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Em & Cork Tie the Knot

I got some photos from Emily and Corey’s wedding, so here we go! All photos in this post aside from my (very obvious) iPhone photos are by the incredibly talented Claire Dam, and can also be found (and more) on her blog.


Beautiful Lovers

I’m sure I have mentioned this several times before, but Emily has been one of my best friends since early elementary school. We have attended many, many occasions for each other over the years. Birthdays from 9 right on up to 31.


At my 31st birthday last year

She used to have these two goats (don’t ask), Chrissy and Missy, who lived in the barn in her backyard, and in the winter they would pull us on a toboggan around her property. I spent my very first all-nighter in her parents basement. In Grade 6 we went to art camp together. In Grade 8 (and also Grade 9) we went to Band Camp together. I played the flute (of course) and Emily played the trumpet.

Also in Grade 8, Emily and I performed a duet to Jingle Bell Rock in our school’s Christmas Concert.


Except not like Mean Girls. By duet I mean that I played my flute and Emily played her trumpet, because that is how cool we were. And we were not in sexy Santa suits. I’m pretty sure I was wearing a sweatshirt from Northern Getaway.

One time we found a little black bat with an injured wing outside of her bedroom window, so we vowed to take care of him. We put him in a shoebox and named him Batman. We tried to give him a bath in Emily’s bathroom sink (I am sorry Darlene), and while doing this we discovered that he was not actually black…he was brown. He just had so many tiny wriggling bugs on him that he looked black (edit: I was talking to my mom about this and she said “Fleas Lindsey, those were fleas.” So that was the end of Batman. We immediately let him go. Bats we can do…bugs, no.

I could go on for days about our memories together. There have been so many good times.


Grade 8 Grad


Em’s 28th Birthday

So I can’t even describe how excited I was to watch my longtime pal marry her longtime lover.

As I mentioned in my last post, Em and Cork’s wedding took place at the lovely Briars Resort in Jackson Point, Ontario, where we were all staying for the weekend.


Seriously, how cool does that place look? I think this picture really gets across how fun it was to explore.

I love that Emily and Corey chose to have a winter wedding. They are both very much winter people, so it is very fitting of them. Both of them enjoy being outside in the snow, hiking and doing other outdoorsy things.

The bridal party got up bright and early on Saturday morning and slipped into our matching robes to get our hair and makeup done.


Our hair was done by the girls at Shagg’s, who are from our hometown of Port Perry. They have actually done my hair for basically every major event (and my Grade 8 grad in that photo above!), and they’ve always done a great job. Em’s wedding day was no exception. I thought we all looked beautiful.



A few of us got our makeup done as well, and I cannot lie, I was pretty impressed with both my hair and makeup.


That is definitely the best photo I’ve ever seen of myself and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my Facebook profile picture forever. Maybe Instagram too. And whatever else I can use it for… That Claire is a talented cat!

I had such a fun morning hanging with the girls. So much love for them!


After we were all prettified, we got into our dresses.


I really liked that from the waist down all of our dresses were the same, but the tops of our dresses were just different enough.

But I am digressing all over the place here because this day is not about us. This is about our Emily, and Emily took the cake. She was gorgeous.


Just the most beautiful. Only her sister and her mom had seen her dress before the big day, she kept it a secret from the rest of us. When she came out wearing it I had tears in my eyes. We all did. She was perfect. Her dress was such an Emily dress.


The picture below is my favourite.


Em and Cork did a first look, so we took most of the bridal party photos before the ceremony.


I feel like this should be in a magazine.

The best thing about a winter wedding is the amazing winter photos.

CDP_1044 (1)

We were definitely not warm, but it was worth it. We were also wearing our winter boots because there was a light freezing rain happening and we didn’t want to slip on the ice in our heels. I feel like that was a very smart decision.


I LOVE the pops of red all over the place!

The ceremony was gorgeous, and funny in the right places, and incredibly heartwarming. I may have had something in my eye…


Isn’t Corey handsome? We tell him all the time that he is so classically handsome, like a movie star.

Big toast to the happy couple!


We took a few more photos after the ceremony while the cocktail reception was happening. I feel like this one really captures Emily’s essence:


And this one captures their love:


After those photos we met up with the rest of our friends, and my hot dinner date!


