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Fremont Street Ziplining and Casino Dance Parties (Vegas Day 3)

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Our last day in Vegas started with us at the Mirage pool once again. It is so cold back here that I couldn’t pass up pool time in the sunshine. Lisa and I set up shop at 10am, got a sweet spot, sat back and waited for our friends to arrive.


And arrive they did. The weather was just as beautiful as the day before, and our time was just as hilarious. Our entire group of 14 made it down for at least part of the day. We had a new server and she came over to us yelling “YAY, I get the Canadians today!!!!” she had apparently heard all about us the day before. Everyone wants the Canadians, I tell you what. We regaled her with all our stories from the previous two days, and she laughed quite heartily.

So, we spent the entire day at the pool, eventually breaking around 4pm for lupper. California Kitchen was conveniently located in our hotel. I know, we really went all out food-wise. Much pizza. Such foodie.


I will do the food thing better next time. But, California Kitchen is not in Canada, as far as I know, so at least we were trying something new. And my pizza was delicious!

After eating, most of our group decided it was nap time, but since it was our last day Matt and I thought we should keep the party going, so we went on an adventure of our own. We played some blackjack and roulette in the Mirage (lost at Blackjack, won a bit at roulette), and then walked the strip in the opposite direction than the day before, the Treasure Island side.



That side was not quite as fun, and there were less things to see (aside from the Treasure Island ship), but of course we still had a good time and we had a really great convo also. One of my favourite things about Matt is that he laughs at almost everything I say. I also probably laugh at everything he says. So we just spend the whole time laughing, and that makes me feel warm and funny.

Then, back to the hotel room to get ready with my equally funny bestie.


Tonight, we take on Fremont Street, about 20 minutes from the strip (but if you are going to Vegas I cannot recommend Fremont Street enough, you HAVE to go there). 10 of us were going, so that means LIMO, hey ya!


The limo was a time all on its own, and then we arrived, and my mind was immediately blown (I am not meaning to rhyme, but I guess it works).


photo (11)

I mentioned the strip was stimulation overload, well Fremont Street was STIMULATION. OVERLOAD. I didn’t know where to look! So many things were going on! I read about it before I left, but nothing could have prepared me for it.


I’m getting all cheesy here, but I love these girls like my family and I am so glad we did this together.

Fremont Street is original Vegas, the old strip, with all the famous casinos. I love that it is older and cheesier, with more characters around for us to talk to (/mildly harass). I wish we spent more time there so I could explore the whole thing, but I promise you I will be going back. Evan and I are going to explore every inch of this place one day. Maybe we’ll even eat here!


For free! A girl can dream…

Aside from all the characters, and the character casinos, and the character bars, I especially enjoyed the light show on the ceiling of the street.


Could not stop looking up.


How ridiculous is it? I feel like the planners were all “Hey, what’s the craziest thing we could do to take this street to the next level? Light show on the ceiling? Okay then!”

Emily, Dawn, Lisa, Heather, Matt and I decided that we should do the Fremont Street Experience, which is ZIPLINING down the street. Because, when in Vegas. We were excited.


Favourite picture of the trip probably.

Do you see the black lines above my head under the ceiling lights in the photo below?


Those are the ziplines.

We bought our tickets electronically from a little store by the base of the ziplining tower and lined on up. Even just being in line was funny. We met this wonderful lady and her husband.


I want to say she is from Texas? I could be wrong. I think everyone is from Texas. We liked her a lot, and I am going to assume that we are her favourite people as well. We may have called her mom.

And then we got all suited up in our ziplining gear.


I feel like I need to tell you that Heather is flexing like a muscle man, but her arms got cut off it so unfortunately it just looks like she is awkward face. Contrary to her face, she is not angry or constipated, just flexing. I also need to tell you that if there is even the slightest chance that your night is going to take a turn for the zipline, do not wear a dress. When the guys were putting my harness on they accidentally lifted up the back of my dress and the entire lineup behind us saw my butt. They all clapped and cheered at least, so it could have been worse. Still slightly awkward, but what can ya do.

