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Bahama Mamas

Ahoy ahoy! I am back! We arrived home from the Bahamas (or The Pajamas as Evan likes to say) on Thursday evening and I immediately showered and slept for nearly 12 hours. It was back to work yesterday for me so I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top condition for that. It’s a busy time of year and I had a ton to catch up on.

Our trip was really great. We were only gone for four days, and technically only had two full days there, so I knew going in that it was just going to fly by, and it did…but I found there was still ample time for adventuring.

I think I am going to keep with my standard vacation blogging protocol. I like to ease you into things with the highlights and then get into more detail on our resort, the food, the shenanigans, etc. It may have been a quick trip but I still have a ton to talk about. And yes I sure will milk it for blog content.

As I mentioned, I was vacationing with all my coworkers and their spouses/friends. Our entire trip was a Christmas present last year from my CEO to us.


Because we look like the type of group who you’d want to give a very fun Christmas present to.

He must really like us all to want to hang out with us for four days straight (he is the one holding the wine bottles). We all became very close on this trip. My fellow coworker and turquoise twin in the front with me just started with us two weeks ago and we are already clutching hands. And before our trip I didn’t even know who this person is.


But now she is my new bff. That is what happens when you take an all-inclusive vacation with your coworkers and their spouses/friends. Not to mention all the food and all the alcohol. You have much intensified bonding time. And EVERYTHING will be hilarious. Watching my boss with his two brothers who were also on the trip (they are very involved with our company and I have met them many times before) was like watching a comedy show. Actually, the one-liners from everyone in attendance were a’plenty. It was impressive. We were all comedians and I loved it.

At first I wondered what the protocol was for hanging out with your coworkers outside of work. Did they want to? Are we excited when we see each other at the airport, or do we try to avoid each other? I learned pretty quickly that yeah, we wanna hang out and get to know each other, because this is not work and we’re all pretty cool people and we might never again all be together in a place like this in this sort of situation, so we better take advantage. Or at least that is how I felt.

The trip is hands down the most extravagant gift I have ever received and believe me I know how lucky I am. I am not sure I can even put into words how grateful I am that this happened to me. I probably thanked my CEO a million times, and I doubt I am even close to being done with the thanking yet.

Anyway, let’s get to some details. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas and it was as beautiful as you would expect a Sandals in the Bahamas to be.


The photos look like professional resort photos, but that is from my phone. It is just that nice.


Paradise and a half. But more on that later.

My boss also, as a surprise, got us all gift certificates to use at the spa while we were there. A Sandals spa, which I will probably never have the opportunity to visit again so I was pretty excited. And also apprehensive, since I have never actually been to a spa before (I am not really a spa person and to be honest I feel weird about strangers touching me)… Evan was in the same boat so we had a hard time deciding what to do. I knew I had to get something besides a pedicure though. Eventually we decided to go with the 60-minute “Scents of Love” couples massage because why not?

It was interesting. I felt weird at first and for the initial 10 minutes I wondered how I was going to last through another 50 of a stranger vigorously rubbing me. But I relaxed pretty quickly and actually at one point was enjoying it so much that I started drooling.

The most awkward thing was in the beginning before the massages started we were instructed to light candles and to “make promises to each other,” which may be the cheesiest thing I have ever been asked to do. But I promised that I wouldn’t laugh during the massage, and I kept that promise and did not even let out one tiny giggle when my masseuse was essentially tickling my feet (I am VERY ticklish).

And near the end of the massage our masseuses tried to get us to hold hands while we laid on our separate tables, but we were both blindfolded and they just started mashing our hands together and we didn’t know what was happening and I thought my masseuse was trying to get me to hold her hand so I was all stiff and awkward… And then they said “So we are putting your hands together right now…” Ohh, okay. We get it. We’ll hold hands.

Anyway, it was an experience, and we received those promise candles as keepsakes so we can “scent your bedroom” (direct masseuse quote) so I guess that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-scented bedroom?

Um, what else.

We ate a lot.