Except not really because I was at the head table. My good friend Sherrie took him over until after dinner, and they both said they had a really good time!

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony.


There were little Emily touches on everyone’s seat, and Em and their family made the centerpieces themselves. I wish I had a close up of them because they were amazing!

Dinner was delicious. I chose the beef, and there was soup and salad and bread pudding, and I don’t know that I have ever had bread pudding before, but I loved it.

The speeches were probably the best wedding speeches I have ever heard. Very personal, but also not too inside jokey. And so many people were involved. Dawn and Joel were the emcees. I edited a video for them featuring the entire bridal party and both their families. To get them to kiss, instead of clinking glasses our friends Joanna and Crystal set up a game with a trivia question at each table. If a representative from your table answered the question correctly, Emily and Corey had to kiss. Incorrectly and you had to kiss someone of your choice (Emily’s dad got kissed a bunch of times, so that was pretty entertaining). The best thing about the game was that everyone who came up to the podium to answer a trivia question threw in a little story about Emily and Corey. This made it feel really personal and unique and truly like the room was full of good friends.

They danced.


We all danced. And then we partied with our friends.



The photo booth was definitely the big hit of the evening.


And then it snowed, and this magical picture happened:

Just so beautiful. It makes me a little teary.

We closed out the night with everyone group dancing to (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, and it felt like Dirty Dancing and I will never forget it.

Congratulations to my beautiful friends Emily and Corey! I wish you the best, and I love you both!



Brotherman and Kelly’s Wedding

Guess who got married this past weekend?!


Michael (aka Evan’s brother, aka Brotherman) and Kelly! Look at those happy, beautiful lovers. And look at Kelly’s dress! She was beyond gorgeous and all the words for beautiful, radiant, etc. I could not stop staring at her.


So beauty. And I have to say Brotherman was looking pretty dashing himself (as was Evan the best man).


Kelly and Brotherman’s wedding took place at Wychwood Barns in Toronto, which, if you are searching for a wedding venue, let it be known that Wychwood Barns is unique and very cool. It is a long, narrow building where they used to service the St. Clair street cars. The inside has since been converted into an event space and art studio/gallery, but still has the exposed brick walls. And the outside is now an urban green space with gardens,  a dog park, beach volleyball, splash pad, etc. They have kept the original barn wood on much of the outside of the building, which gives it a rustic barn feel.


My handsome date

We clean up allllllright, hey? There is just something about a man in a suit, I tell ya. My dress was a last minute buy at Suzy Shier of all places. I wasn’t even sure if I liked it when I first tried it on, but I’m so glad I got it because I ended up loving it and thought it was the perfect choice.

Anyway, some highlights of this, the day of Brotherman’s wedding…

Brotherman and Kelly’s niece was the cutest flower girl, probably of all time.


She was very excited to be able to throw those petals down the aisle.


And their nephew  was the ring bearer. He was holding the rings in a wrapped box on wheels (aka a truck) that he pushed down the aisle.


He took his job as ring bearer very seriously.


Kind of a big deal.

Usually at weddings I like to watch the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle, but I could not keep my eyes off of Kelly.


She is just so naturally beautiful. I LOVE her dress. It was perfect. I thought that as soon as I saw her in it and I can’t imagine if she wore a different one. That dress screamed Kelly.

Kelly acknowledged that the ring bearer did a stand up job hanging onto the rings…


The ceremony was short, sweet, and the perfect amount of heartwarming and funny. And then it was time for group photos of the family. We took a ton, but this one might be my favourite.


Such a happy new family. Oh, I love weddings so much.

It was very convenient that the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner/reception all took place at the same venue. I like it when everything is in one area and I don’t have to worry about going anywhere. When the cocktail hour started we all just moved over to the food/bar area. I definitely hung out at my usual event stomping grounds, the appetizer table. Brotherman and Kelly brought in outside appetizers in addition to the catering company’s food, so that guests could enjoy traditional Korean dishes. Like kimbob!


A delicious Korean sushi. Kelly brought this over for us when I moved into the condo and I have loved it since.

