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Labour Day Lake Weekend

My very bestest buddy Lisa is currently visiting from Calgary so I was very lucky to be able to spend the majority of Labour Day weekend with her at her parents lake house.


Yes, we have Labour Day in Canada, it is not only for Americans. But yes, we spell it Labour, with a U.

I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather been.


Beauty, beauty. Lisa’s good friend Corina was with us as well, who I also know pretty well as she was Lisa’s roomie in university and I spent a LOT of party nights at their place. Their uni house will always hold a special place in my heart. Ah the good ol’ days.


The last time the three of us were together…almost two years ago!


And this time.

Friday evening was pretty low key. We just went swimming, did some hot tubbing, and around 8:30 convinced Lisa’s dad to drive us to a Salvation Army sale that was happening (we could not drive ourselves as we had been drinking in the hot tub). Browsing around was pretty fun, but the sale turned out to be kind of a bust EXCEPT for this pretty sweet game Corina picked up.


It is called Personal Preference and it is definitely from the 80s. Some of the people in the People category we had to Google because we didn’t know who they were, but it is definitely a good time. Basically you pick four cards in different categories and rank them secretly according to your personal preference. The other players then bet on the order of your preference. Corina already owns it but she has played it so many times with her friends she grabbed it in case one of them wanted it. She said she had been looking online and saw it for about $60 but at the Salvation Army she scored it for $1.99. Pretty sweet deal. It provided hours of entertainment.

Because of our late night trip we didn’t eat dinner until about 9:30pm, but we ate outside with Lisa’s parents (who I like to consider my second parents) and it was romantic.


I didn’t take a picture of what we ate so I already forget. See, this is why I like a record of these things. But on Saturday morning we woke up to a famous Lisa’s dad’s (or Daddy Brook) breakfast.


Waffles and peameal bacon. Yes and yes.

We leisured around for a bit until this guy arrived.


Good thing too, because when I jumped in the lake the day before in my life jacket diaper I was wearing my sunglasses and they promptly fell off and sunk to the bottom of the lake. Not really a big deal, but they are prescription from Zenni and I like being able to see. Evan brought me an extra pair AND he brought goggles and went down and retrieved my lost ones as soon as he got there. That was very nice.

Life jacket diaper picture, for your reference.


Evan brought Bolt along with him, and he immediately got settled into leisuring as well.



Lisa’s parents have a little dog named Roxy, and Bolt has not always been great with other dogs (mainly ones that are bigger than him though) so I worried about how they were going to get along. But after a little first meeting tiff they were best friends. They immediately found a common interest in chasing squirrels and were good with each other for the rest of the weekend.



They were so cute together.

We spent the afternoon swimming and hanging around on the dock.



And eating.


Lisa’s mom always has the BEST hotdog and hamburger relishes. 

In the late afternoon, Lisa’s parents took us all on a boat ride.


I’ve never seen Bolt in a boat before so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react, but he was great.


He had just gotten splashed here and did not really know what to think of that…


Much boat ride, so happy.

I loved the boat ride. Lisa’s dad took us all through the locks/channels in the area.


My favourite was looking at all the lake houses and deciding which one I would like to live in one day. Perhaps this blue one.


The crazy thing about that blue house is that is the guest house. The actual house is even bigger behind it. But I’d seriously live in a shack if it was on a lake. A tent even.

The entire area is beautiful. All the rocks make me happy.




This was our favourite dog that we saw…


Can you spot him perched on the end of that makeshift diving board?


So majestic.

Our ride was about an hour and took us over to the falls and back.



Lots of time for doggy snuggles.


Bolt is so snuggly. He likes to snuggle even more than Winnie, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. She lives for snuggling.

And then we got back and I promptly split my pants…


They were wet from my bathing suit and the seams did not like that. They’re my favourite cottage pants!!! Sad day.

We had a nice family dinner together.


