too cool. It is being freezing. Although today it almost feels like spring. FINALLY.

Also, recapping posts take me a long time to do for some reason, and I find them kind of draining. Even though I do really enjoy having them to look back on for memory-purposes.

Anyway, let me break out my lazy pants and talk about content that other people have come up with.

Sometimes I’ll come across a blog and think “MAN that’s a good idea! I wish I thought of that!” This has been happening a few times lately.

What Should We Call Me is a good example of this.


Some girls:


(not from my brain)



(also not from my brain)

Pretty much.

Yesterday I came across Reasons My Son Is Crying.

I broke this cheese in half.

I broke this cheese in half.

Died. I absolutely died laughing. Funniest blog I have found in a long time. It’s only been around for a week or so and I think it is already blowing up. And for good reason.

The slide is not slippery enough.

The slide is not slippery enough.

Funny stuff. I can actually remember crying uncontrollably when I was about three because I wanted to watch Disney (remember Disney specials at 6 on Sundays?!) and it wasn’t a cartoon. I can also remember crying once around that age because there was a chip in my nail polish. And ohh, I vividly remember my brother crying about nothing. Ahh children. What it must be like to have them.

I couldn’t have thought of that blog though because I don’t have a son. But I could have started a “Reasons My Cat Is Meowing” blog. Actually, that has potential. Don’t steal that idea. I might do it. She meows at everything.


Yes you Winnie.

Another blog I recently stumbled across that I wish I thought of is Thug Kitchen (warning: explicit language).

tumblr_mk69rbNLRJ1rfwyd0o1_1280 copy(source)

Genius. F-ing Genius! So wish I thought of this. I also wish I could talk like this on my blog, but I make a point to never use bad language. And that is only because I want to remain semi professional due to career stuff. You know. Gotta pay dem bills. I think it’s possible to be funny and entertaining without swearing, but sometimes there is just nothing like a well-placed F-bomb. Anyway, I highly recommend checking out Thug Kitchen. Incredibly informative and hilarious.

And that concludes sh-t I wish I thought of. I’ll probably have a second edition some point when I stumble across more genius blogs that I never thought of.

Any other amazing blogs out there you wish you thought of?

All the Paula Fun

As I mentioned previously, after the Harry Potter adventure Evan and I drove over to Paula‘s for a fun night out with her and her husband Fabian.


As I have said to Paula many times, I love their love.

Paula and I have been following each other’s blogs for about two years, and we are Facebook friends (so obviously that means we are real friends), but we had never met in person. I have been telling Paula for at least a year that whenever I make it out to Florida I would be hitting her up for a fun time, so as soon as I found out I was going for sure I made a point to squeeze that sensual minx into our plans.

It was very trusting of Paula and Fabian to let us sleep over since we had never met before (especially Fabian, since to him I was a complete stranger), but I promised Paula we wouldn’t rob them and she relayed this news to Fabian and he said A-okay.

I was so excited to finally meet her, and of course her ridiculously cute one-eared bunny (who I also follow on Facebook), Georgina Bunnypants. Or just Pants.


As soon as I entered her house I was all “Where is PANTS?!” and made a beeline over to her cage.


Paula let  me give her a little treat to warm her up for a snugglefest, since she doesn’t usually like being held. I was excited that she let me pick her up.


I told her to relax and just enjoy it, but she kept that ear slicked back in protest. It was a satisfactory first snuggle though. Such a little muffin. Our first meeting went just how I envisioned.

I can’t remember the names of all the places Paula and Fabian took us, but we went to all of Paula’s favourite hotspots in downtown Orlando. No more Hungry Howie’s! Paula took us to excellent local places. Our first stop was Mucho, a kind of Mexican pub, and I only know the name because Paula blogged about it.


Paula made me order her favourite drink, Eola 101 (I kept wanting to call it Ebola), which included tequila and champagne and pure deliciousness. I liked it so much I had two more. And then our group had a tequila shot in celebration of…I don’t know, being awesome I guess. So I was feeling pretty good. So good I was in the mood for kissing roosters.