And hodo kwaja, those little walnut cakes (filled with red bean or potato) that I wrote about before when we were in Koreatown…


As well as potato and vegetable dumplings. Something that I love about Kelly and Brotherman is they are both very food oriented. I appreciate this. I never worry about what I am going to be eating when they are around. There was no shortage of food at this wedding. Dinner was also plentiful and amazing.


Salad, chicken, quinoa salad, roasted vegetables, butternut squash ravioli, rice, various breads… I ate every last bite of that plate. I think the highlight for me was the ravioli, though everything was truly delicious.

The speeches were much like the ceremony, short, sweet, and funny. No one likes a long speech. I thought Evan’s was perfect.


He told the story of the moment he knew that Kelly would always have Michael’s best interests at heart. He said that for Michael’s bachelor party they wanted to do something different as they are not your typical bachelor party type of guys (they really aren’t). So they decided on a road trip to the US (they ended up going to Cleveland for the weekend) with two of their other friends, Jeff and Ian. This was going to be a surprise for Michael, as they told him that they were just driving to Buffalo for the day on a Friday to look at suits and would be coming back that same day. The plan was to tell him once they were crossing the border that SURPRISE! they weren’t stopping in Buffalo and they would be gone for two days on an American adventure.

Evan was given the task of telling Kelly of their plan, and he worried a bit about what her reaction might be. It was in the height of wedding planning, so would Kelly be okay with Michael gone for the whole weekend? Would Kelly worry about what sort of shenanigans they got up to? How was Kelly going to react to this news that the boys were headed out into unchartered (for them) American territory?

Evan said that when he told her there was silence on her end of the phone for a moment, and then Kelly said “But…what about his underwear? Won’t he need extra underwear?”

Evan thought it was so typically, selfless Kelly to voice concern about Michael’s well-being as her very first thought. Not where they were going or how long they were going for or what they were going to do, but how was Michael going to make do for three days with one pair of underwear? And how was he going to get extra underwear without realizing he was going to be gone for several days? It was a great speech and had everyone laughing.


Evan and his thoughtful new sistah

Kelly and Michael’s thank you speech was pretty great as well. Carson and Victoria needed to be a part of that…


Actually I would say that they enjoy being included in everything, including the cake cutting.


So cute.


I danced a LOT. Mostly with Victoria and Carson. Carson requested that the DJ (which was me, haha, and I think I might actually do a post on wedding playlists because I have done this twice now for friends) play Roar by Katy Perry at least three times before he had to go home. We played it four times and I think he enjoyed himself more each time. I don’t know if all the guests enjoyed it quite as much… 😉


Victoria and I were dancing so much that she had to find Uncle Porpy (Evan) to help her put on her dancing shoes.


I don’t know how either of them have so much energy. I was absolutely exhausted after dancing with them for two songs. Exhausted and sweaty.

I was very excited to slow dance with Evan at the wedding, as we have never slow danced together at an event (what, I like slow dancing). But the kids had other plans for us… As soon as we started dancing they were all over us and made us spin them for the entire song. I forgive them though, they are fun and it was funny. And their cuteness melts my heart.


My date and I did squeeze in a slow dance once it was after the kids’ bed time and we were able to get time to ourselves (I sound like a parent…)


It was a great wedding and I had such a fun time with Evan and Michael’s family and friends. Congratulations Michael and Kelly, we love you and are so happy for you!!!


Cheers to the fun group that shut the place down.


And cheers to Michael and Kelly and many, many happy years together!

Dawn and Mark’s Jamaican Wedding

Time to talk about the reason we were all in Jamaica, Dawn’s and Mark’s wedding, mon!


The wedding was on the Saturday after we arrived, and on our first night we had an impromptu bachelorette party for Dawn, in the same pink shirts we all wore at her actual bachelorette party in Ottawa.


The wedding didn’t start until 4:00, so I hung out at the beach all morning with Sherrie until it was time for the bridesmaids to get ready in Dawn’s sensual suite.


We stayed under a palm tree in the shade as I didn’t want to be a lobster in my bridesmaid dress, and Sherrie had gotten burnt in the sun the day before.