Enough for an entire post about food? YUP.

In four days we squeezed in a significant amount of beach time…





Pool time…





I may be a bad influence… and no we are not peeing, there is a yellow design on the bottom of the pool.

Social time…



Evan and his new buds.


Me and mine. Again I might be a bad influence.

And also alone timone.



We had absolutely perfect weather, and I was never at any point the drunkest.

It was amazing and I feel like I love everything right now.

I will be back with some more deets on Monday, but in the meantime have a great weekend!!!


Bruce Peninsula: Indian Head Cove and Grotto

As mentioned yesterday, the main reason Cyprus Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park stands out is because this:


Indian Head Cove on the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay, is only a 25 minute hike from your campsite. It’s right along the Bruce Trail so if you’re not a camper you can hike in from another route, or you can just get a day pass for the campground and park at the head of trails and hike in. It is beautiful and I really do not know anywhere else like it. It doesn’t look like Ontario, or even Canada. It looks like the Caribbean.


The water is so turquoise and deep and clear that this area is actually the scuba diving capital of Canada.


If you’re swimming with a mask on sometimes if you look down you can see scuba divers 25 feet below you along the bottom.

The water is not warm like the Caribbean though…it is frigid. It is ridiculously cold. It is the kind of cold that your body never really gets used to, you just get numb. It is the kind of cold that shocks your system when you jump in and makes your skin feel like it might burn off your body. It is cold like if you were to fill your bathtub with only cold water and then got in. I am not exaggerating, that is how cold it is. Everyone should just skip the ice bucket challenge and jump in this water instead. Like we did.


We are dying. But you have to suck it up and get in because if you don’t you will seriously regret it. It is the most refreshing water I’ve ever experienced. If you have a hangover all you need to do is jump in this water and it is like everything that happened the night before is erased. And when you get out your skin is cool to the touch for the rest of the day. It’s like swimming in bottled water. I love it. I absolutely love it there.




This area used to be a hidden gem, but it has definitely gotten a lot more busy in recent years. When I went when I was 13 with my bestie we were the only ones I saw swimming, and we were celebrities around the campground because of it. People kept asking us if we had warmed up yet. Now though, they have made the trail leading to this beautiful place a lot more accessible so therefore more people can get there. And a lot more people seem to be open to swimming there. Not such a hidden gem anymore, but it’s still awesome.

There are huge cliffs and little nooks and crannies everywhere, and if you walk a ways from the beach there is a little water cave that is open from the top.



I think you can only access the inside from the water though. It would be difficult to climb down into there. But if you walk a bit further you come to the main attraction: the grotto. This is the view from the top of the grotto.


It’s ridiculous!


The best way to get to the grotto is to swim there from the beach, but it was just a bit too cold for that. So the other way is to climb down. You can either scale a pretty serious cliff face (the rock is easy to grab onto though, so it’s not too bad), or you can do what I personally think is the easiest way. You do a little spelunking.


You climb down through that hole. It’s quite narrow. But Evan is over 6 feet and Ian is like 6’4″, and they both made it through. I was actually more worried about Dorothy, ’cause she is just a tiny minx and you really need to stretch your legs out to feel around for where you can put your feet down. As is custom for when Evan and I are doing this sort of thing, Evan goes first (;


I promise it is NOT as bad as it looks. Once you get your body through the hole it opens up immediately.



But you are not out of the woods just yet… It requires a bit more climbing down through the rock to the grotto area.



But again you gotta suck it up and do it because if you don’t you will regret it. This is what awaits you when you finish your descent:


The grotto (you can read more about it there), an underwater cave.

Inside the grotto is the same cool, clear, deep, turquoise water…


And there is an underwater tunnel that leads to the outside of the cliffs, which lets sunlight in through the water and creates this mystical feel…


We had our masks with us so we swam down to the tunnel opening…


It is further down than it looks. You can swim through it and apparently it takes about 30 seconds to get to the other side, but I have never done it. I think I’d want fins. But also, the water is so freezing that I can’t be sure that I wouldn’t panic. The tunnel is also not straight either and has an upward curve to it, so you’d have to make sure you cleared that. A guy swam through it while we were there and reported back to us and said it was awesome, and I have to admit I was tempted. One day I will do it! But on this day we were fine just looking at it.


