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Delicious Things I’ve Eaten Lately

I have been very, very busy with work the past few weeks, and when this happens my blog tends to suffer. I am sorry about that. There are so many things I want to talk about but I am just not making the time to sit down and write, so I don’t know if it will happen. But rest assured I have still been eating delicious things. So, this is totally a filler post, but who doesn’t like to hear about food?

A couple of weeks ago Evan took me out to this Turkish restaurant in Vaughan called Sofra Istanbul. I got the Meat Saute with beef and I was super impressed.


Beef cooked with onions, green pepper, mushrooms, tomato, herbs and spices with tomato sauce, and rice on the side. It was SO GOOD. I don’t know if I have ever had Turkish food before, but I will definitely be having it again. I loved that plate.

A couple of weeks ago I went for a catch-up lunch with my former coworker but forever friend Brian, aka Lord Byron (and he calls me the Princess).


Lord Byron and I at a work event a few years ago

I miss seeing him all the time. Actually, I miss my whole office family very much. We went to a pub near my work called the Pump House Grille that I have been to several times with my current coworkers so I know it’s really good. Their salads in particular are amazing. Huge portions. When I was out with Brian I ordered the grilled chicken taco salad and it did not let me down.

photo (13)

When I broke down the walls of that taco shell it nearly overflowed on my plate. So much salad and it was so good. My only complaint was the salsa. It wasn’t the best, but it got the job done.

My first event last Monday was at the Royal York Hotel downtown Toronto, and leading up to this I had nearly daily conversations with my contact at the hotel. During this time we decided we like each other quite a lot. She is close to my age and we have a lot in common, so whenever I talked to her about event related things we ended up having a grand old time on the phone. I don’t even usually like talking on the phone. Anyway, I was dropping by for a site visit prior to our event and she offered to take me out for lunch at the Royal York restaurant EPIC. I will never, ever say no to a free lunch. Ever. Especially not a fancy lunch.

Not only did she offer to take me out for lunch, but she insisted that we go all out, three course meal it up. If you insist. I started with the Ontario farm fresh salad with goat cheese. My new friend also insisted that I add scallops to the salad because they are very good. I am not one to argue the addition of scallops on anything ever, so I complied.

photo (10)

And I agree, they were VERY good scallops. And that goat cheese was plentiful and delicious. Now that is how you do a goat cheese salad! Take note, Sandals.

For my main I ordered the lobster pasta, because lobster. And because pasta.

photo (11)

Better than I was anticipating. Best pasta I’ve had in recent memory. The chefs there know what they are doing, I tell you what. I think I need to hit up EPIC more often, because it was EPIC. Dessert was epic too. Creme brulee!

photo (12)

Three different kinds. I don’t remember what kinds they were but they were all delicious.

My old work building had a Druxy’s deli downstairs and I used to rave on and on about how much I love their salads. I have really missed not having them so conveniently close to me. Last week I Googled locations near my work and I saw there was one not far away inside a hospital. Not convenient at all, probably the furthest thing from convenient. But I love Druxy’s so damn much that yes I will visit a hospital so that I can go there.


It’s been so long!!! Druxy’s, I love you!

The hospital parking wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be… It is pay parking, but apparently if you are under 10 minutes you can get back out with your ticket without having to pay. So I will be going back. But even though I didn’t have to pay, let it be known that I would pay an extra $3 in parking for a Druxy’s salad.

This Monday I had an event in Vancouver, so I was away Monday and Tuesday. I was in Vancouver for about 24 hours and it was raining so I didn’t even really go outside. But I ate! Ohh I ate. After the event on Monday I roped a few of my coworkers and also a fine young chap from Edmonton with a fantastic mustache who was attending our event, to come out for dinner. We went to the restaurant at the Four Seasons (where we were staying), Yew. I went there last year after an event too, and I can’t remember what I ate but I do remember liking it. This year my coworker Kelly and I split this amazing seafood platter.