Dawn’s mom’s best friend Illona offered to do all of our hair for the big day, which was GREAT because I suck at doing my own hair. I also have very thin and fine hair (like it dries absolutely straight naturally, which is good because it is easy, but it always looks the same), and the girls all know this and let me get my hair done last, which was very nice of them. I was really afraid of it falling out.

All of our hair turned out beautifully (and stayed beautiful all night long), and I loved the colour of our dresses. We popped against the white of Dawn’s beautiful wedding dress.


So Dawn brought enough glasses for the entire wedding party. And she had a beautiful pair of mustache glasses for herself to wear.


But back to Dawn’s dress. It was gorgeous. I loved the style on her and the detail and the beading. She was absolutely stunning in it. Troy really liked it also.


Of course Troy was invited to the wedding (but we lost him the night of the wedding, sadly, and we checked the Lost and Found every day but he never turned up).

Once we were ready, it was ceremony time. Sherrie was a diligent photographer during this, so all photo credit goes to her for these pics. The ceremony was right on the ocean, and with the breeze it never felt too hot. It was just such a gorgeous setting. Paradise and a half!


It was a BEAUTIFUL and touching ceremony. Dawn and Mark wrote their own vows and they were funny and heartfelt and romantic all at the same time. I am pretty sure everyone had tears in their eyes. I certainly did, especially when my little Dawnald was speaking.

It was really funny when they received their marriage license, because it was huge…


Dawn and Mark were all “YEAH MON! We won the lottery!”

We took a TON of pictures.

Nice ones…


And of course funny ones…


And then we went over to the spa and took more…



And a beautiful pic of us girls with the hot couple…


Which is probably my favourite.

Dinner and the reception took place in the Asian restaurant, but we ate from the Italian menu, which was my favourite menu of all the restaurants on the resort. It was SO, SO good. We started with potato and leek soup…


And for my main I chose the beef.


Which was amazing. I loved it. Cleaned my entire plate.

Dessert wasn’t bad either.


We did the speeches during dinner, and the bridesmaids planned a special rap for Dawn to the theme of “Fresh Prince of Belair” (which I downloaded the music for). I think Dawn enjoyed it, it was pretty funny.


Dawn and Mark had a beautiful first dance…



By the time we did the bridal party dance, the cake-cutting, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance, it was time to clear out of the restaurant and move onto the dance party.

But first we dropped by Dawn and Mark’s room to quickly grab our things that we had left in there, and we noticed that their suite had been changed into a romantic retreat and the resort staff had filled up their jacuzzi with water and rose petals. So Dawn helpfully tied Mark’s shirt into a knot so it wouldn’t get wet…


And then he got in.


And then we all hit up the Infinity Bar, which was having a “White Party” that night (perfect theme).


And when that place finally closed we went to the disco, which is open until 7am. And things got a little crazy…


Maaaan it was a fun wedding. We had a really great time. I was so glad to be a part of it, and had so much fun with all the guests the rest of the time on the resort. Destination weddings are really where it’s at.

I am also happy to report there were no embarrassing piggyback moments. Wins all around.


I’m baaaaaack and my pants don’t fiiiiiiittttt, mon

Well that is a slight exaggeration. My pants do fit, but they are snug. I didn’t wear pants the entire week I was away and I cannot say I missed them. Putting them on this morning was not a fun time.

I arrived home Thursday afternoon, but by the time we did the whole airport thing and dealt with some other shenanigans I didn’t get home until the evening, and by then I was just done. Just soo exhausted. I didn’t even open my computer until Friday morning, and it was my work computer, and over 200 emails greeted me. Hooray!

But ohhh man did I have fun in Jamaica. Best trip of my life. I don’t see how any other trip is going to be able to trump it, because it was just pure shenanigans with my best friends and their families the entire time.


I didn’t blog while I was away, because the internet was super sketchy and to be honest I was just having too much fun. I thought about doing it on the plane, but then I really got into Gone Girl (the book I am reading for my book club) and I decided to just save the blog stuff for later. I have SERIOUS recapping to do, and I think I am going to split it up a bit.

But for now, here are some highlights.

Dawn and Mark got married on the beach surrounded by their best friends and family.


Dawn was beautiful. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous bride. Everyone looked beachy and amazing, and we got some realllllly beautiful pictures on the beach and at the spa.


