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Fun Times on the Steven and Chris Show

Last week I got an email from the CBC PR team inviting me to a taping of Steven and Chris happening on Monday afternoon. I know I have a lot of readers who are not from Canada, so if you are not Steven and Chris savvy, it is a Canadian talk show that airs on CBC hosted by, fittingly, Steven and Chris.


Aren’t they beautiful? I love their love. Yes, they are partners in life as well as in their career, and they are the cutest couple I can think of right now. Their show tackles home decor, beauty, health, food, style, etc. And they are hilarious, so that is always a bonus.

I was pretty excited about the invite, and yes and please was my immediate reaction. However, it was a work day and my work is pretty busy right now, so to be honest I nearly declined. I mentioned it to my coworkers and they were all “ARE YOU INSANE?! Go! You have to go! If you don’t go I will go in your place!” And with that peer pressure backing me up, I accepted. I am so, so glad I did.

I roped my good friend Emily into joining me (she didn’t need a lot of convincing, I knew when I was reading the invitation it would be a dream day for her), and the two of us met downtown near the CBC building. As soon as we got out of our cars it started downpouring, and the wind was so bad we felt like we were in a hurricane. I had a movie moment where my umbrella actually turned inside out and I was nearly lifted off my feet like Mary Poppins. But we are troopers. We donned our babushkas and we made it there safely.

photo (15)

Emily still in her babushka.

The rain was really great for our hair. We appreciated it.

After waiting in the wrong lineup for about 10 minutes, we found the group of other bloggers and joined up with them. There were about 12 of us and I felt like we were famous. The CBC staff were so incredibly nice to us, and they seemed to be genuinely interested in us. As we were being led into the studio the digital team came out of their offices to introduce themselves to us, and I just felt very welcome. One of the better events I have been to for this very reason.

The two producers/audience experience coordinators (who, it needs to be said, are VERY enthusiastic, and their enthusiasm was definitely infectious) took us to the Steven and Chris set, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.


We were filming the holiday kickoff show, so this set hasn’t been seen yet. SURPRISE! It was GORGEOUS. I don’t think that I have a lot of decorative talent, so this blows me away.

We were lucky to receive a guided tour of the set by the designer (I am really kicking myself for not remembering her name…), and she explained how she chose her pieces and put it all together. It was impressive, and I would like for her to come and decorate my house.


I was also impressed by her outfit. Boyfriend jeans do not look that chic on me. When I see other people wearing them flawlessly like this it is apparent that I am doing them wrong.

Some more set pictures because, well done. Slow clap.



I don’t know what to do with my arms in pictures by myself, sorry.

We were so happy to be there!

photo (14)


They also let us know that for another holiday show they added fake ice to the set and Kurt Browning came in and skated on it.

Kurt Browning 4


Kurt Browning and Boys

He was not on the show we were on though. So jealous they got to meet him. Oh well, I’ve met Elvis Stojko, so I guess I have that.

After our Q+A period, the enthusiastic audience coordinators Michael and Alexis brought us to our seats. We scored second row, which was perfect. Not in the front, but still very close to the action.


The rest of the audience piled in and the audience coordiantors went through explaining to us how we were a big part of the show, since our hype = excitement for Steven and Chris, and therefore more fun for them to film. I can totally see that, again – excitement is infectious! We did some demo clapping and cheering and I was actually getting really into it.

And then out came our friends.


Steven and Chris in the flesh. I don’t want to spoil too much of the episode for you, since this show does not air until Monday, December 15th (you mark those calendars! CBC, 2:00pm!), but it was a great show, I laughed many times, and we had so much fun! Emily said it was one of the best days of her life and I don’t think she was exaggerating! I am so grateful we were a part of this. A few highlights…

They wheeled out this set of a full kitchen and then proceeded to make ALL THE FOOD with Chef Lynn Crawford. I was dying over how good it smelled, I really had to hold myself back from running up there and eating it all.

Also, the kitchen.


We are currently redoing our kitchen, as you know, and now that I see this I may be dreaming of a white kitchen. I love the look of that.

In between segments the audience coordinators did fun things with us to keep us occupied. Like a good old fashioned game of keep the balloons in the air.


They gave away many, many prizes. There were two prizes that I genuinely really wanted, an electric blanket and a really awesome chef’s knife (because that would have made Evan’s life), so when they asked for audience volunteers for a game I was all over it. Turns out I volunteered for hula hooping.