We went to a couple of other bars with names I don’t remember, and drank several more drinks that I don’t remember. I will tell you a little secret about Paula. That girl can DRINK. Fun, fun times. And I brought a little gift for Paula, straight from Canada.


Yes, the glasses. Paula now has her own pair. As you probably know, the glasses make a frequent appearance around here and Paula has commented about them before so I knew she liked them. It was time to pass them down, as they were passed down to me from my good friend Dawn.

Use them wisely Paula, they are hard to find even here! I expect to see them all over your blog, and you should probably wear them when you run your next race.

Fabian liked them also.


And I gave Paula an example of how they are to properly be used. Here was the target:


He liked it. I like his muscles.

I had a really, really fun night. I cannot picture it being more fun. Paula and I had so much to talk about and we felt like we knew each other for years. Evan also had a good time bonding with Fabian while Paula and I discussed boring blog stuff.

In fact, we had such a good time that on Saturday night Paula came out to Bradenton to see us!


It’s over a two hour drive, so you know this means she liked me also. Bradenton is also coincidentally Paula’s hometown, so she showed us all the good places to go downtown, including a local bar the Lost Kangaroo.


We be sunburnt.

It was the first time Evan and I went out in the downtown area, and I doubt we would have gone out like this ourselves. I was grateful she showed us such a good time.


She showed us all the good food in Bradenton also. Our next stop included the most amazing garlic knots.


And the most AMAZING pizza.

DSCN0302_2(picture jacked from Paula’s blog)

We ate the entire thing. Not a slice left behind.


Infinitely better than Hungry Howie’s.

And that is all the Paula fun. You can also read her recaps of our adventures here and here. And if you don’t already read her blog, what is wrong with you?! She has been one of my faves for a long time, and our hangouts just solidified this. She is so much fun, and I wish she lived closer to me! Oh well, it gives me an excuse to come back to Florida…

Random Search Term Time

Well, I’m not sure what to talk about today. Truthfully I’m not even sure what my blog is about anymore. Probably not healthy-living, as that has just been sporadic lately (although I do feel like I am getting back on the healthy-living train, it is not quite up to speed just yet). And I can’t draw cartoons all the time, because they take me a million years.

Anyway, what do I usually do when I am not sure what to write about? Random search terms! Let’s review the interesting things people have Googled lately to somehow end up on my blog.

strange bug in the bathroom that has lots of legs

It was this thing, wasn’t it?

I’ve seen it too. That thing is so crazy disgusting that I don’t even have any words to describe it. I hope to never see one again. And to the person who Googled this, I hope it didn’t touch you. Blechhhh.

typical grocery store layout

This is hard to find! I was googling this relentlessly myself when I did my Familiar Grocery Store vs. Unfamiliar Grocery Store post. I couldn’t find anything! So I drew one.

You may use it. Just, you know, credit me or something.

where to buy just vinegar and just oil for salads

Hmm…good question. I don’t know, maybe a GROCERY STORE? See above if you are unfamiliar.

i love cookies

Me too. Ohhh me too me too me too.

People used to bring literally a pile of cookies and put them on my desk at work and say “I brought these for you!!!!!”.

An entire pile of cookies, just for me. No lie, it’s documented.

So I ate them. This has stopped happening, thankfully, or I would be obese. I cannot resist the cookies!

never got a power wheels jeep for christmas

Oh sad, sad day. Me neither. And ohhhh how I wanted the Barbie one.

I would have looked so cool driving around my neighbourhood in that. I am still bitter. There were quite a few awesome presents that I wanted and never received

My brother Eric sure did get a jeep though.

So I feel your pain.

how to host a bucket party

Oh it is very, very easy. You buy some buckets, invite people over, have them decorate their buckets, and then you pour booze in them.

And then you drink out of them. Seriously, if you are ever wondering how to get a party started, just hand your guests a bucket of alcohol. Guaranteed good time.

good card from nana

I love Nana cards! My Nana gives me the best cards about my dreams coming true! With stickers!