And then we partied.



We stayed at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Lucea, Jamaica, and our resort was incredible. This was the first all-inclusive resort I have been to, but everyone said it was the most beautiful resort they had ever been to and it was going to ruin me for the rest of my vacations. I think vacationing with all your friends will probably do that too…

I can’t describe how breathtaking our resort was though, and pictures don’t do it even a little bit of justice.




Shazzam. But more on that later.

We had some of our usual antics…



We danced…




We made new friends…



We went on some trips, including a catamaran adventure…


And a day trip to Negril.


The food was AMAZING.


(Sorry about the feet, but that’s what ya get when you eat on the beach, mon)


Hence the pants being snug. It was a little bit TOO amazing. Not even just the a la cartes, but the buffets also. There will obviously be a post dedicated to the food.

The staff was amazing.


The pool was amazing.


The SWIM UP BAR was amazing.


The beaches were amazing.



I want to live in that ocean.

Oh, and Troy drank too much.



Just everything was perfect. A ridiculously fun time and I am really sad to be home. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to go from +30C and pure sun to -15C and SNOW. I came home to snow, and my walk to work Friday morning was sad.


Let’s just compare this to earlier this week…


Really not impressed with the cold. At all.

But at least my drive didn’t look like this:


Because my friend Emily’s did today. Ah, I am soo unbelievably glad I don’t drive to work anymore. But ugh. Take me back!

I will delve into everything further for sure, but I just wanted to write a little update so you guys didn’t think I died or was kidnapped.

Oh, also, I said I had a surprise post planned for while I was gone, but something went wrong and it didn’t post, so I’m just gonna save it for a little bit (it is really nothing great so don’t get excited, I am not trying to big it up!)

And ALSO, the video of the piggyback fail was on Ellen while I was gone. ELLEN! FRIGGIN’ ELLEN!!!!! I almost died when I found out. Here is the clip if you wanna watch:

I hope you guys had a great week! And I just have two words for you: DESTINATION. WEDDING. Have one.

Italians Sure Know How to Eat

My recap for this weekend could easily be called “How to Gain 10lbs in One Weekend, Part Two.” I see a pattern of weekend gluttony happening here, and I am going to have to cut it out before I’m obese.

(I can’t say “cut it out” without thinking of Joey Gladstone.)

Anyway, I certainly couldn’t cut it out this weekend, I had an Italian wedding to attend!

Saturday was my friend Fran (coincidentally, she had the Full House dolls at her bachelorette party) and her new husband Shawn’s wedding.

They are gorgeous lovers. Franny is a little Italian minx, and I had never been to an Italian wedding before, but I have heard the rumours. I know Italian weddings are ridiculous on the food-front. I have been excited for the eating extravaganza since they first got engaged.

Saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Lisa and her boyfriend Helio on the subway, and the three of us took the train over to the wedding together.

We all planned to drink so we didn’t want to drive. And then we were all too full from the insane amount of food to drink anyway, so…our train adventure ended up being pointless. Ohh well.

I should mention that  Fran came down with appendicitis last weekend and had to have emergency surgery to have her appendix removed. I know it was extremely painful, and she told me she was worried her dress wouldn’t fit because her abdomen was still so swollen. She is really, really lucky that happened last weekend and not this weekend, or she probably would have had to cancel the wedding. But man, that is a really terrible thing to happen right before your wedding. Fran is such a trooper.

And she looked so beautiful!

She said we were the first people she saw as she was walking down the aisle, and she immediately started tearing up.

She also walked down the aisle to Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler, which even made me tear up. And Lisa actually had one lone loud sob, which was kind of funny.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and then made our way into the hall for dinner. Around the receiving line area they had a table set up with a bunch of snacks on it, as well as some shots. I refrained though. Dinner was what I was excited for.

Let me just say, if I was Italian, I would be 400 pounds. You Italians sure know how to eat. I could not get over the amount of food, and I cleaned every single plate that landed in front of me.

We started with antipasto.

Which I LOVED. The seafood, bocconcini, and the prosciutto were probably my favourites here.

Next up was pasta.

Beef cannelloni and cheese ravioli. Which was heart-shaped and delicious. Both were delicious.