The seafood tower for two. Yumfest for days. In that pile of deliciousness is fresh local oysters, crab salad, shrimp, albacore tuna and scallops. Yes yes yes and yes.

The next morning I ordered room service before my flight back to the T dot.


I love a good poached egg.

This has all been going out food, but I have been eating pretty great in as well. Evan has been just killing it in the kitchen lately. Turkey with roasted vegetables.


We are both on a huge roasted vegetable kick right now. It is fall, so tis the season.

And curry.


Evan’s curry is the best. That is lentils, beef curry, two different kinds of mixed pickle chutney, rice and a popadom (this little crusty tortilla thing made from lentil flour).

And pulled pork burritos.

(put pork in crockpot with soup stock, garlic and onion – cook all day, pull the pork, add to burritos and top with rice, cilantro, cheese, squirt of lime juice, salsa. Toast burrito between two pans to make crispy. This seals the wrap so it stays together). I like.

Sandals Bahamas: The Food

Alright, food time! Yeah, I’m really dragging this out. Last Bahamas post and I’m all done. Probably.

It must be said, the food was very good. When I was in Cuba I had this vague not-quite-right feeling every time after I ate, and everything just tasted a bit off from what we gluttonous North Americans are used to. It was fine, but it wasn’t GREAT. But not here. I felt fantastic after eating. On the other hand, the Sandals Royal Bahamian did not have quite as much variety as I experienced in Jamaica, but everything available was delicious. We were not there for very long so I tried to eat as many things as possible so I could report back on my findings.

I found the pizza stand on the beach immediately after we arrived. I went there even before checking out the ocean. I was hangry (but still happy) after our flight.


That did the trick. The pizza was so good! And so many varieties. You could order a whole pizza, or just by the slice. And the handiest thing, they had a little carousal filled with warm pizza slices that was replenished all day long, so it was very convenient to grab some walk-by pizza. I walked by and grabbed pizza several times, every day we were there.

The snack bar was right next to the pizza stand and you could also just run over and get snacks to bring on the beach.


Again, handy-pandy.

Our first evening there we had a big group dinner at the Italian restaurant on the resort called Casanova.


This would be the “kids” table


I loved Casanova. We all thought the food was amazing. They had a nice antipasto and salad bar that I hit up…twice.


I love that sort of thing. And I think everyone at our table ordered the same dish as our main. The steak.


It was amazing. Really, really good. Melt in your mouth. And dessert:


Also amazing, and I was skeptical. Also, for some reason I don’t seem to have the biggest sweet tooth on vacation. I just want salt. And all the meat and all the carbs and all the cheese.

We ate breakfast every morning in the one buffet, and nothing to really report there but they had lot of variety and everything was very good. I did not find long grisly hairs attached to the skin of my bacon, so that’s a win. I cannot say the same thing about the buffet at our resort in Cuba… Also, I highly recommend the omelette station. I had one of the best omelettes of my life on our last day.

Evan and I had a quick lunch in the buffet on day two, and there was a pretty good selection.



Nothing too elaborate, but scalloped potatoes! It’s been so long! Not the best ones I’ve ever eaten, but not too shab-alicious. The chicken cordon bleu though, that was very good.

But no pasta bar! At least there wasn’t on the day that we were there. And on this resort there is actually no dinner buffet, only the a la carte restaurants, so no pasta bar for dinner either. I was very disappointed about this. I really love a good pasta bar.

We ate that before our massage and I didn’t want to eat a ton because I was going to be lying on my stomach while someone vigorously rubbed me for an hour. Being overly full for that did not sound like a good idea.

But I was kind of hungry afterwards, so we had a second lunch later. Or an early dinner. Whichever. We got room service, which is included at Sandals all-inclusive (of course it is).


I had just gotten out of the shower when it arrived so yep, I ate it in my robe. That would be the jerk chicken wrap with plantain chips. Very good. And I loved the mini Heinz bottles. Definition of fancy right there. I wanted to steal them.