I am not a good hula hooper, that picture just caught me at a good time. Give me a Skip-It and I will show you what’s what! With the hula-ing though, I resorted to this:


And no this is not on camera, this was a between segments thing. But, very exciting, I won a BOX OF TAPE!



I was legitimately excited about that box of tape.You can never have too much tape!

Another fun game was guess the picture that’s on your hat.


Brad Pitt. That guy got it, he did pretty well.

I have to tell you that we got an insane amount of free stuff. Like $750 worth of swag. We could barely carry it out of the studio. It was insane! A lot of the prizes they introduce on the show, so I will stay quiet about them for now. But let me tell you they were fabulous. Unexpected and fabulous.

After the show, the audience cleared out and we bloggers got to have a reception with Steven and Chris, Chris’ Angels, and their producer and staff. It was awesome. You want to know what was the most awesome? Yeah you do. They wheeled that delicious-smelling food right on back in and we got to eat it!


This would be a brie “Christmas tree”, so warm brie with nuts and things between the brie layers (I wasn’t paying attention to what else was between the layers, my mind just saw brie and shut off), and meatballs wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini.




They cooked this right on set so I will wait until the show airs and you can see it/get the recipe for yourself. I can vouch that it was delicious. It was all delicious.

And these cookies. Ridic.


And this cranberry cocktail!


It actually had booze in it. I didn’t realize until I was half done my glass. Sneaky. I like it.

We had a great time chatting with the other bloggers (Hi Amber and Yashy!), and also with Steven and Chris and their crew. We were able to ask Steven and Chris questions, so I asked Steven and Chris how they met. They told us all that when they were 21 they met at a club, and have been together since. That was 27 years ago. I think that is amazing. Such lovers. Again, I love their love.


This might be my favourite photo ever taken. I think it might have to be this year’s Christmas card! For THEM! haha. Ah, I love it.

And so, all this to say…if you are thinking of getting tickets to be in the audience for something, Steven and Chris is the show to do it! Highly recommend. We had so much fun!!! Again, Monday, December 15th, 2pm, CBC, watch for my and Em’s TV debut! Hopefully we get some airtime. But even if we don’t, the show will be great.

Thank you for having us Steven and Chris and team! I don’t know how I got on your media list, but please don’t ever take me off!

Afterwards we went out for dinner. I had salmon.


…followed by all the sushi.



Good times.

Beer & Lederhosen

The other night I was invited to Bier Markt Esplanade’s Oktoberfest VIP Party.


I am really not sure how I snagged an invitation because I am certainly not a very important person (having a blog does not = important, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but the invitation promised beer and food, and since I love both of those things very much of course I accepted.

I am also genuinely a fan of Bier Markt in general. I have enjoyed many a good meal there.



Someone at another table ordered that waffle while I was there once and when the server walked past me with it I stopped talking mid-sentence and just followed it with my eyes. I had to have it.

Anyway, this Oktoberfest party sadly did not include waffles. It was the launch of Bier Markt’s annual Oktoberfest collection in celebration of Toronto’s Beer Week (aka the best week in the city) and was to include options from this limited-time menu.

I arrived having no idea what to expect. Well, food and beer, but I didn’t know how much of either, and I came straight from work and I didn’t pre-eat so the amount of food worried me. I don’t like to be starving. I was allowed to bring a guest, which was a very good thing because I need a partner in crime at things like this and if I didn’t have one I would just be sitting at a table alone in a dark corner eating and drinking in silence. So Evan was the chosen one. He was excited.


We got a goodie bag as we arrived (goodie giant mug would be more accurate) that included those sweet lederhosen t-shirts, so we brought our stuff over to a dark corner and sat down to get the eating and drinking fest started. But not in silence.


The servers were bringing appetizers around, so I tried some of everything that came my way. I am holding chicken schnitzel that has some sort of deliciously interesting jam on it above, and there were a bunch of other German-inspired foods like mini sausages in a bun and giant pretzels.


I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so salty. I loved it.

Maybe I am oversensitive to this because as soon as there is food somewhere I am on high alert instantly and I pretty much can’t take my eyes off of it (ESPECIALLY if I am hungry), but I notice that the servers often come around to where I’m sitting last, and sometimes there is not even anything left on their platter by the time they make it to me. This makes me sad. This was not the first time I have noticed it happening at an event like this (the same thing happened at the Firkin party), and again, maybe it happens to everyone, but it seems to be an irrational fear of mine. I will see a server carrying a platter of goodness across the room and I will get this almost anxiety feeling that the food is never going to come to me. And then it doesn’t and the fear is realized. It’s just because I don’t want to miss anything delicious! But at the same time I don’t expect the servers to hang around just me and feed me all night…

Luckily the entire pig that was roasting in the middle of the room eased my fears of starving. I took a picture of it, but it’s under a red light which makes it look grotesque, so I will save you from that sight.