I would say it’s at least 30 feet deep in there, and you can jump off the ledges on the side. Or you can just sit on them and have a beer as we did.


We brought our cans back with us, don’t worry. No littering. And this would be a beautiful photo if my waterproof camera didn’t have a fail moment…

And the view from our perch:

And from the mouth of the cave:


To get out of the grotto it’s pretty much impossible to go back to way you came, unless you have incredible upper body strength and can pull yourself out of that hole (I am weak and probably cannot do that). So the easiest way is to climb up the cliff.


Again, there are many foot steps and hand holds so it’s not too bad. But I did feel like I was legit rock climbing!

The trail continues along the shore to a lot of other cool rock places, but the grotto is definitely the highlight of the area. Ontarians, this is ours to discover! If you haven’t been there before, go!!! It is amazing.

Boston Blue Jays

On Monday evening, after our Boston adventures, we quickly took over the bathrooms in the lobby of the Buckminster (we didn’t have a room anymore, so thank you again Buckminster staff!) and changed into our gear for the Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game at Fenway Park.


We’re obviously cheering for the Jays!

It was still so incredibly hot and humid (I think the east coast is stealing our summer), so I stayed in my skirt. The thought of trying to encase my sweaty legs in skinny jeans made them feel like they wanted to fall off.

I have only ever seen the Jays at Rogers Centre. I’ve never been anywhere else, and I don’t think the girls had either. So we were excited to be at a real American ballpark!


And I can’t tell you how fun it is to go to a game cheering for the opposing team.


I don’t think any of us were as excited as our little Ern was though.


She is a Blue Jays super fan and pretty much the entire reason we were in Boston in the first place. She made that sweet sign as a tribute to her dad, whose dream it is to see a game in Fenway Park.

The Fenway area was absolutely rammed with people. Mostly Red Sox fans, but we were surprised at the amount of fellow Jays fans that were in attendance. Dawn brought her Blue Jays 1992 World Series Champions flag, and as we walked by people we would lift it over their heads while we sang to them.


Initially we targeted excited Blue Jays fans, but we got some Red Sox lovers under there as well. They liked it. Red Sox fans were pretty tolerant of us cheering for the opposing team, and we had a lot of fun with friendly heckling. We even made a couple Red Sox fan friends.


Mother daughter Red Sox fans!

And this Boston police officer.


Dawn spotted him and was all “we are going to be his friend,” and so we were. Does he not look like the quintessential Boston police officer? When I think of Boston cops, that man is what I picture. We told him he was cheering for the Jays tonight and the man who was taking our picture for us was all “You poor sucker.” Maybe, but he enjoyed. I need to point out that in Toronto, officers usually refuse to get into pictures with us, so that made us love this man even more.

After wandering around the street a bit, we made it into the park.


Skydome/Rogers Centre it is not, but it was all sorts of awesome in there. It opened in 1912 and is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball! So that is pretty cool.


Yay Fenway

Our seats weren’t far away from the Jays’ bullpen, and Dickey made an appearance.



Joanna and I were about to stalk him for an autograph, but then we didn’t want to kill his concentration so we were able to refrain.

After we got settled into our seats, I went off by myself in search of a hot dog before I died of starvation. Aside from an ice cream cone I hadn’t eaten since brunch that morning so I was ready to punch anyone who talked to me in the face. My Fenway Frank really hit the spot. While I was waiting for my dog a few 12ish year-old boys came up to me and said “Excuse me, do you live in Canada?!” so I said yes, yes I sure do, and they were like “Good for you!” and all shook my hand. I am not sure if they were surprised that Canada is populated? Or that Canadian people are fairly normal looking? Who knows, but it was funny.

The park was packed.