Emily is not a fan of heights so I didn’t think she was going to want to do this, but she was a serious trooper. She had a bit of a moment RIGHT before she launched off the platform, and there may have been a few tears, but the guy who was checking our harnesses was awesome. He came over to Emily, gave her a hug and a pep talk and actually wiped the tears from her eyes. It was a very touching moment.

No photos of the zipline experience because they are $20 and I spent my photo quota on the rollercoaster picture, but it was amazing and it only hurt my crotch a tiny bit. Here’s a video (not mine) of what it was like if you want to see. If you go there you gotta do it.


Happy Zipliners.

After the ziplining, we met up with the rest of the group at D Casino.


Brent was playing some killer $5 minimum blackjack so I immediately joined in on that, and we roped in Lisa and Elliott as well. We played for about an hour and although I was up a lot in the beginning I ended up losing $50, which is my gambling max. Oh well, when in Vegas. These casinos were definitely cheesier than the classy ones on the strip, and they played loud dance music. We were pretty hyped up from the ziplining and just the hilarity of the night in general, so we started a dance party in between the blackjack tables. Clubs aren’t my thing but I’ll tell you what is, dance parties between card tables in a Vegas casino. We were pulling people up from the tables, people were joining us when they walked in…it was very funny and it is one of my favourite moments of maybe my life. Oh Fremont Street. I could never live there, I would go crazy. But it sure was fun to visit.

And if you are souvenir hunting let it be known that everything is cheaper on Fremont Street than it is on the strip. I got the outfit below for a mere $30, and I saw those same pants on the strip for $50, so that was a huge score.


That shirt is obviously the biggest score. Like silk but polyester. It was a gift for Evan and I really hope he wears it. You know who would definitely wear it, and not even as a joke? My dad.

And that was our Vegas experience. I’m still going to write about Divas, but otherwise, that was our trip. I loved our group and I just can’t even describe how funny everything was. Someone would branch off and have their own adventure and then come back and tell us about it, and we would all be on the floor laughing. I don’t even think a minute went by when I wasn’t laughing. I am so glad I went and was able to experience this with the people I did. Thank you for planning this and inviting me Heather!!!! Happy Dirty 30!


The Calgary Stampede

Our last two days of vacation were spent at the Calgary Stampede with Lisa, my very bestest, and her cowboy lover Mackenzie.


Mackenzie is actually a real, legit cowboy. It is difficult to distinguish the real cowboys from the impostors during the Stampede, since everyone is dressed as a cowboy (seriously, the entire city of Calgary), but Kenz is the real deal.


Real cowboy vs. not even trying to be an impostor.

Kenz grew up on a cattle ranch outside of the city, and I believe that is his future. So he wears his hat and his buckles and his boots all year round, and he was telling us that people on the street sometimes yell “Hey buddy, STAMPEDE’S OVER!!!!!” weeks after the Stampede and he’s all “Dude, but I’m a cowboy!” Cowboy problems, right?

Evan is all about embracing his nerdy-McNerdiness (and I so love him for being that and owning it), but I love themes of any kind, and I know Lisa does too, so we were in our cowgirl attire.


Best friends since Grade 3 ❤

Well, we got our hats later, but you know. I was western-ish, at least. And I do have to say that Evan did look quite lovely in a cowboy hat when he was trying them on…



For not living in Calgary I had some serious hookups. You may remember back in February I met a new friend Nicole, who works at the Calgary Stampede, at an event through my work. Emily and I hit it off with her immediately.


New friends

She gave me that awesome hat I’m wearing (which I didn’t bring to Stampede because I didn’t want to ruin it) and she also gave me a beautiful gold and silver western bracelet as a thank you for hosting her organization (which I did wear). She told me to let her know when we got to the Stampede grounds and she would come out and give us tickets to get in. And heeeere she is!


She not only gave us free tickets to get into the Stampede, but she brought us bottled water (like $3 a bottle, so that’s like gold), escorted us past the one-hour line-up, and chauffeured us into the grounds. It was the nicest gesture and we all felt eternally grateful. She is one of those people who genuinely, in the very deepest parts of their soul, are just the sweetest and the absolute nicest. I am so glad that I met her. I just want to give her a bear hug.