We spent more time in the hot tub…


And we played that Personal Preference game into the evening. Evan was making Lisa, Corina and I die of laughter. I don’t even know what he was doing, but I have said before that I just look at his facial expressions and it makes me laugh hard and I think that’s what was happening.

It was a dream day.

I think Sunday might have been Evan’s dream day though because he got to go sailing with the boys.


He was pretty excited about that. We girls stayed back and had reading time. And I was pretty excited about THAT. I love my reading time. Every time Lisa and I are together we end up having reading time. We always have. I’d say the only difference in our reading time now and 20 years ago is our choices, but Lisa was re-reading Remember Me by Christopher Pike so it would appear that nothing has actually changed. I remember loving that book so much. I am going to have to re-read it.

Picture of Bolt and Lisa’s mom just because:


And we had another amazing lunch.


And then, sadly, it was time for Evan and I to hit the road.

On Sunday night, Lisa and I met up with the girls at my friend Dawn’s. Baby Scarlett slow danced with Donatello.


And we spent some time catching up in the pool.


It was really nice to have a low key night in with the ladies.

Perfect last weekend of summer. Just what I would have wanted to do.


Nanny’s Annual Elvis BBQ

Last Wednesday evening was the annual family appreciation barbecue at my Nana’s nursing home. Long time readers of my blog may remember this in previous years because the highlight of the barbecue is an Elvis tribute artist. He is not easily forgettable.

I have attended for the past five years or so and Elvis has been the same guy each year.


He is pretty awesome. He is very good at getting the crowd excited. Last year was a particularly good time.

Anyway, after work on Wednesday, Evan and I made the trip up to the nursing home and found my excited little (100-year-old!) Nana camped out outside. She went down to the yard super early so she could score a prime location for our group. She doesn’t mess around. She snagged us the best seats in the house.


Oh she is just so cute. She is still so chipper and spry. I think the Elvis barbecue might be the highlight of her year. Actually, I think it might be mine (EDIT: I was just reading my post about Elvis last year and I used the same line, embarrassingly… I am going to have to pick up the originality over here).

While we waited for Elvis to start his hilarious show, we did the barbecue thing…


Same as usual, and pretty good. One thing my Nana has definitely not lost in her old age is her appetite. She ate half a hamburger, an entire hotdog, and both kinds of salad. Plus a big piece of cake. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I know where I get my appetite from.


This gal right here.

My family had a lot going on last week and unfortunately couldn’t make it to the party, but my Auntie Nancy’s childhood best friend Joanne and her husband Harry were in attendance.


It was their first time coming to the Elvis party and I think they really enjoyed themselves. And I’ll tell you one thing about Harry…he’s a troublemaker. Just a jokester. They were very entertaining.

We ate and chatted and caught up for a bit, and then it was Elvis time. He made a beeline towards my Nana.


Look at my Nana just clutching his hand with her sassy pink nails. Seeing her so happy just makes my heart want to explode. When Elvis first came out and was just talking she said to us “He doesn’t sound like Elvis!” but then he started singing and you know what, he actually does. He does a very good Elvis. And he’s quite the entertainer, doing the ol’ “what’s your room number, baby?” to all the old ladies, and I think an old man. Once he started doing his thing my Nana warmed up to him.


She may have been in awe of him.

Evan too.


Look how close they are in this picture.


I’d say Elvis is Evan’s new best friend.

It was kind of cold outside so Elvis came over to the Nana and was all “Are you cold, baby? Do you need me to take you to your room to warm you up?”


That scandalous Elvis.


Nana’s all, no thanks I’m good.

And even Harry got in on the Elvis action.


Elvis thought Joanne was my mom, so when he discovered she wasn’t he was all “Well who’s the mom here?” and Harry immediately said “I AM!” which made me laugh a lot harder than I would have expected. Harry’s cheesy humour just slays me.

Also during the Elvis barbecue, the staff at my Nana’s nursing home took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge, as they were all nominated by another nursing home.

They are clearly enjoying that.

So it was once again a fantastic Elvis time.