I was sitting for a bit with Erin while the rest of the girls went to grab some food and she was like “I don’t think I have ever been so excited for anything in my entire life.” I think she was vibrating.


I wouldn’t have thought that anything would be able to top my Blue Jays experience last summer, but man, it was a good game! The Jays CRUSHED the Red Sox, 14-1! Cabrera hit two home runs, and one of them smashed a car’s windshield outside the park. We were cheering ridiculously loud for most of the game and obviously the megaphone came in handy. I was expecting people to boo our cheering, but we only got booed by one Red Sox fan, a 10-year-old girl sitting to the right of us. She did not like our cheering and whenever I looked over at her she looked like she wanted to shank us. But the people in front of us actually thanked Dawn and Emily for being respectful fans, so I guess we couldn’t have been too annoying.

There were some kids behind us who were from Tampa and big Rays fans and said they just did not want Boston to win, so we got them on our side and taught them a few of our cheers (“KA-WA-SA-KI” clap-clap-clapclapclap). It was awesome.



Unfortunately we did not make it on the big screen, but I think probably because we are Jays fans and may have been booed. When I think about it I don’t recall ever seeing fans for the opposing team on the Jumbotron in the Rogers Centre. So I suppose that is fair.

Immediately after the game ended we made our way out to the street with the crowd…


Walked back to the hotel where we were parked, got in the car, and drove back to Toronto. We made much better time going home and were back by 9am on Tuesday. Just in time for work, HUZZAH! So not 14 hours, but I’ll let you guess how much fun driving overnight is. Zero. Until near the end when we all hadn’t really slept and we were just giddy with over-tiredness. But well worth it. Such a great quick trip to Boston.

Thank you for hosting us America!!! We love you!


Oh and the last name of the border guard who let us through as we crossed back into Canada was McWeenie. So that was a beautiful ending to our amazing whirlwind trip.

Boston Tea Parties, “Hahbah” Cruises and Cheers!

(Edit: I accidentally disabled comments on this post and yesterday’s, so…sorry about that if you were trying to comment. I just thought no one had anything to say! Should be all good now.)

We woke up on our first and only day in Boston and it was torrential downpouring. It looked black outside even though it was daylight. So that was a bit of a downer and we were bummed. We were checking the weather and it was forecasting thunderstorms all day. Awesome. If the Blue Jays game was postponed we would not be happy. But it was raining so hard that we knew it couldn’t keep it up all day. I was all “IT’S FINE, RAIN!!! You just get it out of your system now!” and you know what, it worked. Half an hour later it cleared up and it was (mostly) sunny, and SUPER hot and humid, for the rest of the day. As they say at the Boston Tea Party museum (and I will get to this), HUZZAH!

First things first, we needed to eat. We made a lady friend at the bar the night before who told us about a restaurant called Eastern Standard near our hotel that had great breakfast. So that’s where we went.


Emily brought along this amazing megaphone that she found in her fiance’s old toy box, which also plays various siren noises (it was attached to his bike when he was a kid). We thought it was amazing, and that megaphone was the best prop we could have brought along on our trip. Our server was quite a fan of the megaphone as well.


We let him carry it around with him on the one condition that whenever he talked to us he had to speak through the megaphone. So when he would come over and ask how our food was, if he didn’t use the megaphone we would say “We can’t hear you,” and he would be all “Oh, sorry,” and repeat his question using the megaphone speaker.


That’s better.

It was quite entertaining. The megaphone was also really good for giving impromptu tours along the streets. Not that we knew what we were talking about, but a megaphone makes you seem official.

Anyway, I ordered the Eggs Benedict, ’cause that always lures me in.


With the sauce on the side, which has been my new benny thing. It was excellent, and that sauce was tres bien.  Everyone enjoyed their meals aside from a couple of small issues like too-ripe tomatoes and chocolate milk that was from a squirt bottle (ie Nestle Quick and not actual chocolate milk). I would recommend eating there. And unfortunately that is all I can recommend because it is the only restaurant I ate in. If there is one thing I regret about my trip it’s that I didn’t eat all the Boston things. I really wanted seafood! Specifically clam chowder. But we were so busy we just couldn’t fit it in.