She was working so couldn’t hang with us, so we bid her farewell shortly after, and then…STAMPEDE TIME!!!



Cowfolk for the day! (except Mackenzie, cowfolk all the time.) Actually, I am not an avid cowboy boot wearer (and I was only wearing cowboy “booties” so not official or anything), but you know what I like about them? You can walk absolutely anywhere and not worry about what you’re stepping in, or who is stepping on you. They are so practical. It is a freedom that I do not feel with flipflops.

Our first stop of the day was Nashville North, the band/party tent.


We went there first because we really wanted Evan to experience it, and last time Lisa and I were there we waited in line to get in for at least two hours. We did not want to spend our entire day in line, so we got that out of the way and had a few drinks to start off our afternoon.


Yahoo! (apparently you are supposed to say this instead of “Yeehaw!” at the Stampede)

The best part about Nashville North was that we saw the top 10 Calgary Stampede Talent Search performers (like American Idol but country), and they were really, really good. Really good. One dude (dude!) sang Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood and he sounded EXACTLY like Carrie Underwood. I cannot stress this enough to you. I thought it was her. I closed my eyes and I swore that Carrie Underwood was serenading me, and then I opened them and it’s this (fairly big) guy. And I looked around the crowd and everyone was just agog as all the gogs. It was super impressive.


I have always wanted to use this gif.

(I initially wrote Jesus Take The Wheel by Kelly Clarkson accidentally…anyone catch that? whoops)

Lis and I had a good time on the dance floor.



And Lisa and Mackenzie had a good time two-stepping around.


Oh, lovers.

Evan and I did as well. Unfortunately during my two-step adventure I lost my sunglasses. Once I realized they were missing I went back to find them, and JUST as I spotted them on the floor I saw a girl excitedly do the hugest and most dramatic STOMP on them.


Welp. Sad times.

My poor sunnies. So I immediately walked up and said “Those were my glasses!” and I could tell that they were already broken before she did that, so it wasn’t a big deal at all and I kind of just wanted to joke around with her a little bit. But she felt soo bad and she apologized about a million times, so we hugged it out (literally, we hugged) and all was well. They were cheapies from Target anyway.

So, Nashville North was great. Big fan of that tent. And for 2 o’clock in the afternoon, it was jumpin’.


We eventually got out of the tent and back into the sunshine, Lisa and I picked up hats, I got new sunglasses, and then we walked the grounds.


I need to tell you, I ate a lot. Like deep friend everything. I ate so much, in fact, that it is going to have to be a separate post or this is going to go on for a million years. But I ate fun things so it has to be profiled. Not trying to drag this out, just trying to prolong the fun (I’ve been back for almost two weeks now, so the fun is being seriously prolonged here).

Anyway, we walked the grounds, and things happened. Like this:

And this:


And this…


Evan and Mackenzie somehow got roped into this horse pulling thing… To see what their horse power is, I guess. I don’t even know what the results were, but they’re beasts so I’m guessing pretty decent. It was free, and it was funny.


And it ended with this:


It was really hot out. That horse must be just dying under there.

We played some games. Lisa and I tried to play this weird game that I have never seen before, where you have to try to stand up a glass bottle with a loop on the end of a string…


We both lost.

Mackenzie won some other weird game and won a Ninja Turtle backpack. Raphael is cool, but rude!


People were just dying over the Raphael Ninja Turtle backpack. Kenz had strangers coming up behind him and sneakily taking pictures of it all day long. It was hilarious.


Evan won a Bob Marley banana.


Which I kind of love.

We rode the ferris wheel!

Evan never has before, so this was a big day for him!

Eventually we ended up where I thought was the best place to be, the Triple B, for Barbecue, Beer, and mechanical Bulls.


And I do mean bulls, plural. Two duelling bulls. One person on each bull, and whoever stayed on the longest won the duel. Had I not been wearing a dress I would have been allllll over it, but there were men controlling the bulls, and when there was a lady on the bull the men were making the bulls “twerk”. So, no thanks. I don’t get down like that. Not in a dress.

So we spend the evening at the Three B’s, because it had everything we needed (entertainment + beer + food, and we got a table/barrel right by the bulls so that was a score). I had the best time there.