That evening we were on our own for dinner, so Evan and I made reservations for the French restaurant, Baccarat. I had read reviews that it was the best restaurant on the resort and it did not disappoint. I started with the escargot.


Escargot, my car go, one sixty, swiftly

I don’t think I have ever had escargot before and I can’t say that I have ever really wanted to either…but when in the Bahamas. I actually really enjoyed those little snails. Or I maybe just enjoyed the garlic butter they were soaking in. Either way, j’adore. Evan got crab cakes and he really liked.


My next course was mushroom soup and it was delicious but did not photograph well. Evan got the seafood bisque and said it was the best seafood bisque he’s ever had.

Next I went for the goat cheese salad, and, I cannot lie, it was a disappointment.


I was under the impression that there would be goat cheese on my goat cheese salad, but the goat cheese was actually spread on the accompanying bun. I don’t know what Baccarat was playing at with that nonsense. More goat cheese less salad next time please.

And for my main I ordered lobster.


Delicious. Just amazing. Could not get enough of that.

I am embarrassed to say that Evan and I were both too full for dessert, or maybe we were just antsy to get out of the restaurant and see everyone, because at that point we had been there for nearly two hours.

We were at the private island around lunchtime the next day, so for lunch we went to Stew Fish, the seafood restaurant.


I started with the conch fritters.


Delicious. So much better than I was expecting. Loved those.

My main was the pulled pork sliders.


Ehh, ees okay. The buns were not the wonderful carby deliciousness that I had been anticipating. Something was weird about them. So it was only fine.

And because we hadn’t actually eaten at the snack bar yet, and it was Evan’s dream, we went over there for a double lunch when we got back to the island.


I liked the salad bar.


Particularly the feta. Makes it betta.

They also have REALLY good chips and salsa in the snack bar. Very good. So we got a pile of those. And for my second lunchtime main of the day, I ordered the grilled cheese.


Pretty much what you would expect in a grilled cheese.

On our last evening together we had a group dinner off the resort. This was actually an accident as we had reservations at the French restaurant again that were dropped at the last minute because a wedding party wanted to have their reception there. Bitches. So took a couple of van cabs to the Poop Deck, an authentic Bahamian seafood restaurant in Nassau.



The Poop Deck was an interesting place. Laid back but also a little fancy.


I am not sure who it was catering to, locals or tourists, because it was very casual, but the prices were quite high (like at least $25 an entree). Our cab driver on the way home was saying that he didn’t think most locals who worked at the casino or were a cab driver, for example, would be able to afford it. I’m sure they get a lot of business from the resorts.


Interesting selection of shots also…


I regret not ordering a Nut Washer.

The Poop Deck definitely had a nautical, ship theme going on (would have been good for Emily’s bachelorette party!) and we all sat on the patio, which was open to the water.



I ordered the Fisherman’s Plate: half a lobster tail, shrimp and grouper, with market vegetables and rice.


It was very good. The lobster wasn’t QUITE as good as what I had on the resort, but still good. And that grouper was amazing.

It was such a fun and hilarious dinner. Actually, our whole trip was fun and hilarious. I really loved our group.

I was so proud of organizing that photo until I realized that two of my closest coworkers were in the bathroom during it.

Anyway, that’s it! I am sure I will have many more eating adventures to tell you about next week because it is THANKSGIVING!!! Have a great long weekend my beautiful fellow Canadians! Eat lots!

Kal Lake Adventuring

Happy Canada Day!!!! Our country is so beautiful.


I hope all you Canadians have the day off and are celebrating Canada’s big day with your family and friends, while eating poutine with bacon and drinking lots of beer. We have some pretty awesome plans on the agenda here and I’m really excited about it.

On Sunday, Eric, Kenya, Evan and I went on a little adventure over to Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, BC (about 45 minutes from Salmon Arm).


Eric and I stumbled across the provincial park when I was here two years ago and we were Googling around for things to do. The lake is clear and turquoise-coloured, and surrounded by mountains. The entire area is absolutely breathtaking.