And Evan and I are once again thinking what we sort of events we have coming up that we could possibly book Elvis for. As we were leaving I told Elvis that we liked him and he was a good time and then I asked “Hey, do you want to come to our cottage and perform for us?” and he said that sounded like fun, so that could be an option… I am just sad we didn’t think of booking Elvis as a surprise for Brotherman’s wedding. Now THAT would have been a party.

Bruce Peninsula: Indian Head Cove and Grotto

As mentioned yesterday, the main reason Cyprus Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park stands out is because this:


Indian Head Cove on the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay, is only a 25 minute hike from your campsite. It’s right along the Bruce Trail so if you’re not a camper you can hike in from another route, or you can just get a day pass for the campground and park at the head of trails and hike in. It is beautiful and I really do not know anywhere else like it. It doesn’t look like Ontario, or even Canada. It looks like the Caribbean.


The water is so turquoise and deep and clear that this area is actually the scuba diving capital of Canada.


If you’re swimming with a mask on sometimes if you look down you can see scuba divers 25 feet below you along the bottom.

The water is not warm like the Caribbean though…it is frigid. It is ridiculously cold. It is the kind of cold that your body never really gets used to, you just get numb. It is the kind of cold that shocks your system when you jump in and makes your skin feel like it might burn off your body. It is cold like if you were to fill your bathtub with only cold water and then got in. I am not exaggerating, that is how cold it is. Everyone should just skip the ice bucket challenge and jump in this water instead. Like we did.


We are dying. But you have to suck it up and get in because if you don’t you will seriously regret it. It is the most refreshing water I’ve ever experienced. If you have a hangover all you need to do is jump in this water and it is like everything that happened the night before is erased. And when you get out your skin is cool to the touch for the rest of the day. It’s like swimming in bottled water. I love it. I absolutely love it there.




This area used to be a hidden gem, but it has definitely gotten a lot more busy in recent years. When I went when I was 13 with my bestie we were the only ones I saw swimming, and we were celebrities around the campground because of it. People kept asking us if we had warmed up yet. Now though, they have made the trail leading to this beautiful place a lot more accessible so therefore more people can get there. And a lot more people seem to be open to swimming there. Not such a hidden gem anymore, but it’s still awesome.

There are huge cliffs and little nooks and crannies everywhere, and if you walk a ways from the beach there is a little water cave that is open from the top.



I think you can only access the inside from the water though. It would be difficult to climb down into there. But if you walk a bit further you come to the main attraction: the grotto. This is the view from the top of the grotto.


It’s ridiculous!


The best way to get to the grotto is to swim there from the beach, but it was just a bit too cold for that. So the other way is to climb down. You can either scale a pretty serious cliff face (the rock is easy to grab onto though, so it’s not too bad), or you can do what I personally think is the easiest way. You do a little spelunking.


You climb down through that hole. It’s quite narrow. But Evan is over 6 feet and Ian is like 6’4″, and they both made it through. I was actually more worried about Dorothy, ’cause she is just a tiny minx and you really need to stretch your legs out to feel around for where you can put your feet down. As is custom for when Evan and I are doing this sort of thing, Evan goes first (;


I promise it is NOT as bad as it looks. Once you get your body through the hole it opens up immediately.



But you are not out of the woods just yet… It requires a bit more climbing down through the rock to the grotto area.



But again you gotta suck it up and do it because if you don’t you will regret it. This is what awaits you when you finish your descent:


The grotto (you can read more about it there), an underwater cave.

Inside the grotto is the same cool, clear, deep, turquoise water…


And there is an underwater tunnel that leads to the outside of the cliffs, which lets sunlight in through the water and creates this mystical feel…


We had our masks with us so we swam down to the tunnel opening…


It is further down than it looks. You can swim through it and apparently it takes about 30 seconds to get to the other side, but I have never done it. I think I’d want fins. But also, the water is so freezing that I can’t be sure that I wouldn’t panic. The tunnel is also not straight either and has an upward curve to it, so you’d have to make sure you cleared that. A guy swam through it while we were there and reported back to us and said it was awesome, and I have to admit I was tempted. One day I will do it! But on this day we were fine just looking at it.