I think my favourite was the group line dancing.


Or maybe just dancing in general.


There is no fun happening in this photo. No fun at all.

People are always throwing around that “Dance like nobody’s watching” quote, and you know what I have realized? I ALWAYS dance like nobody’s watching. Who cares who is watching? No good can come of concerning yourself with what other people think. Do you think Evan and Lisa care what anyone thinks of them in that above photo? No. They don’t. They are just doing their thing. If you want to look like a fool, you do it, and you own it. Because who cares.

It was a very fun day with my sister from another mister and our lovers.

The next day, our last day in Calgary, we were back at the grounds. Only we had Crystal and friends with us this time.


Crystal and her rock tumbler enters.

We did the ol’ grounds thing with them again, and then, for our GRAND VACATION FINALE, the last event of Evan and Evanoff’s Excellent Adventure…(drumroll)…we went to the chuck wagon races.


It was my first Stampede event ever. And it was great. I really have to thank Crystal for organizing it for all of us, because there were about 16 of us in attendance and getting all the tickets together for that would have given me a serious headache.




Crystal’s birthday was the next day, but we were celebrating that evening and Lisa and I had picked her up a bunch of stuff (props) from the Dollar Store for the occasion…including this silly straw that Mackenzie borrowed.


Ain’t no party like a beer straw party.

So the chuck wagons were pretty cool.


Our vacation finale. #calgarystampede #chuckwagons

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I really enjoyed watching that and got pretty into it. After the chucks were over, they dragged a big stage over…


And it turned into this interesting/hilarious Calgary Stampede variety show.


And the whole thing had a big America’s Got Talent feel to it, so it was very entertaining and impressive.


We had to leave a bit early as Evan and I had to leave from there to go straight to the airport to come home, so sadly we missed the fireworks. But it was still a good time. So glad that was the grand finale. It was the BEST, the absolute best, way to end our trip. We really squeezed everything in, and finishing with this just left me with a warm, fuzzy, good feeling.

And as we were leaving, it poured rain. Stampede ponchos for the win (thank you Mackenzie!)



What a frickin’ time.

The time I drove 3 hours just to see my best friend

As you may know, Lisa, my best friend since Grade 3 who I grew up with, moved to Calgary a few years ago. As such, I do not get to see her as often as I would like. I haven’t seen her since Christmas! We have always kind of been used to not seeing each other for long periods of time, since her family had a cottage near my house when we were growing up and wouldn’t come up a lot during the winter, but we spent entire summers together and even lived together for about a year. We are so alike and it is no fun being so far away from her.



Last week she happened to be in Ottawa for work, which while in Ontario is not exactly convenient being a five hour drive from Toronto. But we were determined to meet up. We both had to work during the day all week, but on Thursday we were able to skip out a bit early and we each drove halfway to Kingston to meet for dinner. It ended up being about three hours for me by the time I got out of the city (traffic, boo), so I essentially drove three hours just for dinner BUT…it was so worth it!



Sometimes you just feel better after seeing your best friend. Like we rejuvenate each other for life or something.

I was telling a coworker that we were both driving that far to meet for dinner and she said “Wow, that’s really nice that you would do that for each other,” and yeah, for sure, anything for love… But I should mention that I also really like driving. I basically just cranked my music and sang at the top of my lungs for three hours straight (and 2.5 hours back). I talked to Lisa about it and she said she also had a karaoke party of one in her car. It’s the way to do solo road trips.

Anyway, we were originally going to meet at Lonestar in Kingston, because fajitas, but when we got to the spot where Lonestar was supposed to be it seemed to be hiding. We couldn’t find it anywhere. So we found a really cute pub by the water and set up shop on the patio since it was nice out.

We were both starving after our respective long drives, so we went a little nuts on the appetizers… We started with flatbread pizza and macaroni and cheese poppers.


Yeah you heard me. Fried mac-a-frickin-roni and cheese, yes please.


Definitely the highlight of the meal right there, although I would have liked it more if it had just been deep fried Kraft Dinner. We both also got the special, which included a burger, fries and a pint of Keith’s for $11.99.