There are trails all through the hills and the four of us had quite the hiking adventure.


Some of the parts we climbed were extremely steep and it was a serious workout (which was nice ’cause I’ve been eating like a champ).


(I may have slid down this trail…)


But totally worth all the climbing to get to the highest lookout point, which had panaramic mountain views and beautiful blue waters.



After our big hike through the cliffs, we set up shop on the beach for a while.


I had big plans to go swimming but it was really windy and the water was absolutely freezing so I ended up just wading around by the shore. Eric and Kenya braved it though.

I love that place and I think it needs to become a ritual that I go there every time I visit this area.

We also went out for lunch before our big hiking adventure at the Beach Pub right near the lake (Eric and I went here last year also and really liked it). The pub was absolutely jam-packed since we arrived at the same time as an impromptu rain storm, but luckily we were able to get a table. I love pub food and the food was gooood. The four of us started with an artichoke and asiago dip.



And for my main I got the beef dip. I don’t know what it is about the beef dip, but sometimes I see it on the menu and I just can’t stop thinking that I have to have it. Sometimes you just want to dip some beef in au jus.

Also really good.

And on Sunday I saw THREE double rainbows. ALL THE WAY ACROSS. Three of them!


Still kicking myself for not buying a lottery ticket. If I won the lottery here I’m not sure I would come home…



Blogger Brunch for Two

I had a sassy brunch date on Saturday morning with the beautiful Liz from One Twenty Five!


Yes I know we are dressed the same, our jeans were even the same shade of denim, and no we did not plan it. She messaged me just before I arrived and said “Hey, I’m on the patio in bright pink!” (as if I don’t blog stalk her and wouldn’t recognize her), and I thought it was funny because I was also pretty in pink. But then when I saw her and I noticed that we both got the black cardigan + dark denim memo I just stared at her and pointed from her to me several times. We were twinning hardcore.

Anyway, the brunch was awesome. I have been reading Liz’s blog for a while now and we have been trying to meet in person for several months but it just hadn’t happened. We finally planned the meetup for Saturday and I honestly was really looking forward to it. For our first time meeting it was pretty crazy how much we already knew about each other (because blogs), and how much we have in common. She lives right near where I just moved from, we’re in a similar field, the online dating experiences (you may know my experience with online dating was hilarious, and then horrible, but eventually absolutely amazing). And of course we talked about blog stuff. It’s fun talking to another blogger who knows about blog things. I’m not really active in the blogging community so I don’t do that often. I could have stayed there talking all afternoon, and I think I interrupted her a few times because I felt like I had so much to tell her! It was like catching up with an old friend. Really, really nice.

Anyway, Liz took me to Origin at King and Church, which, if you follow Liz, you know is a frequent brunch spot for her. I have been wanting to go there since she started posting about it because her food always looks so amazing. Liz was pretty adamant that we needed to start with the scones, and I think the best way to start anything is with a carb so that was A-okay with me.


They came with yogurt and jam and were seriously so good. I didn’t even think I was a scone person, but if all scones are like those ones yes I am!

In keeping with our twin theme, for our main brunch entree we both ordered the same, the tostada ranchero.


Liz said it was in her opinion the best item on the menu, so I trusted her. Hiding in the above photo is salsa, guacamole, and black beans. It was RIDICULOUS. Seriously so good. When it first arrived at our table I was really worried about how I was going to eat it. I am the least elegant eater, am continually dropping food items on my (and down my) shirt, and I thought as soon as I tried to cut into those tostadas they would just break apart and everything would become a big mess. But I need not worry, all was well. I didn’t have any trouble and I didn’t even spill anything on myself. Still not sure how that happened.

Normally I am a speed eater and basically just shovel everything down, but I was talking so much that I was a little on the slow side for once.

We also scored free blood orange mimosas because Liz is famous.


(picture jacked from Liz’s blog)

The best brunches are the ones that include mimosas.