I would say it’s at least 30 feet deep in there, and you can jump off the ledges on the side. Or you can just sit on them and have a beer as we did.


We brought our cans back with us, don’t worry. No littering. And this would be a beautiful photo if my waterproof camera didn’t have a fail moment…

And the view from our perch:

And from the mouth of the cave:


To get out of the grotto it’s pretty much impossible to go back to way you came, unless you have incredible upper body strength and can pull yourself out of that hole (I am weak and probably cannot do that). So the easiest way is to climb up the cliff.


Again, there are many foot steps and hand holds so it’s not too bad. But I did feel like I was legit rock climbing!

The trail continues along the shore to a lot of other cool rock places, but the grotto is definitely the highlight of the area. Ontarians, this is ours to discover! If you haven’t been there before, go!!! It is amazing.

Cyprus Lake Camping

Hello from the land of sporadic blogging! Oh, what else is new, eh? I am always a sporadic blogger. I honestly do have intentions to write every day (well, just weekdays, let’s not get too excited) but in the summer things are so crazy I just have too much to talk about and I can’t get it out fast enough. And then the winter is the opposite. I tend to hibernate a bit and the adventures are fewer and further between. And adventures, of course, are my favourite things to talk about (food is second, love is probably third).

So, moving on to the adventures. This weekend we went camping! And not just any old camping, we went to my favourite place in Ontario: Bruce Peninsula National Park (click on that link if you want to see how crazy beautiful it is there).

My parents took my Bestie Lisa and I (and my baby brother Eric) when I was 13 and we had such a great time that the entire experience has really stuck with me. I have been a handful of times since. For a while I was trying to go every year. I love camping, consider myself a pretty seasoned camper, and I have been to many parks in Ontario, but Bruce Peninsula is my favourite. The campsites are spacious and (mostly) private, the trails are plentiful and woodsy and beautiful, Cyprus Lake (where the campground is located) is pretty, calm, and has a great beach…but you can say that about many campgrounds. What Bruce Peninsula has that other places don’t is the clear, deep, and turquoise (and FRIGID) waters of Georgian Bay, rock cliffs, rock beaches, and a natural grotto.


It’s truly a natural phenomenon. But more on the rocks/cliffs/grotto adventure later, let’s talk about the camping stuff first.

Evan and I went on this trip with our friends Dorothy and Ian.


And Bolt, who was a DREAM camp dog. He was so well behaved while also being so entertaining and hilarious that he kind of blew us all away. He can come camping with us any time!

On Friday we packed up Evan’s truck and hit the road. It is nearly a four hour drive but it went by surprisingly fast and we made it to our campsite by the early afternoon. Here it is in all its glory.


Not too shabby at all. And it is car camping so our car is on site with us, which is handy and a half. We quickly got to work setting up shop for the next three days. The tent that Evan and I used last year in Algonquin (when we got rained out) is pretty small, so since we had the dog with us we decided to get a new tent for the occasion. I found a really good deal at Walmart on this beauty.


It is probably the most spacious tent I have ever slept in. I called it the Sultan’s Tent and I felt like I should be in there leisuring on a plush chair while Evan fed me grapes. We had enough room for a queen-sized air mattress, with lots of room on either side…


Cloud 9

And then a whole separate area for Bolt’s crate, our bags, other gear we wanted to store…


AND we could stand up in there. It was perfect. My one pet peeve camping is when I am changing out of my bathing suit after swimming and I can’t stand in the tent so I am awkwardly lying on an air mattress trying to get pants onto my clammy legs and I get all frustrated and sweaty. It was so nice to be able to stand and change. You don’t realize what a luxury it is until you can’t.

We also had a sweet screened dining tent.


Not totally necessary, but it’s nice to have around and it sets up instantly.