Super good deal but not exactly a stellar burger and I only had a few bites before I called it quits on that. I was basically full from all the appetizers at that point anyway. But I drank my Keith’s and I liked it.

We had such a lovely catch up dinner.

We were right on the Kingston waterfront so afterwards we went for a stroll along the water.



I haven’t been to Kingston since I was on a band trip in Grade 9 and I don’t remember much about it aside from the historical aspects, a la Fort Henry (which I remember being fantastic), and the mall. But Kingston is beautiful! We found a ton of cool things along the water. Like this historical train…



And the retired Canadian Coast Guard Ship Alexander Henry, which is now a marine museum.


I wish we had more time and could have checked that out. But we walked along the waterfront trail and chatted for about an hour or so, and it was glorious. Just so nice.



Again well worth the nearly six hour drive. It was so good to see Lisa’s bright shining face. Evan and I are actually heading out to BC/Alberta at the end of June so I will see her again in less than a month…but we just couldn’t wait.

Toronto Island & Hanlan’s Point

Gird your loins because it is weekend recapping time, and I have so much to talk about that I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me all week.

So my Bestie Lisa arrived on Thursday night from Calgary and I was so, so, so excited to see her. Just ridiculously. We have known each other for 20 years and we are such good friends that she is the closest thing I have to a sister. I feel like I’m not myself if I go for too long without her hilarious self in my life, and sometimes I feel like I’m at my best wit-wise when I’m with her because we just play off each other so well. Luckily I saw her for a weekend in May when she was here for work…


So it hasn’t been too long, but still, I was ready!

Anyway, I picked her up from the airport, and I was so excited to see her bright shining face that I snuck into the baggage claim area with a sign.


And I mean literally snuck. There was a security guy standing there, but I was watching him and when he looked down for one second I darted through the doors. I was wearing a bright green shirt (that says What The Pho? with a bowl of pho on it, a tribute to my congealed blood-filled pho), so I don’t know how he didn’t see me. Lisa, of course, spotted me immediately and we basically leaped to each other across the baggage area screaming and embraced in mid-air. It was romantic.

Speaking of romantic, Evan originally brought that sign when he picked me and some of my friends up at the airport after our trip to Jamaica, so I just repurposed it. He actually went all out and also brought us coconuts and Red Stripe beer (not into the airport, just in the car) so we could recreate our trip. Score a pretty huge boyfriend point there. He is such a thoughtful muffin. But I’ll take a mediocre best friend point for the sign.

We arrived back at my place and had a big best friend catch-up session over a bottle of wine. Well, maybe a small box of wine would be more accurate, and I sure was feeling it the next morning. But it was so fantastic to see her and I was pretty much just bursting with excitement.

The next day (Friday) was Lisa’s birthday and we had a big day of celebrating planned. After a leisurely brunch, we met up downtown with Dawn and her friend Erin from Edmonton and the four of us took a ferry over to Toronto island.


I just love that view. I went last summer with Hannah, Emily, and Joanna, but Erin and Dawn had both never been there, and Lisa had only been when she was a kid. It was fun to wander around with them and see their bright eyes as they took everything in. It’s so beautiful there, and it really does feel like cottage country in the city. We ate lunch on a patio by the water (poutine for me!) and this was literally the view from our table:


Just beauty.

There are very nice parks and stuff there also. And fountains!


Fun times. And I never know WTF to do with my arms in photos if they are not around someone. This is why I do not particularly enjoy scenic pictures of just me.

After lunch we decided to take a stroll over to Hanlan’s Point, which if you are unfamiliar, is one of the only two clothing-optional beaches in Canada (the other one is in Vancouver). Obviously we had to check it out, we had a tourist with us! It is a beautiful beach, with a beautiful view.


And yes there were a lot of people in the nude there, and no we did not also get in the nuddy-pants. It’s clothing optional, so some people were also clothed. No judgment here, but public nudity is not for me. I’ve never seen so many people naked in one place before though, it was quite surprising. I was less surprised that the demographic of the nudity was older men. I felt like I was in Europe! Very exotic.


I’ll say.

Anyway, we hung out at the beach for a bit and enjoyed the views (of the WATER!) and got some sun (with TAN LINES!) before making our way back to the ferry. One last pic before that happened though.