She also has been known to regift cards that children have made for her, white-out their name, and add her own, as you know

Such a beautiful card Nana, did you make this?

Nope. Noo she did not. She gets serious points for her scrappiness though. And I will cherish this card forever and ever. That is the BEST card from Nana.

Speaking of nana’s, this leads me to my next search term:

nana with glasses

Heeeeere ya go:

I love my Nana.

funny birthday twin pictures

Well I think it depends on who your birthday twin is. If your birthday twin happens to be Justin Bieber, as mine is…

It’s pretty easy to create a funny birthday twin picture…

how to give someone heavy a piggyback

Uhh, I am not sure I’m the best person to come to for advice about this. We all know how well that turned out…

Bad news. So I think my advice would be…don’t. Or do! You’ll have a good story!

will my daughter have fun at a princess birthday party

Probably. I sure did.

They even let me wear the princess sash. I was honoured.

why cat shows are better than dog shows

Because cats are awesome?! And also because apparently at cat shows the kitties are judged on their friskiness.

I had the best time with Hannah at the cat show we went to!

how to stop bed wetting

Don’t. Just blame it on the apple juice.

If, however, you really must stop the bed-wetting, I do have a handy pamphlet you may borrow…

Well, it’s actually my friend Emily’s. But I’m sure she’d let you have it as I am confident she has mastered the art of not wetting the bed.

activities for a bachelorette party ottawa

Drag show, drag show, DRAG SHOW!

And bring a saxophone!

And that is all for today my cheeky Googling friends. Have a good day!

Sneaky Photo Stealers

So the other day my friend Paula over at Eat, Watch, Run (and yes, I am calling her my friend because we are now Facebook friends purely because we read each other’s blogs and feel like we know each other), posted a link on Facebook of a post from another blog about photo stealing.

Here is the link to her post, but I will summarize for you. Basically the blogger was sued for using a photo that was not hers on her blog, even though she credited the photo and linked to the original source.

The internet really seems like a free-for-all these days, and I am totally guilty of using photos that are not mine on my blog. I truly thought that as long as you credited the source (or the official photographer if that was the case), it was fine, and you are all good. I am not sure why I thought this, but I think only because everybody else was doing it.

So be warned. That is not the case. If you are using another photographer’s photo and you do not actually have their permission, you can be sued. Even if you link to and credit the original source. So, lesson learned from me, I will now be careful.

But I was intrigued by this. And there is a little trick on Google images where you can check photos by the source of the URL to see if they have been put on another website.

So just out of curiosity, I pasted the link from a couple of my own images that I thought might be popular.

Those two. I drew them. And they took me a while.

Most of the stuff I draw is really relevant to the story I am telling and would not be worth stealing, in my opinion. But those two photos in particular I thought might work with several other articles.

When I went into Google images, I discovered I was not wrong. I found them both used on a bunch of other blogs and websites (seriously, the treadmill one was on at least 10), with no credit to me.

Obviously I am not looking for any sort of financial compensation. I don’t even know how I would sue anyone, and I feel like that would just be a lot of drama. But it did bother me.

It bothered me because, out of all the blogs and websites that are using my images, only one even mentioned me. Blisstree. They did credit me (which I appreciated), however, they did not actually link to me.

But no one else even mentioned that they got those drawings from somewhere else. For other sites to just take them, not credit me, and pass it off as their own drawing, or even some random drawing that they found on the internet…that is annoying.

It’s not clipart. That took time for me to draw. I drew it to make what I was writing about more funny, and share it with you guys.

And of all the sites to take my drawing and post it as theirs with no credit, I am going to say the worst offender was Yahoo. That is a legit website. I can forgive naive bloggers, because I am one, but Yahoo? I think they should know the rules. I was really surprised when I saw that (and fine, a little bit flattered too).