That pig was delicious though. They just hack off the pork and put it right on your plate.


Along with some pasta. Filled me right up.

Oh, and there was beer also.


We got two drink tickets, and we could either use them both to fill up the giant mug we got, or use them separately for two pints. We went for the pints so we could try different things (and so our beer wouldn’t be warm when we got to the bottom of the mug). My favourite was the wheat beer, I loved it!

There was a live band playing also, and they were quite groovy.


They played a lot of Mumford & Sons and Lumineers-type beats, and my favourite Radiohead song High and Dry. I liked them, and it was a great atmosphere.

After a while the Bier Markt starting turning into more of a clubby-type party, so we headed out since it was a school night. I remember saying to Evan “What are all these people doing tomorrow? Does no one have to work?!” Ah to live a life of leisure…

It was a good time and I’m glad I was included. It was nice to have an excuse for an evening out during the week.

And of course an excuse to wear lederhosen-themed attire.


I really need a haircut…

And to own those shirts so we can break them out in the future.

So, good times. If you like beer and sausages and pork and pretzels and live in the T-dot, I would suggest heading over to a Bier Markt location before October 22, as that is when this menu ends. And on Sunday nights they’re having a pig roast!

And that is all. Thanks Bier Markt!

Eat All the Food and Drink All the Wine

On Monday evening I was invited to Milestones Empress Walk in Toronto for “an exclusive evening of culinary creations prepared by Milestones’ Executive Chef Jason Rosso.” According to the email I received, Milestones would be serving a six-course tasting menu inspired by their upcoming Summer Chef Menu, and each course was going to be accompanied by a selection of Constellation Brands’ finest wines.

I’m sure you can guess what I said to that invitation. Food + wine? Yes and yes, count me in. I roped my beautiful friend Dawn into joining me for the evening (she didn’t need a lot of convincing).


I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a Milestones. It’s been years for sure. And I didn’t even know what was on their menu, to be honest, so I was excited for some exclusive tasting action.

I was immediately impressed with how professional this event was. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the Chief Operating Officer of Milestones, Montana’s, and Kelsey’s, Mark Findlay, and also Dave Grant, Strategic Account Manager at Constellation Brands (producers of wine. Wiiiine). Usually when I am invited to events like this it is run by a PR company, so I mainly interact with them. There may be a representative from the actual company in attendance, but the COO? Well now, that is just impressive. Everyone was very nice, and they seemed to enjoy talking with us and asked us lots of questions.

All was going well until one of them asked me what my favourite restaurant was.


I just didn’t know what to say. As I love food so much (I don’t want to call myself a “foodie”), I wanted to seem worldly and cultured and say a trendy place that was well-known without being too popular, you know? But all I could think was chain restaurants, and I didn’t want to name one.

And this was interesting, because one of the reasons for this evening of food was to change our opinion of chain restaurants. There is definitely a bit of a stigma surrounding them, that they may not be as good as independent restaurants. I have been noticing this a lot more lately. When I lived in the suburbs I used to eat at chains all the time, and all my friends did also. But now that I am in the city I am starting to become a little bit of a restaurant snob, and I am not sure why this is happening. Maybe because there are many independent restaurants located close to me? I don’t know.

Anyway, upon our arrival we were immediately set up with two  of Milestones’ new cocktails.


I can’t remember either of their names, but that raspberry one on the left was amazing. Definitely my favourite. The cucumber martini on the right was good also, but Dawnald and I agreed that it was just a little too sweet.

There were also some pretty great appetizers floating around.


Mozzarella Cheese Balls

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a good cheese ball, and those did not disappoint. Dawn and I both ate four of them.

And then we were all ushered upstairs for dinner.

I originally expected to be sitting with only Dawn and enjoying a romantic dinner for two, but this was not the case. There were about 20 people in attendance, and we all sat together at one long table. Just an intimate dinner with people who are way more important than me. No big deal. I am really not sure how I got invited to this event (wait, yes I am, ahem Stephanie Fusco, you cheeky minx), because I certainly am not that important.