While we were setting things up, Mr. Bolt settled in and started stalking the squirrels, as he does.


He lives to stalk squirrels. And I’m pretty sure they live to torment him.

After we set up our tents and relaxed on our site for a bit, we headed down to Cyprus Lake beach. It was about a two minute walk from our campsite. Last week was extremely humid and foggy and the fog was still hanging around on Friday.


Still so pretty and peaceful though. Bolt wanted right in that water.


We went back to the lake on both Saturday and Sunday when we (luckily!) had perfect weather and it was much more clear.


Ian and Evan are way out there


Isn’t the water so clear?!

I’ve never seen Bolt swim before and he was absolutely hilarious. He just bounds around and tries to eat the water. I wish I got it on video.


Chomp chomp, yum water, chomp.

Then he comes out, gags/throws up the water he just ate, rolls in the sand like a maniac, and then runs back in and does the same thing.



What a little weirdo. Evan calls him the furry white coconut.


My favourite was watching Evan teaching him how to fetch. I have always thought that Bolt might be a bit too intelligent for playing fetch, like it was above him to chase some silly stick or ball. He doesn’t do it when we try in the field near our house. He just stands there and looks at us and then the stick like “what, I’m supposed to retrieve this?” But around the water he was kind of game. Evan would throw a stick into the water, Bolt would chase it, grab it, and bring it back.


Evan pointing out where the stick is

The first time he brought it back he threw the stick into the bushes, peed on it, and then came back to Evan without it. The second time Evan threw the stick (a different stick), Bolt ran into the water to retrieve it, brought it back onto the beach, threw it down away from Evan, shook water all over it, and then went back and sat down in front of Evan. Stickless. Dorothy, Ian and I were in the water watching and we were all just dying of laughter.

But the third time Evan threw a stick, Bolt retrieved it from the water and brought it directly back to him. I think he was getting the hang of it and was actually starting to like it.


Aside from all the swimming we did, we went hiking a lot (it’s a good 25 minute hike to the cliff beach on the Georgian Bay side). I particularly love the hiking trails around Cyprus Lake. They are beautiful.





We hung out a lot around our site as well. Bolt either chilled out beside us on a blanket…


Or just on the dirt.


He was so dirty by the time we got home, although the dirt just seems to absorb into his fur and it doesn’t show. He is always snow white even when he is absolutely filthy.

We had some goooood times around the campfire!




And I have to mention that Dorothy had the best camping chair…


Hers would be the tiny Spongebob one. I think she should have made Ian use it.

On our very first night we accidentally left some chips in the dining tent so we woke up at 2am to a family of raccoons pigging out on those. It sounded like the Tazmanian Devil interspersed with loud crunching. Fun times.


Can you spot that pesky little raccoon eating our chips? They remind me of Winnie (who also loves chips). Evan originally thought it was just one raccoon so he went to go into the tent and chase it off, and then realized there were three so he abandoned that mission. Instead he just took pictures of them from our tent while he laughed harder than I have ever heard him laugh before. Like doubled over at our tent door not being able to breathe. Eventually they ate all the chips and took off. We were much more careful with the food after that.

On Saturday morning we were having some issues with our camp stove so we drove into Tobermory for breakfast. It is the cutest little town, and basically just consists of a bunch of tourist-y stores around a little bay.



It is the scuba diving capital of Canada also (the water is INSANELY clear), so they have a glass bottom boat tour that takes you around to a bunch of ship wrecks, but we opted out of that. It’s expensive and Dorothy and I have both done it before. We preferred to just go back and go swimming and hang around the campground.

So had a really great camping weekend! More to come on Georgian Bay rock climbing and, of course, the food!

Lake Reunions

I have been just dying to talk about my weekend. My mom is visiting from BC! She got here on Saturday and we have been busy beavers since her arrival. On Sunday and Monday we had a little reunion with one of my very oldest friends Melissa (as in I’ve known her the longest, not that she is the eldest) and her mom Susan.