I really had such a fun time. Our first hangout of very many, for sure! And if you’re in Toronto you gotta go to Origin for brunch. It was fancier than the type of brunch places I frequent (there are few things in life I enjoy more than a greasy spoon), but the prices weren’t too bad and I thought the portion was a decent size. I probably could have gone for potatoes (there are also few things in life I enjoy more than potatoes), but I was fine without them. Though I certainly would not have been complaining had my meal included potatoes…

Anyway, good times!

Unexpected Culinary Adventures at the Flea Market

On Saturday Evan and I were hanging around with not a lot going on, so in the late morning we decided to take a trip over to our good ol’ neighbourhood flea market at Downsview Park (that link has a sweet virtual tour of the flea market).

I haven’t been to a flea market in years and years. Well wait, that’s not true.. Evan and I did go when we were in Florida last year but it was super lame and the only thing I remember them having were T-shirts. More specifically, T-shirts with ironed on patches in random places because the purpose of the patch was probably to cover a hole… It wasn’t the flea market I had been anticipating and I feel like it didn’t count.

Anyway, the Downsview Merchants Market was awesome. It had everything imaginable and also nothing really important, all at the same time. So many treasures. I have been all about Storage Wars lately (YUUUP!) and the antique area reminded me of a storage locker packed with goodies. Really fun browsing around in there. I also really enjoyed the electronics booths because they had things I probably would never think to buy. And the toy booths because they had all kinds of throwback toys.


LOVE Wrinkles! He looks just like the one I used to have! (actually I still have him, but he is naked and missing his bone…)

There is also this game that I really want. It is two separate controllers that you can plug into your TV, and one has hundreds of old school Nintendo games on it, and the other controller has old school Sega Genesis games. Sega Genesis is my FAVE console and I would die if it had Toejam and Earl on it.


best game ever.

I can’t find the controllers by Googling but I did see them recently in this weird random store in this weird random mall near us also, so I have been debating for a few weeks now. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t think the controllers seem to be of the best quality… When Evan was testing it the direction buttons kind of jumped around, and if that happens while I’m playing I’ll be annoyed. Just didn’t feel very legit. I’m regretting not getting it though, so we’ll see.

Seriously digressing over here, so back to the flea market.

In a surprise twist, the flea market also had live lizards.



And books! So many books!


I spent the longest in that booth. I really miss working in a book store and being surrounded by books. It was such a dream job and I am so out of the book loop these days. I might go back to that booth one day and take a more serious look, but the only book I bought was The Glass Castle. I have read it about four times but I love it so much and I lent my copy out to someone and never got it back. I don’t even remember who it was so I can’t even ask them for it.

The highlight of the flea market was definitely the food court though.


It was not your typical food court. It was like an international food festival! I saw authentic Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Afghan, Caribbean, Jamaican, and Dominican Republic food stalls. I’m probably missing some. And typically the food booths had two older ladies and a stove, making their authentic dishes on the spot. No McDonalds in here.

We first went to the Trinidad and Tobago stall and got doubles.


Not photogenic, but very delicious

Lucky I had Evan with me, since he lived in Trinidad and is very doubles savvy. I had never even heard of them. He said in Trinidad when you come out of the bar in the early hours in the morning, vendors are set up outside with doubles. Just like sausage vendors here. It is a sandwich made with two pieces of fried bread called bara (it reminded me a little bit of naan bread, it had that stretchiness to it) and filled with channa (chick peas). You can put other toppings in the sandwich like sweet and spicy mango and various chutneys. They were delicious and I could definitely see myself packing away one of those at 2am after a night out. They also had shark and bake which really intrigued me… Next time, apparently it’s a must try (says Evan).

For my actual meal I popped over to the Philippines booth because I don’t know if I have ever tried authentic Filipino food


I feel like the lady who was working there became my new best friend in the five minutes or so that I talked to her. She told me all about her dishes. I could not understand everything she said, but when I pointed to two and asked what they were I heard pork in there so I decided to go with that. She also asked me if I wanted to try the chicken soup she was making and that was a big yes over here.