The Jays and Red Sox game didn’t start until 7pm, so we had several hours to adventure around. For our day activity we purchased a tour on the Boston Old Town Trolley, a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour around the city.


The lads at the front desk of our hotel recommended it to us and we thought it would be the best way to see the city. There was a stop right outside Fenway Park at the Ted Williams statue, so we hopped on.



The drivers of each trolley are also tour guides, so they tell you about all the things you are passing. I really enjoyed.


Toronto is nice, but from a historical standpoint it is not nearly as interesting as Boston is. Boston also felt more clean to us than Toronto is, but maybe that is an illusion.

I loved the trolley tour.




If you do a complete loop back to your original stop on the trolley it apparently takes about 90 minutes. But we had a few stops we wanted to make. The first one was at the Boston Tea Party Museum.


I told the ladies on the way up in the car that the one thing I really wanted to do was defy my Queen and throw tea into the harbour. But I didn’t think it would actually happen…

Included in our trolley tickets were passes to the Boston Tea Party Experience. We did not know what to expect. I thought the experience was just a tour of the museum, so I was kind of blown away. The experience started with us receiving feathers.


And if you are going to give us props you need to be prepared for us to use them on you.


I believe he is saying “I don’t understand what is happening…”

Dawn is also using the megaphone here, as you can see.

The actors then took us into a town hall meeting.


The actors, by the way, were awesome. They stayed in character the entire time, which is no easy feat when someone is rubbing a feather on your face. They were seriously entertaining and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We each received a card detailing who we were the night of the Boston Tea Party. I was Gilbert.


In the town hall meeting we were really encouraged to participate in the discussion. We were told to yell out certain words after certain prompts, like “HUZZAH!!!”, “Boo!”, “Hisssssssssssss”, “Hear Hear!” and “Well said!” We are very loud so we loved this. We may have used some words at inappropriate times and made up our own, but good times all around.



We know the story and the history behind the Boston Tea Party – I’ll never forget our high school teacher Mr. B teaching us about it in our American History class (which was WAY more interesting than the Canadian history class, by the way) – but if we didn’t I thought they got across well why we were throwing the tea into the harbour. No taxation without representation! I ain’t payin no tax on no tea!

After the town hall meeting, we headed onto the ship.



And a new actor entered!



He swiftly became my new best friend.


Again, all the actors stayed in character as we went through the events leading up to the climax of the tea party. They were so much fun.



And then my dream came true, we got to throw tea into the harbour.





Possibly the highlight of my trip.

After the tea-throwing, we had a tour of the boat, including the lower deck. And including creepy fake people sleeping in bunks…


And a captain.

We had to leave early because we wanted to get in a boat tour of Boston harbour (also included in our trolley ticket purchase) before the game and it only left at certain times, so unfortunately we had to skip the end film documentary and museum tour. Actually I hear the documentary is with holograms so I am kinda disappointed about that, but next time. I am already planning on going back with Evan sometime. He would love it.

Anyway, we just walked over to the harbour and got on this ship.


It was a nice and relaxing cruise around the harbour, complete with another tour guide. Such a great way to see the city!







It is Evan’s dream to tour this boat.


Boston might be giving Toronto some skyline competition…

After a 45 minute cruise around the harbour, we were back on the trolley and heading back to Fenway area. We passed the Holocaust memorial, which I also would really like to check out sometime in more detail.


The numbers of 6 million victims (!!) are etched onto the glass and flicker with light. You can walk into the towers at the bottom, and according to the memorial website you are momentarily tattooed with the reflected numbers. Crazy.

And our last stop of the day before the trolley took us back to our hotel, the Cheers bar. This was also a must-do for all of us.





And of course, the set bar.


Weird, right? It looks different in the light.