It was at this point that I started to get full. But I carried on anyway.

Chicken and steak were next. Served with mashed potatoes and roast peppers…

The chicken and the mashed potatoes were definitely the highlights of this plate for me.

And then there was a fried seafood platter…

We shared that with our table. Do not worry, that whole plate wasn’t for just me. That fried shrimp was the absolute highlight of the night for me. It was so, so good.

Anyway, that was served with salad.

And then finally, after about three hours (three hours of eating!), we had dessert.

Ohh yes, ice cream sandwich.

And that wasn’t even it. They had a late night room dedicated to dessert. An entire ROOM dedicated to dessert. It was dark in there so my pictures are crap, but picture a room filled with cakes, cookies, squares, brownies, fruit, basically every kind of dessert in the entire world. I was dying.

Man, was I full. I cannot remember a time when I’ve been more full. Luckily my dress had some room to give, but I felt like I needed to be wearing stretchy pants. Or a mumu. And I probably needed someone to pick me up in a wheelbarrow or something. I could barely move.

The centerpiece on our table included a mirror, and it was situated directly in front of me.

You know what’s not fun? Watching yourself stuff your face. I eventually had to turn the mirror of shame away from me. I don’t need to see that.

After our eating marathon, Lisa and I rolled ourselves onto the dance floor and attempted to burn off the calories by cutting some serious rug. I didn’t know a lot of Fran’s friends and family, but I had my partner-in-crime Lisa with me, so I felt comfortable dancing like a maniac. And our friend Amy was a bridesmaid.

A beautiful bridesmaid! I loved the bridesmaid dresses!

I felt like we monopolized a lot of Fran’s time, but I loved hanging around and dancing with those three, and I’m glad we got to spend most of the night together. The four of us have been friends since college, and we have had many, many photoshoots together.

So we needed to add to our collection.

I loved Fran’s dress. She was such a stunning bride.

There was also a photo booth, which we went in many, many times…

And they had props!

Oh, and guess who caught the bouquet?

Oh yes. Let’s not get too excited though. This does not mean I am getting married anytime soon. I think I just caught it because I was the tallest, and all I had to do was raise my arm. Well, and it was a competition and I wanted to win.

It was a really great wedding. I had so much fun!

Fran tried to send me home with a goodie bag of desserts, but I just couldn’t do it. Thinking about food after eating all night made me feel so sick. Alright fine, I took a couple of cake pops…

Congratulations Fran and Shawn! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and amazing food!

Cam & Leah’s Big Day

As mentioned in my last post about the piggyback fail, Saturday was my friends Cameron and Leah’s wedding.

I love going to any wedding, but I specifically love the weddings of friends, because I know so many people there and it is just a big party.

I also felt very invested in this wedding in particular. Since I was a bridesmaid I got to be heavily involved in all the fun things leading up to the wedding. The shower

The bachelorette weekend

The rehearsal dinner (and after-party at the groom’s parents house)…

I loved hanging out with these girls so often, and had so much fun with them leading up to the wedding. The big event had such a build-up for me that I even almost have post-wedding blues, and I’m not even the bride! I can’t imagine how Leah must feel.

The bridal party were paired up for the hair and makeup thing, and my partner for the day was Cameron’s super fun sister Jessica.

We got our hair and makeup done starting at 9am, so I really expected to have flat hair and melted face by four, but it all held!

We got our makeup done at Mac, and I thought they did a really great job with all of us, everyone looked beautiful! Though I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup in my daily life, so I definitely felt like I was wearing too much for daytime. I felt like I needed to be in a dark club or something.

I would really recommend going to Mac to get your makeup done. It’s $50, but you also get that $50 towards any Mac products. So if I ever plan on buying anything from Mac, I for sure plan on getting my makeup done while I’m there. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I was also extremely impressed with my hair.

We went to Charbel in Pickering Village (FYI if anyone is from the area), and Charbel himself did my hair! I think he did an amazing job. In a random coincidence, Jess and I brought the exact same picture of Carrie Underwood as our bridesmaid hair example, so Charbel switched mine up a little bit so we wouldn’t look like twins. I really loved how it turned out, especially from the back. I would definitely go there again. He was also ridiculously complimentary while he was doing my hair, so that made me feel nice, even if he says the same things to everyone.