I’m not popular like Hyperbole and a Half. People wouldn’t just see my drawings and recognize them as mine, and ideally I’d like them to actually read the story. This picture stealing hurts my livelihood (and my feelings). I would appreciate at least a link.

So how to counteract this? I could put a watermark on every drawing I do so that people would know I created it, but that would not only be annoying for me, I feel like it would take away from the drawing.

It clearly states on the bottom of my blog that if you copy my stuff I will unleash my hunger monster on you…

Which I think is a pretty scary threat, but apparently not.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, except to warn you bloggers that a) if you use an official photographer’s photo without permission you could get sued, and b) your own pictures may be on other websites without crediting you as the source. So you may want to check that out.

And if you steal my pictures without linking to me I WILL unleash my hunger monster on you. No empty threats here. You better look out, Yahoo.

What’s Up, Wednesday?

Hello there cheeky minxes.

There are a few things that are up with me that I’d like to talk about, so let’s just get right to it!

Thing 1

Remember last week I was raving on about how I’m exactly where I want to be right now? Well, I have kind of a weird coincidence about that. I have been running a few mornings a week in the cemetery that is near my new apartment. Maybe that sounds creepy… I thought I was going to be creeped out at first, but it is honestly beautiful and peaceful and just so perfect for a morning run. It’s also huge, and has kilometres of paths. I’ve really been enjoying it.

I have also really been enjoying not having to get up at 5:30am to give myself enough time to run in the morning. I can get up at 6:45, squeeze in a half hour run, and still make it to work for 8:30. It’s fab.

Anyway, I told my mom about my morning runs in the cemetery and she informed me that our entire family is buried in there. I had no idea. I honestly thought they were buried in the town my mom grew up in. But my grandparents, my mom’s aunts and uncles, cousins…all buried there. This is such a crazy coincidence to me. It’s a popular cemetery for sure…but for them all to be there, and I move a block away from it and start running in it? That’s weird.

I don’t know exactly where in the cemetery they are, but now I feel like I have a mission when I’m running. I want to find them. I’ll probably have to go back when they are actually open and ask a staff member for a map or something.

Thing 2

I did it again.

I went to Yogurty’s last night with my friends Hannah and Lisa, and I overdid it on the toppings. I even said before I started loading up that I was NOT going to go crazy like last time because I truly prefer my froyo to be more smooth and plain.

But then I saw all the toppings…

And I couldn’t help myself. I loaded them on, just because I could.

It was still delicious. Those cookie dough and brownie chunks are not unlike the ones I used to sneak into the freezer and eat when I used to work at Dairy Queen. But next time I am making myself hold back!

Thing 3

I am obsessed with this song right now.

The video has a huge intro, but the actual song makes me tingly and excited for summer!

And I can’t get enough of this song either:

But I’m pretty sure every girl on the planet probably can’t get enough of that song, so…no originality here.

Thing 4

My good friend Dawn from high school started her own blog!

(that would be us in college)

You guys may already know her as she has popped up in a ton of my posts, and actually wrote a couple guest posts for me last year. Her blog is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prof (as we have a close-knit group of high school friends, she travels, and she is a prof…it makes sense). I’m excited to read about her adventures, though I think a lot of them I will be participating in. Anyway, I think you guys should all go over and check her out.

And another one of my work friends, Gord, has started his own blog as well. His bloggity is called Gord Thain Reports, and is definitely more of a…I don’t know, boy blog? Which frankly I don’t read enough of. He writes well and is an interesting duck, so definitely also worth checking out.

Thing 5

I leave for a 10-day long adventure to BC and Alberta on Friday, and I could not be more excited. My cousin is getting married on an island just off Vancouver Island, so most of the family on my dad’s side will be there, and I will also get to see my mom and brother, who live in BC, and my Bestie Lisa and friend Crystal, who live in Calgary. Coincidentally, Dawn is going to be in Calgary the same time I am, so we all have some shenanigans planned. I am PUMPED. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. I am so excited I’m practically vibrating.

And that’s all I got. In the words of Cher Horowitz, I’m outtie!