Dawn and I were sitting with a handful of chefs. Real chefs, who actually cook for a living. I am in serious awe of them. Like Rossy Earle, who coincidentally is the chef at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre, which I visited in January. We talked about how hilarious Prince Charmin is. And Joshna Maharaj, who is probably the biggest celebrity chef I’ve ever met.

Someone asked me if I was a chef.


No no friends. I just like to eat. I could never be a chef, because you’re never home for dinner! That is very important to me.

So let’s talk about the Milestones Summer Chef’s Menu samples.


Extensive, and amazing sounding. But the funniest thing about this photo is my place card, Lindsey Evanhoff. That is not my name. It’s just Evanoff. No H. But this was exceptionally funny to me because at my previous job one of my coworkers thought my last name was spelled “Evanhoff” for four months. When she called me that in emails I thought she was joking, until she wrote “Evanhoff” on my birthday card and I realized she really thought that was my last name.

david_hasselhoff copy

Just Evanoff. But I do understand how it could be confused, so no worries.

Anyway, moving along. Check out this food. It was AMAZING.


Crispy quinoa shrimp with chimmi churri aioli and vegetable slaw


Panko blue crab cakes with fennel and arugula salad


Spicy Thai basil stir fry


Grilled Japanese tuna Tutaki with asparagus and fennel slaw


“Surf and turf” – grilled flat iron and lobster fricassee


Avocado and lime tart

Six courses in total. I really need to say that everything was fantastic. Everything. Honestly. Best meal I have had in a long time. I cleaned every single plate and it was so good I probably could have eaten more, even though I was dying of fullness. I truly would order any one of those dishes, and they were all even better than I was expecting. Chef Rosso and friends do not mess around.

My favourites were probably the stir fry, because it tasted like curry, and the tuna Tutaki. Sweet baby cheeses and all things holy and delicious, that tuna… Dawn was studying the menu before everything came out and she mentioned to me she probably wasn’t going to be a fan of the tuna, and then it ended up being her favourite. It was so good.

Also surprisingly good was the avocado and lime tart. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about that but I loved it. It tasted like a lime meringue pie to me.

Dawn and I were so impressed with everything that obviously we had to pay our compliments to the chef.


Excellent job Chef Rosso. If you would like to move in with me and be my personal chef I would be very okay with that. I think I could eat that stir fry every day of my life. But I’ll allow you to cook me new things also. I’m not picky.

Oh, and the wine! I can’t forget to mention the wine. There was so much of it!


I can’t remember all the selections, but each dish was perfectly paired with a glass of wine ranging from pinot grigio, to pinot noir, to sparkling wine, to ice wine. I am not a huge wine connoisseur, but I do love it. They all tasted great to me, though red is always my favourite.

I eventually arrived home after our night of gourmet eating and face-planted onto my bed, unbelievably full and a little bit drunk. Milestones, I don’t know what I thought of you before, but I’ll tell you what I think of you now. You are delicious. I like you, and I like you a lot. I am coming back and I am eating all the things and I am telling all my friends. Thank you so much for having me! You have definitely changed my opinion of chains in general.

In other news, though kind of related, the subway stop where this Milestones is located is THE subway stop where Dawn and I had our unfortunate accident 15 years ago. Perhaps you will recognize these doors. They are the ones we got stuck in.


I drew them, though my memory was off slightly.

Subway Subway6

Ah, memories. If you don’t know that story you can read it here.

Eat all the Froyo

Last night I was invited to the Liberty Village Yogurty’s for a little froyo patio party to celebrate some new frozen yogurt flavours, and also their free wifi.

I never realized how grateful I was for free wifi until I was traveling and couldn’t use my phone otherwise, so this is a very handy thing. So if you are visiting Canada, hit up Yogurty’s. Frozen yogurt AND free wifi? Wins all around.

Anyway, I was told I could bring a friend, and since Evan has never tried froyo like this before, he was my friend of choice. I knew he would appreciate.


Evan really loved Froyo the Bear.

This was my second Yogurty’s event. Last year I went to a similar thing around this time with my friend Lisa, and I had the best time ever.


Since Yogurty’s is a client of Lisa’s PR agency, rock-it promotions, she was in attendance once again.


And I haven’t seen her in a while so it was great to catch up with her.

I wasn’t quite as excited this time around, and only because I am no longer a stranger to froyo. Last year was my first frozen yogurt bar experience and I remember being blown away by the selection of flavours and toppings. And the fact that we were allowed to have ALL OF THEM. I couldn’t get over that. I went absolutely crazy and my froyo to toppings ratio was probably 50-50.