Old friends with cats.

Old friends with cats.

Melissa and I grew up together. She is my friend that I blew across the lake with, fought with over Jason Priestley Ken (we each had one and one of them had a bald spot, so one time we mixed them up and neither of us wanted that one back), she witnessed me crotching myself, we argued together over who had more newspaper clippings of Elvis Stojko after we met him. And if you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember her from when we went adventuring in our old neighbourhood (almost two years ago, which is crazy!). When we were younger if she wasn’t at my house, I was at hers, and my mom was her mom and her mom was my mom. I stayed at their house when my brother Eric was born.

So although we don’t get to see each other as often now (which I think we need to fix asap) she is one of those great friends where when you do see each other nothing has changed. You are both the same, you still know each other so well, and you just feel comfortable and familiar. Melissa still feels like family.



Our moms were pretty close for a long time too, so this reunion was a LONG time coming and I really wanted to make sure we squeezed in a visit with those two in while my mom was visiting.


The moms! My mom really enjoys plaid jackets, especially when she is fishing.

Top priority getting those gals together.

When I was talking to Melissa about what us four party animals should get up to, I brought up the fact that her and I  haven’t been swimming together in a long, long time. She was immediately all “well, we obviously need to fix that!” since that is what our summers consisted of. Lake swimming, all day every day.

So we spent most of Sunday and Monday at her grandma’s cottage near Huntsville, which has the BEST swimming (I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but really the swimming was awesome).



The last time I was here with those three (Meliss, my mom, and her mom) it was the summer after Grade 8 and I was incredibly sick. It is the only time in my life that I have ever been legitimately sick, sick. I had zero energy and I had this horrible chokey cough that would not let up and sometimes I would cough so hard it would make me throw up. But Meliss had been telling me how good the swimming was at the cottage for ages, and I was so, so excited for it, so do you think a little cough was going to stop me from swimming and having all the fun? Ha, no! So what if I coughed every time I went under water? I was 100% not missing out. I got ‘er done and swam my heart out all weekend. When we got home the doctor gave me some kind of medication that made me sleep for a week, and then I was better. And that is the last time I’ve been sick (touch all the wood).

Anyway, digressing, but I was really happy that this time I could fully enjoy that deep water swimming without choking.


I have decided that treading water is my very favourite workout (preferably while holding a can of beer, but either way). The pool just opened in the rec centre attached to my and Evan’s condo building, so I think I need to start hitting that up for some water treading action.

We swam for hours, before swimming over to the neighbour’s cottage (who my mom and I both also knew), and hanging out on their dock.

They really make the most of the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many floating docks on one lake before.


I think we need some sort of floating something at Evan’s cottage…

We stayed the night at Susan’s, as she lives close by, and here is our dinner of champions.


Shh…it was a special occasion.

The next morning after a much healthier breakfast, the four of us were back at the lake.


I was all over that slide.


I am pretty proud of my slide dive form there!

It was such a good weekend and I am so glad this reunion happened. My mom and I had the best time with Meliss and Susan. I wish this could happen every day. I have missed my Miss!


It was just like a summer day 20 years ago.

Boston Blue Jays

On Monday evening, after our Boston adventures, we quickly took over the bathrooms in the lobby of the Buckminster (we didn’t have a room anymore, so thank you again Buckminster staff!) and changed into our gear for the Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game at Fenway Park.


We’re obviously cheering for the Jays!

It was still so incredibly hot and humid (I think the east coast is stealing our summer), so I stayed in my skirt. The thought of trying to encase my sweaty legs in skinny jeans made them feel like they wanted to fall off.

I have only ever seen the Jays at Rogers Centre. I’ve never been anywhere else, and I don’t think the girls had either. So we were excited to be at a real American ballpark!


And I can’t tell you how fun it is to go to a game cheering for the opposing team.


I don’t think any of us were as excited as our little Ern was though.