After that it was back to our hotel to get changed into our Jays gear for the game. Our day in Boston was such a whirlwind. We really did squeeze in a lot for only being in the city for 24 hours, but there are so many things I still want to do there (and many things I still want to EAT THERE!) if I go back again. It was a really fun city to visit.

The Boston Road Trip

My friend Dawn’s pal Erin is visiting from Edmonton this week (you may remember her last year when she came on our adventure to Toronto island), and Erin happens to be a HUGE Blue Jays fan. Dawn wanted to take her to a game while she was here, but unfortunately the Jays are not playing in Toronto at all for the duration of Erin’s Ontario trip. They are, however, playing in Boston against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Boston is a doable drive for us, so when Dawn asked if I would be up for a quick US road trip to Boston I was all over it. I’ve never been! She also lured in our friends Emily and Joanna. So on Sunday, the five of us drove to Boston to see our beloved Toronto Blue Jays.


Joanna, Erin, Dawn, Emily, Moi

We saw the game on Monday evening, so I will get to that…

We left from Dawn’s place in Oshawa at 8:30am on Sunday, and according to our directions Boston was an 8.5 hour drive. But of course we needed to make a few stops, so the trip ended up taking almost 14 hours. That sounds like a ridiculously long time, and even writing that now I am thinking that can’t be right… But it is. We didn’t arrive until just after 10pm. Somehow though, the drive went by very fast. We are VERY good at entertaining ourselves, and I made a hilarious playlist specifically for our trip.

To get to Boston from Ontario, you can either go through the Niagara Falls border on the southwest side of Lake Ontario or the Gananoque/Thousand Islands border on the northeast, both leading into New York. We chose the Thousand Islands border as it was a bit quicker from where we were leaving from.

photo (4)

Of course beavers and mountie moose are all over the Canadian side of the border. We stopped at duty free and the gift shop and were talking about how funny it is that these are the things that represent our country.

I do enjoy beavers though.

photo (5)

The Thousand Islands area is incredibly scenic and beautiful, on both sides of the border. After leaving that area we drove through a lot of small towns in upstate New York and it was really surprising to us how deserted some of them were. All I wanted in my life was to eat at a trashy hole in the wall American diner for lunch, but the ones we did see were closed. For a long time everything was closed except for chains and gas stations. Maybe because it was Sunday. I don’t know if that is typical everywhere.

I also noticed how incredibly patriotic Americans seem to be. I could not get over the amount of American flags on porches. They were everywhere.

Anyway, back to eating. We were getting so desperate for lunch that wasn’t McDonalds that I eventually turned my phone data on briefly just to locate a Cracker Barrel. We do not have them in Canada! The closest one I found to us was in Clifton Park, NY. And though it may have been the closest, it was way off the highway so in hindsight maybe not the most convenient. Actually I don’t know if it even required that we get off the highway, I just looked quickly and then shut my data off again so I wouldn’t have to pay a million dollars. Either way, whatever happened there, I would say a good three to four hours of our roadtrip were spent getting to this place and then eating.


It was so exciting to finally find it. It was a little beacon of light. I had Cracker Barrel for the first time last year with Evan in Florida (but only for breakfast!) and I fell in love.

I really wanted southern comfort food, so I ordered the buttermilk fried chicken.


With sweet potato fries, corn, apple barbecue sauce and cornbread muffins and biscuits. And cole slaw but I didn’t really eat that. I very, very rarely order fried chicken and I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten it. I loved this, but too heavy for every day.

Eventually we arrived at our hotel in Boston. We stayed at the Hotel Buckminster, which I absolutely loved. Apparently it is one of the first Boston hotels, and it definitely had a historical feel to it. It was clearly old, but in a charming way that we all really enjoyed. Also, the front desk staff were all extremely efficient, nice, and really went out of their way to help us. They were so great. I have nothing but good to say about the Hotel Buckminster.


And it is located in Fenway Square, basically right beside the park. Perfect location. Right where we needed to be.


We checked in and got all settled in for our one night stay (that’s right, just one, we drove home the following night after the game). I wish we could have stayed longer, our room was awesome. We had two bedrooms.