So this time I knew what to expect. I was still pumped though.


And this Yogurty’s did have a great selection of both flavours and toppings.


And I could kind of relive my first Yogurty’s experience through Evan, because I noticed he was a lot like me. He seemed pretty overwhelmed by all the toppings and kept exclaiming “cheesecake?!”, “cashews?!”, “chocolate MALT BALLS?!” It made me laugh. I could totally relate.

But I have learned my lesson since last year. Don’t go crazy with the toppings. This is very hard for me because I just want to try everything and load them all on there, especially if they are free. But typically I prefer my ice cream/froyo to be light on the toppings for an optimal smooth and creamy experience.

So, in order to maximize my flavours and toppings I made myself two cups.

My first was the chocolately cup, and included Belgian hot chocolate, peanut butter, and salted caramel popcorn froyo flavours, and brownies, cookie dough and Skor pieces for the toppings.


Ridiculous. It was so good.

My second was the fruity cup, which included mango, strawberry fields, and raspberry chocolate cupcake froyo, and then pineapple, mango, strawberries, mango balls and gummy bears as toppings.


Both were delicious, but if I had to pick a favourite I think it would be the chocolatey one. Usually I don’t even bother with fruit stuff because I am chocolate all the way, but I decided to switch it up.

It was a very good time, and my love for froyo lives on. Thanks for having us Yogurty’s! I will be seeing you again very soon.

Chobani Workout Parfait Party

Tuesday evening I was invited to a blogger bootcamp thing at BarreWorks downtown, hosted by my favourite Greek yogurt company Chobani.

And I am not just saying Chobani is my favourite because they invite me to fun events, actually talk to me, feed me, and give me free stuff (like those sensual workout shirts). Wait, yes I am. That is basically the way to my heart. How could I not love them? I think companies need to take note here, because Chobani does the social stuff extremely well, and I believe that is why they are so incredibly successful. Well, and they really do have great yogurt, which is of course helpful.

But seriously, I really appreciate that even though Chobani is an American company, they make an effort to include us Canadian bloggers. We usually get shafted on things like this, so it’s refreshing.

Anyway, I met up with my bloggy pal Stephanie on the subway so we could go over there together. We originally met at the last Chobani Toronto blogger party in June.

We had been blog/Twitter stalking eachother for a long time before that though. I wasn’t sure who was going to be there, so I was excited to arrive with someone I knew.

We know eachother even better now, as we had quite a bonding experience on the way to Barre Works. I was perfectly on time to meet Steph, and I was late for the last Chobani blogger party because I had trouble finding the restaurant, so I was excited to actually be on time for this.

Too bad we walked for 25 minutes in the wrong direction. Neither of us had been there before so we didn’t know where it was, and when we got off the streetcar we walked for about 15 minutes down Queen street. The wrong way. I don’t even know how that happened. I am not the most directions savvy, I will admit, but I had my trusty iPhone (I would never find anything without it) and it has never let me down. But alas, it did. Once we realized we were going the total wrong way, we turned around and started speedwalking back where we came from. And then again, I don’t know what happened, but my silly iPhone AGAIN gave me the wrong location, so somehow we walked about another 10 minutes PAST BarreWorks. Totally missed it.

So, late again. We arrived at BarreWorks technically about 25 minutes late, but only five minutes after the warmup started. It was alright though. We had just been practically running, so we were pretty warm. And I was already sweaty.

Chobani’s instructor Tiffany led us through a pretty intense bootcamp workout. And I do mean intense. Intense as in zero breaks. One thing after another; squats, pushups, burpees, crunches, and exercises I have definitely never even done before. All with balls and bands.

And of course incorporating the bar.

I love that Chobani has hired a workout instructor for their employees. I work in a building full of sports organizations and we don’t even do that. Well, we did have office yoga, but we organized that ourselves.

The workout was super intense and I was extremely sore afterwards. My legs were especially dying. It’s two days later and stairs are still a bit iffy. Tiffany was no joke. Steph even said that she just finished eight weeks of bootcamp and it was nothing like this. I liked it though, the hour flew by and I desperately needed an ass-kicking after all the ridiculous things I have been eating lately.

After our sweat session, Chobani had the perfect post-workout snack waiting for us…

Ah, that beautiful Chobani parfait bar.