She is a Blue Jays super fan and pretty much the entire reason we were in Boston in the first place. She made that sweet sign as a tribute to her dad, whose dream it is to see a game in Fenway Park.

The Fenway area was absolutely rammed with people. Mostly Red Sox fans, but we were surprised at the amount of fellow Jays fans that were in attendance. Dawn brought her Blue Jays 1992 World Series Champions flag, and as we walked by people we would lift it over their heads while we sang to them.


Initially we targeted excited Blue Jays fans, but we got some Red Sox lovers under there as well. They liked it. Red Sox fans were pretty tolerant of us cheering for the opposing team, and we had a lot of fun with friendly heckling. We even made a couple Red Sox fan friends.


Mother daughter Red Sox fans!

And this Boston police officer.


Dawn spotted him and was all “we are going to be his friend,” and so we were. Does he not look like the quintessential Boston police officer? When I think of Boston cops, that man is what I picture. We told him he was cheering for the Jays tonight and the man who was taking our picture for us was all “You poor sucker.” Maybe, but he enjoyed. I need to point out that in Toronto, officers usually refuse to get into pictures with us, so that made us love this man even more.

After wandering around the street a bit, we made it into the park.


Skydome/Rogers Centre it is not, but it was all sorts of awesome in there. It opened in 1912 and is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball! So that is pretty cool.


Yay Fenway

Our seats weren’t far away from the Jays’ bullpen, and Dickey made an appearance.



Joanna and I were about to stalk him for an autograph, but then we didn’t want to kill his concentration so we were able to refrain.

After we got settled into our seats, I went off by myself in search of a hot dog before I died of starvation. Aside from an ice cream cone I hadn’t eaten since brunch that morning so I was ready to punch anyone who talked to me in the face. My Fenway Frank really hit the spot. While I was waiting for my dog a few 12ish year-old boys came up to me and said “Excuse me, do you live in Canada?!” so I said yes, yes I sure do, and they were like “Good for you!” and all shook my hand. I am not sure if they were surprised that Canada is populated? Or that Canadian people are fairly normal looking? Who knows, but it was funny.

The park was packed.


I was sitting for a bit with Erin while the rest of the girls went to grab some food and she was like “I don’t think I have ever been so excited for anything in my entire life.” I think she was vibrating.


I wouldn’t have thought that anything would be able to top my Blue Jays experience last summer, but man, it was a good game! The Jays CRUSHED the Red Sox, 14-1! Cabrera hit two home runs, and one of them smashed a car’s windshield outside the park. We were cheering ridiculously loud for most of the game and obviously the megaphone came in handy. I was expecting people to boo our cheering, but we only got booed by one Red Sox fan, a 10-year-old girl sitting to the right of us. She did not like our cheering and whenever I looked over at her she looked like she wanted to shank us. But the people in front of us actually thanked Dawn and Emily for being respectful fans, so I guess we couldn’t have been too annoying.

There were some kids behind us who were from Tampa and big Rays fans and said they just did not want Boston to win, so we got them on our side and taught them a few of our cheers (“KA-WA-SA-KI” clap-clap-clapclapclap). It was awesome.



Unfortunately we did not make it on the big screen, but I think probably because we are Jays fans and may have been booed. When I think about it I don’t recall ever seeing fans for the opposing team on the Jumbotron in the Rogers Centre. So I suppose that is fair.

Immediately after the game ended we made our way out to the street with the crowd…


Walked back to the hotel where we were parked, got in the car, and drove back to Toronto. We made much better time going home and were back by 9am on Tuesday. Just in time for work, HUZZAH! So not 14 hours, but I’ll let you guess how much fun driving overnight is. Zero. Until near the end when we all hadn’t really slept and we were just giddy with over-tiredness. But well worth it. Such a great quick trip to Boston.

Thank you for hosting us America!!! We love you!


Oh and the last name of the border guard who let us through as we crossed back into Canada was McWeenie. So that was a beautiful ending to our amazing whirlwind trip.