Ground pork adobo and some other noodley dish with pork

Really good. The pork adobo especially.

Evan headed over to the Jamaican booth and ordered salt fish with festivals (fried dumplings), fried plantains, and avocado.

I tried everything on his plate and loved it all. I think we are going to have to stop at the flea market for lunch more often. I had no idea of the culinary adventure that awaited us.

We went to the farmers market there also and picked up a TON of fresh produce, and also these fancy tarts from an English bakery booth.


And then we came home and napped with the Winster.


Such a sasspot she is. I just love her little feets. (PS I clipped her nails after I saw this picture as they are a little out of control…)

And then we made dinner together – pork tenderloin, rice and Evan’s fantasic beans, and green salad with avocado and oil and balsamic vinegar.


Pretty good low-key Saturday. And if you’re ever in the Downsview area, check out that flea market!

Dining in the Dark (O.Noir Review)

On Sunday evening, Evan and I had a double date with our good friends Emily and Corey.


That is two separate pictures next to each other, to clarify. Also, the one of Emily and Corey on the left was taken with Cork’s iPhone 5s and the one on the right was taken with my old but trusty iPhone 4, so just some comparison for ya.

It was Emily who suggested O.Noir aka dining in the dark (at Church and Wellesley) and I seemed to recall hearing of it before but not really paying attention, so if you are new to the concept like I was I will tell you, you dine in the DARK. Not just with the lights off, I mean totally, 100%, black out dark. Zero light whatsoever.


The restaurant is in a windowless basement, and promised to be a sensual dining experience. Since you can’t see, your other senses (importantly TASE!) are heightened.

I was reading reviews before we arrived at the restaurant and many people were saying that dining in the dark was a life changing experience. Also, and this is something I really like, the entire waitstaff actually is legally blind.


When you walk into the restaurant at first, you enter the bar area, and while it is dim, it is not yet dark. You place your order in the light when you can actually see the menu. The four of us all got the prix fixe menu which included a starter, entree and dessert for $39.95.


Emily, Corey and Evan all ordered the filet mignon for their entree, but I decided to live dangerously and order the surprise entree. I figured that I like pretty much everything and I don’t have any allergies, so why not. As long as they didn’t bring me a steaming pile of crap I figured I’d be fine (though I might not even know what it was…) I also told the servers that I would not be unhappy if my entree wasn’t fish. I like fish, but I don’t think I like surprise fish. I certainly don’t like surprise fish when I am hoping my surprise is not going to be fish (it wasn’t fish).

We were instructed to turn our phones completely off, get rid of any watches that held light, and to ditch our glow sticks before entering the dining area. Alright just kidding about the glow sticks, but we did laugh later at the idea of someone bringing glow sticks in there and how big of a jerk move that would be.

To get into the dark dining room we had to follow our server (whose name was Tracey) single file while holding onto the left shoulder of the person in front of us. I held onto Tracey, Evan held onto me, Emily onto Evan, Corey onto Emily. It was like a blind, ridiculously slow and shuffley conga line. You actually enter another black room before the BLACK room so that the door to the main part of the restaurant can shut before you open the door to the BLACK room. They are really serious about not letting any light in.

Shortly after we entered into the pitch black we had some minor trouble in paradise… Emily is pretty claustrophobic and is not a fan of tight spaces, so as she entered the darkness a feeling of panic came over her and she immediately noped back out of there without us.


I didn’t know what happened since I was at the front of the conga line, but Evan just said “We lost Emily…” so we conga’d back out and found her in the bar.