I packed my jar with as much deliciousness as I could. I don’t think I could have squeezed any more in it…

And then I went back and did it again. And I took a third jar home with me for breakfast the next morning…

You see?! You see why Chobani is my favourite? Chobani yogurt also has double the protein of regular yogurt, is fat free, and made with all-natural ingredients. So I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about my three jars. Not even about all the toasted walnuts, chocolate chips and dulce de leche I jammed in there.

The event was also catered by The Food Dudes who made some pretty delicious appetizers for us that were Chobani-inspired.

I don’t even know what that is, but there is Chobani in the crust, and it was really, really good.

Two other Toronto bloggers who I originally met at our first Chobani party were also in attendance, Morgan from Life After Bagels and Gillian from Battle of the Bites. Steph and I had fun re-meeting and catching up with them.

The four of us closed the place down!

I also had a really good time talking with the cheeky minx Lindsay from Chobani, and the girls from High Road Communications. I love being included in things like this. Thank you to all of you for having me, I had such a great time! Please come back to Toronto!

Nothing But Good (and new friends) #ChobaniTO

Goooood morning!

I am in an exceptionally fab mood today. I feel giddy with excitement! First of all, my work has been trending on Twitter in Canada all morning, and if you are familiar with Twitter you know that is a BIG. DEAL. (well I think it is…it is, right?) I run my organization’s Twitter page so I feel so unbelievably proud. Though it probably has nothing to do with me, and more to do with the 16 championships we are running this week… Still though, I feel like a proud parent!

And the second reason for my fabbest of the fab mood today would be because of the amazing time I had last night eating my face off with a bunch of fellow bloggers. I was invited to a blogger party at the Fifth Grill in Toronto, hosted by the awesome girls at Chobani!

It’s true, we love the Cho.

You guys probably already know I love Chobani Greek yogurt. I have raved on about it before, and how excited I was when it FINALLY came to Canada after seeing it on American blogs all the time.

I was pumped for this event, but I had no idea what to expect. Unlike the Yogurty’s and Jamba Juice party last week, I knew no one in attendance. I showed up alone (alone and wet, it was raining), and I had no partner in crime. I felt very shy at first, and started to prepare myself for awkwardly inserting myself into conversations that were already going on.

But almost immediately I found Steph, who I feel like I already know, as we are Twitter friends and fellow blog stalkers. This is amazing to me because basically you are just instantly friends. It is funny to know someone without actually knowing them, but I immediately felt at ease and ready to confidently get my eat on.

The restaurant was awesome and served a ton of Chobani-inspired appetizers. Each app had Chobani incorporated into it somehow, and ALL of them were delicious. All of them. And you better believe I made a point to try everything (…several times).

There were some other things, but those were the highlights for me. I never wanted to stop eating. And I definitely took away tons of ideas of how to use the delicious Chob in the future.

And, oh my sweet baby cheeses, there was a make-your-own Chobani parfait bar for dessert.

I am a sucker for make-your-own anything, because it gives me the chance to LOAD UP, which I definitely did.

Twice actually, because the Chobani crew is amazing and a half and provided lids for those cute little Mason jars, so we could take our parfaits home! I ate my second one this morning for breakfast. Beauty.

It needs to be noted that I did not once feel weird taking pictures of anything. Normally when I am out with people and I snap a pic of my lunch, someone will be like “Um, are you taking a picture of your sandwich?” Yes, what does it look like I’m doing? But everyone was a blogger, so they understand the importance of pictures (no one likes to actually read anything anymore, c’mon). It was camera city!

And not only was everyone cool with taking pictures, everyone wanted in on the pictures!

(Ali, Steph and I)

My friends are pretty cool with my incessant picture-taking, and I actually think they like it, but not as much as these gals did!

(Me, Steph, Stephanie, Siobhan and Britta.

I loved making new blog friends! It was so great to meet so many like-minded, picture-taking freaks. I see more meetups with these girls in the future for sure!

And I need to say that the cheeky American minxes from Chobani, as well as their Canadian PR team, are super awesome. I kind of already guessed this, as Alyssa from Life of bLyss has raved on about their amazingness several times, and she was not wrong. I really enjoyed talking with them. And they liked getting in on the pictures, I’m pretty sure…

(And so does that man in the poster)

Chobani peeps = the three black blazers on the end.

Just such a good time, honestly. Perfect for my first blogger meetup. Thank you so much for having us Chobani! I really do love you!

Oh, also, the Fifth Grill has a really cool freight elevator. Just want to say that.

Right?! For an elevator? Super cool.