The entire bridal party chipped in to get Cam and Leah a videographer as their wedding present, and the video guy was with us the entire day. So after we were all prettified, all the girls met up at Leah’s parents house and hung out while being stalked by the videographer. It was good stalking though, not creepy stalking. They really did capture our every move (including my and Woody’s fall). I told the girls I felt like I was on a reality show! I really can’t wait to see the video.

Finally it was time for us girls to get ready, and the two maids of honour, Bri and Karen, helped the lovely Leah into her dress.

Her dress was beautiful, and she was so stunning. She looked like she stepped out of the pages of a magazine. And actually, I felt like we were all at a magazine photoshoot…

I’m sure the actual pictures will turn out a lot better than this one though.

After some pics, the limo arrived to take us to the wedding venue.

I really thought we all looked great. I loved the colour of our dresses, and the style was flattering on everyone. And everyone’s hair and makeup turned out so well.

But no one compared to Leah.

I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was so gorgeous. And her parents look pretty fab as well!

The wedding was held at the Miller Lash House, which is a historical home in Scarborough. The gardens and grounds were absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. And the perfect day for it also. It was so bright and sunny! It did sprinkle rain for about two seconds, which means Cam and Leah get the good luck that rain brings on your wedding day, without getting all the crappy wetness. Win.

I have zero pictures of the ceremony, but I googled and found a picture that looks nearly identical to Cam and Leah’s setup so you can get an idea.


Picture tropical purple instead of pink and that was pretty much it. I loved the flower petals, it was a nice touch!

The groomsmen all looked great too, with their dapper gray suits and argyle ties.

I’d say the ceremony was a huge success. No one fell walking down the aisle (lucky I didn’t try to piggyback Woody for that), and Cam and Leah were clearly so emotional and in love. I completely teared up.

After bridal party pictures it was reception time! Immediately after our memorable entrance, dinner was served. It was quite a spread.

I designed Cam and Leah’s wedding menu and programs, and I thought they turned out pretty snazzy.

The food was amazing also. I was salivating over those menus while I was making them, so this dinner was a long time coming for me.

First up was a cute little salad with the most amazing Cajun shrimp.

I didn’t eat a lot of the salad, as this was served seriously immediately after Woody and I fell so I was a bit disoriented. But I ate that shrimp like nobody’s business. It was delicious.

For my main, I chose the beef, which came with a honey-lime glaze and topped with tropical fruit salsa.

So good. Cleaned my plate.

It was such a nice atmosphere inside the wedding tent, and I loved how it was open on the sides. Right behind the head table was a beautiful ravine. It was so pretty.

The speeches were really well done also. Jessica’s in particular had me dying laughing. She opened with, “I can’t believe I am doing this, but…I’m pregnant,” and I thought their dad was going to have a heart attack. But she continued, “With joy, and emotion…” and everyone lost it. So funny.

And then it was time to party! The lovers kicked things off with their first dance.

So romantic. I love it when couples are all gazing into eachother’s eyes during the first dance.

And the first dance was followed by many, many more.

Just an entire night of crazy dancing.

That would be Cam’s uncle. And in the background to the left is Andrew, who was a best man along with their friend Mike (his girlfriend Bri was a maid of honour, and you may remember them both from our camping trip last summer). I actually met everyone through Andrew six years ago, and have become good friends with them since. It was really great to see everyone, especially the guys, who I have barely seen since March.

Oh yeah, so Andrew caught the garter and then proceeded to wear it around his head for the rest of the night. It was attractive.

It was great to see Leah’s friends as well, who I have gotten to know from parties and stuff over the years.

And Cameron’s mom, Mama Smith!

I love Mama Smith, let me tell you. She is so much fun. We were supposed to take a nice photo here, and at the last second she bit me! Such a cheeky minx. She also makes the best cheese ball of all time. I am not exaggerating, I cannot get enough of it. I NEED to get her recipe.

It was such a great wedding. So much fun, and so much love.

Congrats Cam and Leah, you beautiful lovers! I was so honoured to be a part of your big day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!