Just because it’s beautiful and it makes me love Toronto. Lisa and I brought a change of clothes because we were heading to the Blue Jays game afterwards and didn’t want to be all sandy and gross. Also, I need to mention that Erin is amazing. She makes me laugh so hard. I had only met her once before, last summer at the Calgary Stampede, and she left early so I was not aware of the full extent of her fun. But ohh I am aware of it now. I feel like she slapped me in the face with it, that cheeky minx.

So it was a very good day. The Jays game that night is getting its own post because it was just ridiculous and so many hilarious things happened that I don’t want to leave anything out. Lisa said she had the best birthday of her life!

This is Literally my First Rodeo

I’m baaaaaack.

I’m back in Ontario after my shenanigans out west, and I have mixed feelings about this. I am definitely feeling some post-vacation blues, as I had a ridiculous amount of fun, but I’m also exhausted. Just absolutely done. It was a whirlwind, and every single day was jam-packed. I’ve lost my voice (from scream-laughing). My toes are covered in blisters from standing for 12 hours on both Friday and Saturday, and I have a ton of scrapes and bruises on my body. The bruises are a mystery, but the scrapes are definitely from falling down a cliff on Eric’s and my beach adventure (left that part out of the blog. It was no big D, I was A-okay).

I have some catching up to do, as I absolutely have to blog about my crazy weekend. I have some more Salmon Arm activities that I want to eventually talk about, but first I want to do some Calgary Stampede recapping! (if you are not Stampede savvy, you can click that link to read the Wikipedia page)

Thursday afternoon I said goodbye to my motha and my brotha in BC (so sad, it was so great to see them both. I wish they didn’t live so far away!), and hit the road solo to Alberta for the Calgary Stampede!

It was a six hour drive and went through various national parks, as you can see from the above pic, and also right through Rogers Pass.

The scenery could have been a postcard. So many mountains. Mountains the entire time, on all sides! I was as agog as two gog’s the entire drive. It was so, so beautiful.

Our country is so amazing! I was so excited to see some real snow-capped mountains.

It’s really easy to just quickly snap pictures with my iPhone, so I took a ton. My drive went by incredibly fast (definitely due to the view, and also my singing at the top of my lungs), and I made it to Calgary before dark, where I was reunited with my very bestest!

(pic from last summa)

My best friend Lisa moved to Calg from Toronto a couple years ago, and I miss her so much. Neither of us are big fans of talking on the phone, so we had a ton of catching up to do. We stayed up talking for hours Thursday night. It was just so great to see her.

Lisa had a Stampede work party on Friday from 1:00-4:00, and she brought me as her date!

And yes, the Stampede is such a huge thing in Calgary that companies have work parties to celebrate it. With tons of food. And booze. During work hours. I should probably just move there.

I was having some camera issues. My camera got wet and was being a jerk and making things look cloudy, even though it is WATERPROOF. Grr. These are the only photos I have though, and pictures are always important to the story, so blurry photos are what you get. You like it.

Anyway, Lisa’s work event was at Craft, a beer market/restaurant in Calgary. The lunch spread was pretty darn decent (quinoa salad, roast beef, mushroom cannelloni), and I loved mingling with her coworkers.

Immediately afterwards, Lis and I took a cab over the to Stampede grounds.

Where things are a bit crazy…

First of all, pizza on a stick. Second, I have never seen so many cowboy hats in one place. It was insane. Even just on the streets, everyone was all decked out in western gear! Even our cab driver!

It was the most entertaining people-watching I have ever encountered. And some of the outfits were just incredible.

I wanted to steal this man’s shirt off his back.

Apparently the place to be during the Calgary Stampede is Nashville North, which is a huge bar tent, so that is where we headed. We got there at about 4:30, and proceeded to wait in line…for two and a half hours. Two and a half hours! And, also apparently, that’s not even bad for Stampede. When we told people later, they were all “That’s nothing!”

I wouldn’t exactly say it was nothing, because waiting in line always sucks, but it went by pretty speedily. I had Lis with me and I could literally talk to her forever about anything, so that made the waiting bearable for sure. I also would have felt all quiet and shy by myself, but with my best friend with me, I felt invincible! Like the What Should We Call Me about being alone at a party and then your best friend shows up.