I guess pitch black can trigger an almost panic attack because you really cannot see your surroundings at all. I don’t know how to explain it, but I even had a feeling of anxiety for the first few minutes, and that sort of thing does not usually bother me. I thought of Emily when I was first reading reviews about this place, but I thought since she suggested it she would be A-okay. She was A-okay though. Back in the bar she was all “I’m fine! You guys go ahead without me! I’ll just go find some street meat or something,” but obviously we were not going to leave her behind. With the help of Tracey we ended up convincing her to come back, and Tracey brought her in separately one-on-one after she got the rest of us seated. Once Emily was sitting down at the table with us she said she felt more comfortable. She also said she kept her eyes closed most of the time and that really helped. It didn’t really matter anyway since it looked the same in there whether your eyes were open or closed.

You literally could not see your hand in front of your face. Evan was seated right beside me and I could not even make out his outline. It was just black. I could hear everyone’s conversations clearly from across the restaurant, like they were right next to me, like my other senses really were heightened! We had a lot of “Corey, stop touching me under the table!” (from Evan), etc. as we were getting settled.

We used the time before our drinks and food came to familiarize ourselves with the table and where everything was. I was really concerned with knocking over my drink (since that is something I would do in a completely lit restaurant), but our table was HUGE so I set up a little drink area to the left of me and I never knocked it.

I think the trickiest part was buttering my bread. I couldn’t see the butter, I couldn’t tell if it was on my knife, and then I couldn’t see the bread I was trying to butter. Not easy, but I got ‘er done. For my starter I ordered the roasted red peppers and seasonal vegetables with goat cheese (because GOAT CHEESE), and it was seriously delicious. I have no idea how much was on my plate, but I was able to get it all into my mouth. This is no easy task when you can’t see what you’re doing. I would go to stab a vegetable on my fork and come back with nothing. Getting the food to my mouth once it was on my fork was no problem at all though, I always knew where my mouth was, so eventually I started manually putting the vegetables onto my fork with my other hand. And sometimes I just ate directly with my fingers. What, no one could see me! Tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing.

When my surprise entree came, it looked like this.


So that looked promising. But…it was really good! I figured out the green beans, cherry tomatoes and quinoa on my plate, and I was 100% positive the meat I was eating was steak. I was sure it was steak. Would have bet my life I was eating steak. But when Tracey came over and asked me what I thought I was eating and I said steak she said “NOPE!” I honestly had no other guesses. Evan tried it and also said steak. But apparently it was pork. It was really good pork I guess, since I thought for sure I was eating high quality steak. I again cleaned my entire plate (and I was really tempted to lick my plate since no one could see me). I should mention they pre-cut the meat for you like you’re a toddler so you don’t have to struggle with a crazy steak knife and cut your fingers off. No bones to worry about either.

I asked Evan if I could try a piece of his filet mignon, and that went like this:

Evan – Sure, I’ll put a piece on my fork for you.
Me – Thanks… (takes fork from him, eats bite) I think that was a potato.
Evan – Oh sorry, here.
Me – Thanks… (takes fork, eats bite) That was a green bean.
Evan – Oh sorry, here.
Me – (takes fork, eats bite)

Evan – Oh sorry…

But no one could tell if I was stealing food from their plates!

I ordered the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert and it was DELICIOUS, but tricky to eat as well. I wanted to get a good cake to ice cream ratio on each spoonful and that was really difficult to do. I again had to use my fingers to just feel around and make sure my cake and ice cream were making it onto my spoon okay. My hands were clean I promise… but when I got out of there my fingers were all chocolatey.

Everyone else got the surprise dessert and it was different types of cheesecake. They all said those were good.

I really think they need to invest in some infrared video cameras in the dark dining room because I’m sure people just look hilarious trying to eat while not being able to see. I think I was sitting there the whole time with a crazy-eyed expression because I thought if my eyes were open wide enough I would be able to see some sort of light. Alas, no.

After about two hours in the dark, we again followed Tracey in a weird, slow conga line back out into the main restaurant.

This was definitely an experience I won’t forget! These dark dining restaurants seem to be in every large city, so I would definitely recommend checking one out if it’s near you. I’m not sure if I would go again for a while, but it’s a different thing to do at least once.