And three beds! We weren’t expecting that and we were ready to bring up a rollaway bed, so it was perfect for us.

We didn’t get to the hotel until about 10pm, but we got changed and had a few drinks while we got ready, and then we headed out for a night on the town.


Boston, we’re comin’ for ya.

It was so late by the time we got out, and it was Sunday night so not exactly party night… Most of the bars around were pretty dead. We ended up walking to the Bleacher Bar on the Fenway strip, and while it wasn’t busy there were enough people around who enjoyed our antics. It was a pretty low key night and nothing big happened, but it was still hilarious. And upon getting back to our hotel we ordered the best pizza from Domino’s.


We have Domino’s here but it is absolutely NOT as good as this! Maybe it’s because I was drinking, but I couldn’t get enough of this pizza. So, so good.

Monday was the most fun day ever and we packed in as many Boston activities as we could possibly fit in, so more to come on that. I loved the city and am already thinking about my next adventure there!

Eating Adventures at the Calgary Stampede

Last post about my vacation and then I will shut up about it, I promise.

I need to talk about the food at the Calgary Stampede, because whoa. I am still undoing that damage. The Stampede is really a lot like the Toronto Exhibition, only with cowboys and rodeos. In the food department it is very similar in that it is one of those “let’s see how crazy we can get” type of deals. Like cronut burgers and such.


Who doesn’t want a hand dipped double bacon corn dog? I actually did have a hand dipped jalapeno cheese corn dog and honestly I ripped all the corn off and just ate the dog, so I am not sure what that says about me. Probably it says I was inebriated because that happened late Saturday night.

There was food EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you looked. All the food. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, along came pizza on a stick. And chips on a stick.


Those Wiggle Chips were GOOD though, they were Evan’s dream!

And deep fried Philly cheesesteak (I almost wrote chilly pheesesteak)…


And all of the items on this list:


Why did I not get the chocolate covered bacon?! WHY?!

And then there was all your typical carnival/fair type fare as well:





There were a lot of different kinds of foods, and sadly I can’t eat everything, so I had to choose wisely. Here are the things I remember eating:

Pulled pork from the 3 B’s, which was delicious.


I love a good pulled pork from a legit barbecue joint. I could have gone for more sauce on there, but that’s alright. You can’t have everything.

Taco in a bag!


Which is crushed Doritos topped with all the taco fixins (ground beef, cheese, lettuce tomato, salsa, sour cream). That actually may have been one of the greatest things I’ve ever eaten. I never wanted that goody bag to end.


Deep fried cheddar cheese…


Which was also amazing. Just a crispy nugget of melty cheddar. Love.

Deep fried avocado…


And I would say deep fried avocado is not as good as it sounds, but I don’t even know if it sounds good… We should have stuck to the deep fried pickles ’cause I KNOW that is goodness right there.

And of course…


Yep and yep. Deep fried Oeros…


And deep fried Pop Tarts.


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The Pop Tarts were surprisingly good. The taste was pretty much bang-on deep fried Pop Tart. If I didn’t know beforehand what I was eating, I would have been able to guess it. HOWEVER, they did have a weird kind of sogginess to them that I didn’t really enjoy. Not sure what was up with that.

The deep fried Oreos were obviously dynamite. You can’t go wrong there.

All the deep fried things reminded me of when I used to work at Dairy Queen in high school and we would experiment with the deep fryer and try to fry everything. Like processed cheese. And cones. And the ice cream itself (deep fried cone with ice cream is SO good). And one time someone accidentally dropped a drive thru headset in the deep fryer. It actually still worked afterwards, but it was greasy forever after.

Anyway. I washed all the amazingness down with sweet, sweet lemonade.


And beer.

Good times. And you know what, I didn’t even gain any weight while we were away because we walked so much. So that is a win. Though, every time I go on vacation I seem to gain 10 pounds the second I’m off the plane somewhere new…and somehow when I’m home again I’m back to normal. Weird, right?

Have a great weekend! EAT LOTS!!!!