That’s how I felt. We egg eachother on, and it is great.

We also met some gems in line, including a fine young chap who made me a origami rose out of the Stampede map.

So nice of him. Such intricate detail in that rose. Clearly he put a lot of effort into that. It went well with my hat.

When we finally made it into the tent, I was really surprised at how much it did not feel like a tent. There was a huge stage with a live band, and the place was ginormous.

We met up with Lisa’s friend Lesley, who I enjoyed quite a lot, and spooned around with her for a while.

After leaving Nashville North we walked around the Stampede grounds for a bit on a food hunt! I got these weird tacquito things that weren’t actually very good at all.

And when I saw Lisa’s food purchase I was really jealous.

Taco in a bag, with Doritos! They put beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa, and all that taco goodness, in a bag with crushed Doritos. I really, really wish I got this. I tried some of hers and it was awesome.

But I think I made up for it.

With my elephant ear! Hooooly. I wasn’t able to finish this, it was way too big. But it was so good. And I got icing sugar everywhere. ALL over myself.

The night was young, so we weren’t ready to pack it in just yet. We then met up with Lisa’s sister Heather and a bunch of her friends at another bar in Calgary.

I love Heather! Lisa and I have been besties since we were young, so I have known Heather since she was about seven or eight. Sometimes I feel like she is my sister too! Here’s a better picture of the three of us from a couple years ago in Revelstoke, since my camera sucks.

And here is a picture of Heather and Eric (my brother) falling whilst cross country skiing.

I was so glad I got to see her. Such a fun time.

We also met up with our friend Jamie, who also recently moved to Calgary. He lived right near the bar we were at, so popped over and surprised us. We basically attacked him.

Now, Jamie looks a bit different since the last time we saw him. The Jamie we remember looks like this:

So we were immediately like “JAMIE!!!! Where are your glasses?! WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES?!” and I should probably tell you that Lisa and I can be very loud when we are together, and we are probably overwhelming. But he took it in stride and explained that he wears contacts now and goes by James. Um, no. We put a stop to his reinventing on the spot. He will always be Jamie to us. Or just “Glasses”.

Ah, such a fun night. We finally got back to Lisa’s and then stayed up until 3:30 talking, once again. And then we got up the next day and did it all again. But that is a story for another post!

I love the Stampede!

Reunited, and it Feels so Good!

Hi friends!  I am back from camping in the great outdoors!

I had a couple of guest posts on the blog, so if you missed it while I was gone be sure to check them out:

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Thanks to those ladies for helping me out while I was away 😉

I definitely have some camping shenanigans to recap, we had a really really great time…but first I want to talk about today.  My Bestie Lisa is visiting from Calgary for two weeks, and I was so excited to see her today!

Reunited, and it Feels so Good!

I feel like time stopped when I first saw her and in my head we did the slow-motion hug thing set to nostalgic romantic music.  I haven’t seen her since last year!

Last Year's Reunion

It really felt like yesterday though 😉  I hope to spend as much time as possible with her while she’s here.

Ando and I headed up to see her at her parent’s cottage after this morning’s breakfast of oatmeal pancakes.


It felt so good to start my day off with these after a couple of days of less than stellar, all over the place, eating while camping.  This time I added some chocolate chips to the mix, and it was a seriously yummy addition.  I topped mine with peanut butter and syrup and practically inhaled them.

Take a Bite!

We arrived at the cottage around noon, caught up, and hung out with Lisa and her fam on their giant deck that overlooks the lake.  I love it up there!


Lisa’s cottage will always remind me of childhood.  Not only did I grow up on that very same lake (how we met, if you remember from the post dedicated to my Bestie), but for a year after college Lisa and I lived there!  It was awesome.  Like waking up in paradise every morning (well…not so much in the winter ;)).

I also love that her parents served us lunch, which was consumed outside on the deck.

Cottage Lunch

We had a beautiful day in the sunshine 🙂

I’m outta here for now, but I hope to post my camping recap tomorrow morning so be on the lookout!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!